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Lian-li PC-V351

Great Deal: $108.99

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Overall 6

Beautiful but poorly designed

Nathanael K., Newegg
14 November 2012
  • Summary: This Lian-Li case is one of the better looking mATX cases out there, and they have a well deserved reputation for quality so I thought I'd give it a shot. As expected the case is very solid and well built. Unfortunately that's about all it has going for it. I had the opportunity to build a machine inside this case back-to-back with a more traditional mATX mini tower sold here for nearly identical price. I was astounded at how much easier the tower was to build.
  • Pros: Fairly good looking case. Very nicely machined and good overall quality.
  • Cons: Poorly designed. Difficult to work inside.
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Overall 6

great case, no air filter, one loud fan

Aidan G., Newegg
6 February 2011
  • Summary: As other posters has mentioned it is a little complicated to assemble, but just be patient and it'll be worth it.
  • Pros: Beautiful. Really well thought out. No rough edges. Removable motherboard tray. New record for a new build - only drew blood once.
  • Cons: There is no front air filter- you're going to have to clean the inside of your pc occasionally. The 80mm fan in the back is not that loud but is a horrible, annoying pitch. The front panel audio lead required some really creative cable routing to reach the jack on my Asus m4a88 motherboard.
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Overall 6

Nice...Once Built

Anonymous, Newegg
14 December 2010
  • Summary: I bought two of these because of the twin 120mm fan intake and the need for extra air flow, and the desire to stack the two computers for a small floor footprint. Once together, the cases are nice, but that can be said of any case. These are simple looking and really look more like appliances than computers. The amount of screws to deal with on this case is enough to mark 2 eggs off by itself. It's absurd how many screws there are!
  • Pros: Compact form factor. Light weight. Stackable. Durable. Feels sturdy and good quality. Few sharp edges. Room for expansion despite compactness. Fit all of my necessary hardware, including my graphics and sound cards. Entire case being aluminum aids in heat spreading. Indicator lights integrated into buttons. Minimalist aesthetics.
  • Cons: Lots and lots of screws. Not tool-free. 80mm fan useless (not even sure if it works, nor how well, as I did not have room for it). 120mm fans should be replaced with better. Placement of external drive bays not ideal. Issue with mainboard standoffs (internal threads of posts did not match screws correctly). Generally a pain to deal with due to lack of tool-free design. Bright power light.
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Overall 6

I'm feeling kind of Meh... about this!

Nicholas G., Newegg
5 November 2010
  • Summary: NewEgg did a great job. Fast shipping and no errors. Love'm!
  • Pros: TIP: READ THE DIRECTIONS! Amazing craftsmanship. Everything fits perfectly, the brushed metal affect makes this thing look incredible. All edges are rolled and the thing just looks stunning sitting on my entertainment center as my HTPC. I was able to fit three hard drives in this thing using the (sort of) floppy adapter. It does the trick, but it wasn't easy.
  • Cons: Where, do, I, start. 1. Screws. Seriously? Why so many? Why do they have to be SO SMALL?! There are six TINY screws on the side panels for you to remove. SIX. Drop one? forget finding it! 2. HDD Fan. There's an 80mm fan in the HDD bay. Without 90 degree angled sata cables, you're out of luck. I removed it since hard drives just don't run that hot. 3. Tricky design elements. The covers for the CDROM and Floppy area are a sonuva to work with. You end up fighting with th...
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Overall 6

Pretty case, but loud for $90 without psu

Erik E., Newegg
2 October 2010
  • Summary: All in all a nice case, but not quite worth what they charge. I generally buy Antec cases. The craftsmanship of this case is better by far, but Antec seems to be better engineered for heat and noise.
  • Pros: Craftsmanship on this case is great and there are some nice details, like the removable motherboard tray that make this case great to work with. I like the way the hard drives drop into their mounts. For such a compact case, it is not that difficult to work with.
  • Cons: The two 120mm fans and 1 80mm fan are loud. Not generic mini-tower loud, but for a case this nice, it's too loud. With all three fans running, it's definitely too loud to be an HTPC or sit on a desk. Would be ok, just ok, under the desk. I plan to replace the 80mm exhaust fan with something low flow and quiet. Right now I am have had it running for about an hour with a Zalman CNPS 7700 turned all the way down and the fan on an antec earthwatts 380. It's sitting right ...
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Overall 6

Ok, but for experts only

Chris S., Newegg
18 April 2010
  • Summary: Know what you're getting into with a all-aluminum case - soft metal, easy to strip screw threads, noisy, easy to scratch panels, and it's easy to bend parts out of shape.
  • Pros: Nice looking front panel.
  • Cons: - Not very space-efficient compared to other mATX designs. Large for a mATX case. - Bare aluminum on back panel ruins the look of the back panel. - Side panels are not recessed into case, not a professional fit and look. - Drive bay covers are not well integrated into case, they look like a last-minute design add. They look out of place and don't lend themselves to the "clean" look of the front panel. - Motherboard tray does not feel solid, not really useful in this d...
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