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Lian-li PC-V2120X

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Overall 2

Not Impressed

Ross M., Newegg
21 August 2014
  • Pros: It's a sharp looking case with lots of internal space to support a large dual socket workstation motherboard with dual GPUs.
  • Cons: The quality of this case is way below my expectations of a $500 case. I've spent $100 on cases put together better. The way the side panel comes off is the worst design since the Titanic sank. It's got this weird metal tab glued onto the metal side of the case thing going on that is seriously unreliable. I've already lost several of the tabs from them breaking off. Opening this badboy is a LAST RESORT because someday, It's not going to go back on. My mind was absoutel...
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Overall 6

Not expected

Thad J., Newegg
1 April 2014
  • Summary: After reading the reviews I expected a more polished product. Overall just not as solid as some other vendors nor a previous product from the same company. The machine edges are 90° appearing rather unfinished and sharp. There are obvious brown streaks on the side of the case from a very uneven paint process. As mentioned by other reviewers the instruction sheet is inadequate.
  • Pros: Large with excellent fans
  • Cons: Workmanship below expectations..
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Overall 10

Why Was This Discontinued?

C M., Newegg
6 January 2014
  • Summary: Lian-Li and Newegg, please bring this back. I need another one.
  • Pros: Best case I ever had. Check out the other reviews. When you need to fit a lot of drives and a large motherboard, this does it without crowding the wires like most will. It's light for its size, sturdy, and looks incredibly good.
  • Cons: None. Anyone who says price is a con with a product of this quality is just whining.
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Overall 10

Wonderful Case

Martin N., Newegg
14 July 2013
  • Summary: A solid case, although a touch pricey.
  • Pros: Easiest case I have ever put together. The slide out motherboard tray lets you put all of your cards and connections in place prior to inserting it, so your hands won't be cramped. Lian-Li has one of the smoothest surfaces on their cases, so you won't risk cutting yourself on them. Quietest case I have had since my last Lian-Li. No need to purchase additional silent fans to replace the stock ones, as I always had to do with CoolerMaster cases. Plenty of extras, includ...
  • Cons: The manual could use quite a bit of work, and while you may grasp what they are trying to convey, the pictures seem like they don't always match the case. You have to try to figure out what they are referring to by the surrounding cut-outs (in the case, motherboard tray, etc.) shown in the picture.
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Overall 10

I love this case

Christopher J., Newegg
8 October 2012
  • Summary: The main reason I am writing this review here is because in many other newegg reviews, as well as reviews else where, I have seen a lot of people mention their displeasure that the fan controller would not reach the fans, and also they were somewhat displeased that the usb from the top needed to be threaded out that back and hooked up to the motherboard that way.
  • Pros: Everything about this case is wonderful, I love the tool-less design, I love the rubber mounting options for almost everything. It is extremely quiet. Every step of computer assembly is made that much easier having such a well designed case.
  • Cons: I have yet to find anything I really don't like, I suppose if I had to find something... When removing the side panels make sure when you put them back on that the thumbscrew units are pulled out like they would be when you removed the side! I have yet to actually damage anything but there have been a few moments of frustration wondering why my case wasn't closing cleanly.
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Overall 10


paul f., Newegg
19 June 2012
  • Summary: Best.Case.EVER. Hmmmm bacon
  • Pros: Where do I start... IDK. EVERYTHING!!!!!! It holds this really massive "mini-supercomputer" with EASE.
  • Cons: 3 things 1. Fan controller- terrible. No instructions, and not hooked up. 2. Manual stinks. 3. A bit pricey
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Overall 10

Outstanding case!.....and BIG!

Joshua C., Newegg
4 March 2012
  • Summary: Best case I've ever seen and/or used. Besides the nit-picks above, everything is great. I refuse to knock an egg off because it's not the definition of perfection. You may want to try to catch it on sale, though.
  • Pros: Almost everything. Very easy to work in. Plenty of room. Large enough to hold almost anything you want to put i it. Very good cooling. Sturdy construction. Very good looking case.
  • Cons: A few minor nit picks. I still haven't figured out the fan controller. The manual is pure garbage. My biggest issue is the top USB 3.0 ports have to be routed out of the case and plugged into the motherboard. I HATE that! lol. Very expensive. It's by far the best case I've ever used, but almost $500 may be a bit much. I'm still very pleased with it though.
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Overall 10


Anonymous, Newegg
29 October 2011
  • Summary: i agree with the user below it should have had 3 140mm fans on top instead of the 120's. overall this is a TOP of the line case and i recomend it to everyone just check daily to see if it goes on sale again, just don't see this case $400 worth, more like $250-290. i will make a youtube review later when i have time, i will also post it on here.
  • Pros: HUGE! tons of room for future upgrades, THICK side panels & Door, i love the black interior *ALSO the interior on mobo tray has the oval upgraded hols most cases have now, but without those rubber flaps. big plus for better cable management. comes with 5 fans but will swap them out later (Aero cool shark mabey). it locks and has 2 optional holes on rear to add your own keyed locks to prevent component tampering. BEST cooling with all the fan mounts. wheels, will be us...
  • Cons: USB 3.0 cables have to be routed out the case and to mobo to use top usb ports :( should have made them as a plug directly to mobo. when u look at the case from top the side panels kind of have a gap so they aren't flush to the case. the aluminum interior is kinda bendable so be careful when putting pressure on the trays or they might bend. at $400 it should at least come with aftermarket fans and a better controller. good thing i bought it when it was on sale for $29...
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Overall 10

Massive Size Total Quality

Saul G., Newegg
28 October 2011
  • Summary: Do not buy this case if space is limited, its nearest relative is the monolith from 2001 A Space Odyssey The removable motherboard tray and psu bracket make installation a breeze. The wheels and the aluminum construction make it portable and maneuverable There is a a compartmentalized box to keep the spares in.
  • Pros: Easy to Build In Beautifully Made Nice fit and finish -- no sharp edges Lots of Spare Parts Everything nicely threaded and tapped. Built-In Fan Controller
  • Cons: Old Style USB 3.0 plugs Limited Instructions Could use rubber grommets around the internal cable pass-throughs.
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Overall 10

Maybach of Full Towers

Yufan S., Newegg
14 September 2011
  • Summary: This is literally the best case I've ever seen, let alone used. I'm tempted to say it's perfect, but there were just a few minor nitpicks. I used to own a Lian Li Rocketfish, which is similar to an A71F, and the V2120X is a huge improvement. The quality of the aluminum is far better and the case is much more user-friendly when building and swapping out components.
  • Pros: 1) Oozes quality. Super thick brushed aluminum side panels. Anodized interior. Incredibly sturdy front door. Sound dampening foam on the side panels. 2) Layout and ease of use. This case is absolutely massive. You can easily fit 360mm + 280mm + 120mm rads in here simultaneously. Cable management holes galore (despite what the Newegg photos show)! Locking wheels for easy transport. Lots and lots of places to mount hard drives. I only have two drives so I mounted them n...
  • Cons: I suppose the price is a con, but this is literally a top-of-the-line case. Would have been nice to have 3 x 140mm fan mounts at the top for a beefier watercooling radiator instead of 3 x 120mm. The locking mechanism for the wheels is a bit difficult to use. I find myself lifting the case slightly when I want to unlock the wheels. My Seasonic X-650's 8-pin CPU ATX power cord is too short to route behind the mobo tray. I have to route it across the mobo to plug it in.
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