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9.2 out of 10

Lian-li PC-Q25

Great Deal: $110.99

Reviews and Problems with Lian-li PC-Q25

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Overall 6

Ok NAS case but lacks quality

Derek B., Newegg
26 December 2013
  • Summary: Using this case as a dedicated NAS server with a ASRock E3C226D2I Intel G3220 Kingston 4GB ECC RAM Corsair CX430 PSU and 2X WD Red 3TB 1X Seagate Barracude 3TB 30GB SSD(OS) plenty of room for expansion. From first startup this case gave me problems the front 140mm fan filter was not properly finished with burrs around the edges and the fan hit these each revolution making a loud racket. I removed the filter altogether and used tape to create the vacuum in the front.
  • Pros: 5 Hot Swap Bays Compact Toolless Design
  • Cons: Runs warm Fans are somewhat loud with filter QA issues Cramped Cable Management No Front USB Bright LED Power Button
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Overall 6

Solid Construction - Hard to Work With

Daniel T., Newegg
23 October 2013
  • Summary: If this were a $50-60 case, it would have gotten 5 stars. However, its a $130 Lian Li. Lian Li is supposed to be the Porsche of the case world. I expect more from them. And no, contacting tech support won't fix either of these problems, as they are all engineering issues. Plus, I refuse to talk to tech support not based here in the US and staffed by native US English speakers. Not enough wrong with it for me to return it (it is still a decent case).
  • Pros: Very solid construction and very clean look (which I'd expect for the price). It has a nice hotswap SATA backplane, which is nice for my NAS build. Removable air filters on fans. Airflow layout is very good (such cold air from the bottom and sends the warm air out the top).
  • Cons: Extremely difficult to work with. For starters, the motherboard comes right up against the 3.5 inch hard drive chasis. The power and data connectors for the backplane are somewhat difficult to get it. This all could have been avoided if the 3.5 inch drive chasis was removable.This could have been accomplished with the simple addition of some thumb screws. Instead, Lian Li decided to be cheap and rivet it into the case. There was also an extra sheet of metal riveted in...
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Overall 6

Good but not perfect

Brandon F., Newegg
23 October 2012
  • Summary: After much digging I finally found a 4" deep powersupply on Newegg Athena Power Hercules Series AP-MPS3ATX47EP. In my mind this is the best fit for this case.
  • Pros: Very Attractive 5 Hotswap Bays
  • Cons: A standard powersupply doesn't really fit. You can force it to fit but I don't like doing that. Powersupply totally blocks access to the motherboard.
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Overall 6

Good, but could use work

Robert D., Newegg
18 July 2012
  • Summary: Well, I could use a replacement PCB for that bottom part of the drive cage. It is not worth sending it back though as the system is working fine so far. I would also recommend including SATA cables that match the case, since left handed versions appear to be special order. Finally, the SATA backplane uses all non SATA power connectors. That may be a problem for some people so Including adapters may also be a good idea.
  • Pros: This is ideal for a small home office server.
  • Cons: The SATA connection on the bottom PCB in the hot swap area broke shortly after beginning the install. The plastic portion came off leaving the thin metal strips attached. I was able to glue it back on, but it would have made a lot more sense to mount those connectors flat on the PCB.
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Overall 6

Almost awesome

Kris R., Newegg
25 January 2012
  • Summary: I didn't realize when I bought this that there were NO front ports. None at all. Makes sense, but I wish there were a couple USB ports and an audio jack or something. As someone else mentioned, the front panel power switch was three pins, not two, and my motherboard was two. This wasn't a big deal, pry the plastic clip away, pull the wire out, and insert it into the middle. Then cut off the excess or just hang it over the edge if your motherboard's design permits.
  • Pros: I like the design a lot, makes it really easy to work inside of. Looks nice, holds a ton of hard drives.
  • Cons: Why isn't anybody mentioning the power connectors? The bottom cage is mounted so that 90-degree SATA cables point into the bottom of the case. The RAID cage SATA connectors are backwards, again forcing a 90-degree cable into an obstruction - in this case, three *molex* power connectors. Yes, be sure you have a power supply that offers at least three molex power connectors. The bottom cage hard drives are far enough removed from the side panel that a straight SATA cabl...
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Overall 6

Un très bon produit

Alain, Amazon
27 February 2012
  • Summary: Un très bon produit (normal c'est du Lian-li). J'ai mis 3 étoiles car : - j'ai galéré pour caser les 7 disques durs 3,5" de mon serveur - la notice est quasiment inexistante (ou trop succincte) : par exemple pour brancher l'alimentation du hotwsap j'ai dû y aller à tatons (j'ai opté pour finalement utiliser tous les connecteurs présents) - j'ai dû agrandir à la lime le trou pour l'alimentation car la mienne ne passait pas (il manquait un demi millimètre)
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