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Lian-li PC-K57
8.6 out of 10

Lian-li PC-K57

Great Deal: $59.99

Reviews and Problems with Lian-li PC-K57

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Overall 4

Well It looks really nice

Laura C., Newegg
8 October 2013
  • Summary: I really like how this case looks, and I ignored the reviews in which people had the same problems I am having. That's my fault. Can't use front audio/mic ports. Sometimes I can Jimmy-rig it to work, but the plugs seem to slip out eventually anyway. front usb ports stopped working.
  • Pros: Looks great. Comes with quiet fans.
  • Cons: You have to hook up the front USB 3.0 through a back connection via USB 3.0 cord, which it does not come with. Front usb connections died rather quickly. Don't plan to use the front headphone/mic connections. For whatever reason, they will not take the standard size. For what it's worth I don't t...
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Overall 10

User Review

Holden W., Newegg
30 October 2012
  • Pros: I love this case. The cable management is great. I love the way you mount the drives. I love the way you mount the PSU. I got this case on sale for like $30 and I've used it for my entusiast gaming rig. I also like having the option to add more fans, but it's not overkill.
  • Cons: None!
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Overall 10

Amazingly Quiet Case

Sean M., Newegg
19 September 2012
  • Summary: For the price it has too be the best case.
  • Pros: Case is built solid, it is 90% tool free and runs super quiet. This case keeps my system cool with out any noise and there is so much space that I was able to keep cables mostly out of the way. The HD trays are super easy to use and works great to have an SSD and a couple of 3.5" drives in it.
  • Cons: Not the best looking, the plastic makes it look and feel cheep, but I think that is how Lian Li kept the price down. The distance from the PSU to the top of the motherboard is long so a couple of my power cables are super stretched.
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Overall 6

Deactivated? Hmmmm

Robert B., Newegg
12 June 2012
  • Summary: I5 2500K @4.2 overclock (Motherboard Memory and CPU bought at M1cro Center to save some $90 over Newegg), OCZ ZS 550, Corsair Dominator DDR 1600 2 Xs 4 GB Soon to upgrade. WD Black 750 GB ( will add a Vertex4 soon), this case and a LG BRD, DVD burner and and decent aftermarket cooler. Oh..
  • Pros: Great case for the money I spent. I have built a couple dozen cases and most with cases in the $50 range. This rivals the newest case I bought (Antec 300). I have done TT, CM and a couple recent MSI cases that will be my go to along with the Antec 300 if they provide a USB 3.0. Cable management i...
  • Cons: Front USB, Audio etc are hardly useable! Changed them out!! Not the best case but I have yet to find one better for $40 or less. Would still compare favorably to any good case on sale for $50 or less!
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Overall 6

Pretty Good except for headphone jack.

Frank S., Newegg
11 June 2012
  • Pros: Everything fits, lots of great features.
  • Cons: The headphone jack on the front is too large to fit headphones. I can get some audio, but it's extremely loose and cuts out from ear to ear. This is a pretty ridiculous thing to have wrong. I contacted the company to see if they have any fixes.
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Overall 6

OK, good price, a little too quirky

Bradley K., Newegg
7 June 2012
  • Pros: Great value for the price, and looks cool with a side panel window. Not the easiest case I've ever worked with, but not the worst either. Plenty of space for a tall heatsink; fits the Hyper 212+ with room to spare. Easy access points and pretty good cable management options. Lines up well with th...
  • Cons: Tries to use a ton of gimmicks to make the case "easy," but half of them get in the way more than anything. The hard drive mounting system in particular is just moronic - it's sideways and uses special proprietary screws that are supposed to cut down on noise but really did not leave me feeling c...
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Overall 10

Best Case I've Ever Used!

David E., Newegg
2 June 2012
  • Summary: The first case I received had a crack on the plexiglass window where one of the mounting screws had been over torqued. Of course I didn't notice this until I'd finished my build & was removing the protective film.
  • Pros: I bought this item on sale & was extremely pleased with what I got for my money! Heavy duty, well laid-out, good cable management & removable fan filters. I would expect to pay at least twice what this case cost for the quality.
  • Cons: My con's are minor if anything. The inside was not painted - a purely cosmetic complaint. When putting an IDE drive all the way into the HDD holder, there is no room for the molex connector against the back bracket. Had to seat the drive slightly forward & out of place for clearance. Even though ...
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Overall 10

Amazing case

Charles Z., Newegg
3 May 2012
  • Summary: This case is well worth the price, it's as good as most $100+ cases out there.
  • Pros: Beautifully designed case, every part gives you the feel of something much more expensive. Very sturdy but not too heavy. Huge space for oversized video cards is a plus. Mounts for everything including built-in SSD mount. Great cable management and the built in expansion slot securing system work...
  • Cons: can't think of any.
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Overall 8

Great Case, bad AUX port

Zachary M., Newegg
2 May 2012
  • Pros: Great size, great cable management, worth the buy.
  • Cons: The headphone/microphone jacks are terrible. They are much too large and half the time only work on half of the headphones. I don't understand why this would happen, because it seems like the easiest thing to do right. If there was an easy fix for it, I would give it 5 eggs.
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Overall 10


Ryan C., Newegg
25 April 2012
  • Summary: this is the 5th case I've bought on shell shocker for $40. by FAR this is the best of them all, not even a comparison. And it's not that is has that many extra features or whatever, it's just that everything is done well.
  • Pros: price, lian li, cable management, side window, great layout, attention to detail, quality,
  • Cons: steel, plastic, heavy
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