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In Win BR665
8.8 out of 10

In Win BR665

Great Deal: $92.38

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Overall 8

Good when price is low and it is available to buy

Joel B., Newegg
2 February 2013
  • Summary: Have bought one for my self and my sister, and bought 3 others for systems I have built and sold. Last year these could be found for sale at around 75 USD, then after Fall they just disappeared from for 3 months and came back for Christmas and disappeared again and are now back again but at the same...
  • Pros: Excellent case (especially when the price was lower). Excellent including cooling. Functional cable routing and wire management with just enough space to run cables behind the board. Dust filters on the front fan, sidepanel (with noise vibration gromets for 4x opt 120mm). Drive capacity for 3x 3....
  • Cons: Not enough space between HDD cage and PSU. Need a short PSU under 6.5", and even still your PSU cables will clash with your HDD cables. Removal front panel use plastic clips which break easy. Toolless expansion card clips don't work with dual slot video cards, but at least they are removable so y...
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Overall 8

Fairly happy

Jeremiah C., Newegg
17 January 2013
  • Summary: It might seem like I have a lot more negatives than positives about this case, but I do have to say the design really is quite good, hence the 4 eggs. Slightly better/thicker material would have landed this a solid 5 eggs. Newegg rocks. The end.
  • Pros: This is a nice looking case. It is all matte black with a few glossed details. Cable management is very slick in this case. I spent a little more time than usual putting it together, as almost every cable can be run behind the board mounting plane. The only two cables that do not are the 24-pin M...
  • Cons: Despite the nice design, InWin decided to cheap out on material, in my opinion. The case frame is very thin. That's not to say it is a weak case. It is still structurally sound, but I am used to InWin's cheaper cases that are made out of much thicker material. If you are familiar with InWin's mor...
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Overall 10

Really Nice

michael h., Newegg
19 December 2012
  • Summary: My build: MSI B75MA-E33, EVGA GTX 650 Ti, Core I3-3220, 120 Gb SSD, 1 TB hard drive, Seasonic M12 II 520W PSU.
  • Pros: Perfect size for my needs. Looks very nice. Great airflow, good cable management. No problems with mobo standoffs. Reasonably quiet considering all the fans - but since my systems so cool I may get a fan controller and reduce the speed.
  • Cons: Terrible manual. Online is a bit better but if they spent 10 more minutes on their instructions it would have made my build easier. The plastic tool-less drive cage and expansion card holders isn't great, but I didnt mind just using screws instead.
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Overall 8

Best "Bang for the Buck" Micro ATX Case

Jose I., Newegg
16 December 2012
  • Summary: Overall I am very satisfied with the product and would purchase from In-Win again. I'm glad I didn't re-use my old HP case for my new build (no cable management/poor airflow). This case has just enough room to route almost every cable/wire behind the mobo panel for a clean, free flowing design.
  • Pros: * Large cut-out behind motherboard/CPU for easy CPU cooler swaps * Plenty of fans * Built in 2.5" SSD drive "hooks". (No need to purchase 2.5" adapter) * Good construction, no sharp edges, all black on inside also, zinc coated steel * PSU is mounted on bottom for better center of gravity (not top...
  • Cons: PCI "Tool-less" clips are made of plastic and essentially don't work. They will not fully close on my graphics card, which prevents the right side panel from closing. I will attempt to remove the plastic retention system all together as mentioned in another previous review. Only 1 of the 5 metal ...
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Overall 10

Best mATX case around

KoRaS, Newegg
12 September 2012
  • Summary: In my own opinion, this is the best case for micro ATX motherboads, just the space you need for the components you have.
  • Pros: Construction quality is really good, it's fans are very silent and cool looking too, power led is pleasingly small and nice. Really easy to work with and is spacious enough for big size video cards and water cooling. Really helpful cable management and back plate opening for CPU cooler installs.
  • Cons: A bit difficult to remove hard drives on the go.
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Overall 10

Good mATX case

Clinton C., Newegg
18 August 2012
  • Summary: Good case for the price if you need something that's small with some features. If you don't mind going a little bit bigger and heavier the HAF912 is a good option, for about the same price, but you lose usb 3.0 on the front, and dust filters.
  • Pros: Cheap, decent build, and good fan expendablity. Good clearance for even the longest cards, my gtx480 sits fine with a few inches of clearance. Included fans aren't great, but they do a decent job, and there are enough included to handle most jobs. Keeps my 480 at 83c under 100% load, which isn't ...
  • Cons: Like others have said the expansion slot clips are basically useless, and due to the size, cable management can be slightly difficult, but if you can route well or have a modular Psu it isn't too bad. Only three hard drive bays, but with the size of HDDs it shouldn't be a problem. Build quality i...
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Overall 6

It's ok.

Kevin O., Newegg
12 August 2012
  • Summary: If I could I would buy something a little more expensive, its cheap but dosn't do the job.
  • Pros: small, good for moving, space saver.
  • Cons: To small for all the power cords, everything is pretty much crammed in. To small to add more equipment. Invest on something bigger, for air flow and space for your parts you will be putting in. Also its cheap plastic, the front panel broke just by snapping it back in, with little effort.
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Overall 8

Great mATX Gaming Case

Adriana P., Newegg
19 May 2012
  • Summary: ...instead. Something weird though, even though there are 5 PCI expansion slots, they only include 4 thumbscrews. Why? - The included fans aren't that great and don't move a lot of air. I will probably replace them at some point.
  • Pros: - Lots of cooling available (up to 8 fans) - 4 side panel fan mounts with rubber grommets - Bottom mounted PSU with vent for psu fan - Clean looking front bezel - Room for long video cards - Great cable management for a case its size - Interior painted black - No sharp edges - CPU cooler backplat...
  • Cons: - Fans that come with it have molex plugs with the exception of the 90mm exhaust fan, which is three pin (?) - Tight space between the psu and the hard drive cage, making hard drive cables a bit of a challenge - Poorly thought out dust filters: While its nice that this case has them, they design ...
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Overall 10

Pretty decent case

Clinton R., Newegg
18 May 2012
  • Summary: It only comes with two brass standoffs, but they are *not needed*. The case has little raised mountpoints for your motherboard, so you don't have to worry about shorting. In fact, if you try to use the standoffs your motherboard won't fit.
  • Pros: * Pretty good for cable management * Fans are quiet * Lots of room, well thought out
  • Cons: * My power supply was a little difficult to get lined up with the screws on the rear of the case but not impossible * The little tab releases for the drive bays on the front of the case seem like they would break off pretty easily, and they portrude out in front of the case a little bit
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Overall 2

Missing parts

Shailesh R., Newegg
27 April 2012
  • Summary: This is really good case can do a lot of things in small factor! wish it had everything that suppose to be in box!
  • Pros: Really good looking will do the job small but efficient
  • Cons: I just got the shipment and starting to putting together looking for bag of motherboard stand offs they only sent two! How am I suppose to put motherboard on 2 screws! and rubber on side panel which holds the fan was missing too! Really disappointed.
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