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In Win BP671
8.5 out of 10

In Win BP671

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Reviews and Problems with In Win BP671

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Overall 8

Excellent Case with one real Shortcoming

Neil U., Newegg
3 April 2016
  • Summary: Used this case for a PFSense build using the Biostar A68N-5000, some Crucial RAM, and an Intel I350-T2. It took me all of 15 minutes to get everything fitted and another 15 minutes to get it running.
  • Pros: Size: Slim, smallish footprint Included Power Supply: Sufficient even excessive for most SOC or CPU on board builds Styling: Simple, clean, attractive lines. Construction: Well built, sturdy for its price range. Configuration: Easy to configure to your needs. In my case I removed the drive cage a...
  • Cons: Built in fan: The fan is not PWM so you either leave it off or hook it up and have it run at max. Recommend an aftermarket PWM fan. At max it is louder than my ATX server with three fans going.
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Overall 8

In Win BP671 mini ITX case

Jung H., Newegg
1 December 2015
  • Summary: First time trying In Win product. Very satisfied. Will see how long it will last. Specially the power supply.
  • Pros: Good size if you want to build a small system. Clean and simple looking case.
  • Cons: Little heavy for its size because it is made with metal not aluminum.
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Overall 4

Missing A -Lot-

Anonymous, Newegg
18 May 2015
  • Summary: I wouldn't recommend this. Were it not for Neweggs Stellar customer service, I'd have returned this. What kind of manufacturer ships a computer case without the proper screws? It's cheap, you get what you pay for.
  • Pros: -Comes with Power Supply -Comes with SATA and Standard Power Cable -Clean Appearance with Open Interior
  • Cons: -Lacks all manner of stand-offs, does not come with proper screws and fittings to attach a motherboard -Does not come with proper mounting for a SSD nor a 3.5 to 2.5 Adapter plate -One of the covers for the case is riveted on, so as to be un-removable -No interior Cable Management
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Overall 10

Solid choice

Lee S., Newegg
1 May 2015
  • Summary: I am now on my 2nd hundred of these and I just hope they keep making them. If they do, I should be past 200 by the end of the year. So far, knock on wood, no PSU failures which REALLY surprised me. First 35 units were deployed 12/2013.
  • Pros: Solid, clean design and construction. PSU is reliable and quiet. Nice looking with a clean face.
  • Cons: The case cooling fan is on "top" when used standing on its side. That's not a problem as long as end-users don't lay stuff on top of the case. The cooling fan is also, as expected for this price-range, not top dollar and I'm starting to see "noise" failures (they start grinding loudly) after abou...
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Overall 6

In Win mini ITX case

Corey V., Newegg
24 April 2015
  • Pros: Closable face to hide the front panel USB ports and optical drive. Very sturdy build. Comes with a power supply.
  • Cons: Really wish the power supply had 50-100 more watts. That would make a big difference. As it stand, I have about 20 watts to spare and I don't have a graphics card in the machine. Would have been nice if there was some feature for wire management. They're all over the place.
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Overall 10

Excellent ITX Case

Raymond B., Newegg
2 January 2015
  • Summary: The build is an A10-7800, Samsung SSD, full size optical drive, which all fit without any problems. I did not connect the case fan, and this still idles under 45 C with the stock heat sink. It is by far the quietest machine I have ever built and I can barely tell it is on.
  • Pros: Power supply. Normally when I buy a case/PS combination, the first thing to go is the included PS. For this build I bought a 300 watt Seasonic, however it arrived a week late so I put the build together with the included PS. To my surprise the included PS is whisper quiet and pretty stable. I wil...
  • Cons: Nothing worth knocking an egg off. A minor annoyance is the front cover over the USB ports wont close with a wireless keyboard dongle installed.
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Overall 10

My favorite mITX case by far

JODY B., Newegg
2 December 2014
  • Summary: I've built a Core i5 in this case that has been in use for almost two years straight. It's a very flexible, compact, gorgeous case and I hope they never discontinue it.
  • Pros: This thing looks good, comes with a great power supply, has a surprising amount of space inside for such a small case, and has plenty of holes for airflow. Can be oriented vertically or horizontally and comes with four adhesive rubber feet and a small tower stand. It's a bargain.
  • Cons: The drive mounting assembly requires a specific order of installation and removal. The optical drive must go in last and come out first, and no hard drives can be removed without taking the entire mounting assembly out. Novices may have a little trouble finding the power button and discerning it ...
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Overall 10

Good little case

Anthony S., Newegg
24 October 2014
  • Summary: Size sold me on it, as well as looks, and layout. Considered an e machine of similar size, but it was slightly wider, and slightly deeper, which wouldn't have fit inside entertainment center.
  • Pros: Good size - slightly smaller than similar e machine type/style which fits nicely in entertainment center. Just be sure to measure your space against its dimensions, and account for around 2-3" of space for cables in back. Power supply is quiet. Looks nice. Makes for a decent HTPC setup.
  • Cons: Wish the case fan was slightly quieter, but I can barely hear it inside entertainment center. If it were open, I'd rather just leave it disconnected. Case fan is meant to cool hard drive(s). I suppose it helps more with that if it were vertical, but it can't hurt if it's quiet enough. Front panel...
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Overall 8

Love it

Amanda L., Newegg
3 October 2014
  • Summary: All in all it's a good case, lovely to build with and I would definitely buy another and have recommended it to friends already. InWin please include better, quieter fans. I will pay the difference in cost. Also please try to find a better location for the only fan you included.
  • Pros: The Look. Absolutely love it. Customization - you can take everything out. I didn't need a CD drive after the OS install, so I took out the HDD/CD tray and improved the airflow. Dropped in the SSD and attached it to the bottom. Was an absolute pleasure to build with, even if it only took a few mi...
  • Cons: Noisy fans. Not atrociously loud, but much louder than I was hoping for even after reading the reviews complaining about them. Maybe I'll buy new ones some time. The only fan besides the one in the PSU is in a really stupid location, and is an exhaust fan. There will be no heat ever going where t...
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Overall 8

Win Mini ITX case

Frances M., Newegg
10 September 2014
  • Summary: No review or picture depics if and how a CD/DVD can be accessed from the front panel. Its not till I received it that I noticed a locking pushbutton feature on the front face of the unit. When depressed, half of the front bezel can be hinged down to expose the drive bay, USB and audio interfaces.
  • Pros: Stong construction with plenty of extra screws, nice gloss finish on front bezel, very quiet power supply
  • Cons: Absolutely no instructions in the box or on the manufacturers website
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