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Fractal Design Node 304

Great Deal: $113.49

Reviews and Problems with Fractal Design Node 304

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Overall 10

Ideal for homeserver

Edward S., Newegg
5 days ago
  • Summary: I would like to see Fractal offer a smaller tower for microATX motherboards. Their products are excellent but they do not offer a small desktop tower.
  • Pros: I purchased this case with a Define R4 and both are excellent cases. The 304 is now my homeserver case with a ASRock mini-ITX c2750d41 8 core server-board with an SSD and 4, 2Tb drives. Fans are almost silent and cooling is perfect for my application.
  • Cons: none
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Overall 8

Nice case

Jeffrey N., Newegg
6 days ago
  • Summary: Be careful of PSU selection. You really can't fit a 160mm long modular PSU in here with a moderately long GPU unless you're willing to remove the PSU bracket (screws) and fasten the PSU in an alternate way. The Seasonic G550 is popular since it's semi-modular, so the modular connections are all low, and the cables pass under the GPU. Full modular supplies will be very tight or impossible to use, depending on how the connections are laid out.
  • Pros: Compact, efficient layout. Good airflow path. The finish is good quality. Stock fans are pretty good, pretty quiet. Not awesomely quiet at moderate speed, but ok.
  • Cons: As others have said - the paint in the screw holes can make inserting standoffs and removing screws a pain. Not a big deal.
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Overall 4

Small but...

Anonymous, Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: Having known the wiring challenges in advance of using 6 drives in this case, I'd opt for a something different.
  • Pros: Holds six drives, sort of.
  • Cons: The design of this case requires you to alternate the orientation of your drives, which makes routing power and signal to them very difficult, given the tight space. Fractal should absolutely supply the necessary cabling for this case since short of building the cable yourself, you'll end up with one messy kluge of wires and adapters.
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Overall 10

awesome case

Anonymous, Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Get this case if you are planning a mitx build. Do it.
  • Pros: This is an awesome little case. Got it today and can't believe how solid the build quality is. Everything is extremely rigid when the cover is on, and without there is very little flex. The design is absolutely beautiful.
  • Cons: These are nitpicky and not worth an egg, but a bit of paint is already starting to peel around one thumbscrew on the back. Also, I'm guessing screw holes were not plugged during painting because all screw holes, standoffs, etc... Are extremely difficult to screw in to. Again I can't take off a full egg for these things but they are frustrating.
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Overall 6

Good, not great, but not much competition

James K., Newegg
18 October 2014
  • Summary: Overall, there aren't many other cases this size that will fit 6 hdd's so you're options are limited. Note that I'm only using 4 hdd's and space is still tight because of PSU cables. PSU cables are necessary because of all the hard drives. If you were using all drive cages it would be a very tight fit. I am using onboard gpu so that gave me extra room as well.
  • Pros: I was looking for a mini-itx case to move my home theater build into. This case is pretty good and on low setting, the fans are SILENT, but they also don't move much air. I also bought a corsair rm power supply which doesn't spin up the fan unless it needs to, and noctua cpu cooler. The HTPC is silent.
  • Cons: The drive cages are good for 3.5" hdd, but horrible for ssd's. I tried all 3 drive cages and couldn't get all 4 screws into my samsung ssd. The holes aren't lined up exactly with my drive (so I'm guessing they're not lined up with any drive) and I can only get two screws in the drive diagonally. Not a huge deal since it's ssd but would have been nice if they lined up. Also, access to the back of motherboard tray would have been nice. Screws are a bit tight but not hor...
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Overall 10

Great case

Joshua C., Newegg
13 October 2014
  • Summary: Great buy for a mini ITX build.
  • Pros: Fit my full size PSU (Corsair CX430) and GPU (Radeon 7870) with enough extra space for wires and such. Very quiet case, and materials look high quality.
  • Cons: Not a lot of room for extra drives unless you're very efficient with space. No external drive bay for CD/DVD drives. I knew this ahead of time, and I have a laptop to cover CD burning when I need it.
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Overall 8

good case

Anonymous, Newegg
9 October 2014
  • Summary: I use this case for my first build. And it was very easy to work in despite the size. The manufacture did the best they could to help with cable management. There are tie down loops all over the place. And there were plenty of screws and zip ties included.
  • Pros: The inside design of the case is great. It allows you to fit a lot of hardware into a small space. Since everything is removable it makes it easier to get inside and work.
  • Cons: The power button is too close to the USB ports on the front. It is very easily pressed while trying to extract a USB device. The screws were installed so tight that they stripped off the paint underneath.
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Overall 10

Great small case

Aaron W., Newegg
7 October 2014
  • Summary: My water cooler takes up a LOT of space inside the case, but that was to be expected. Makes fitting some other components/cables difficult. I'm only using one of the three HDD brackets. My build: Mobo: MSI Z97I Gaming AC CPU: Intel i5-4690k Cooler: Corsair H80i RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage PSU: Corsair CX600M SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
  • Pros: Case looks great! Has room for a bunch of HDDs, although it may be tough to take advantage of all 6 spots simply because it's hard to get all of those cables in there.
  • Cons: Cable management is tough. I think I'm going to get custom cables for my modular PSU to get rid of clutter.
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Overall 10

htpc dream machine

Nicholas G., Newegg
22 August 2014
  • Summary: Using this excellent box from Fractal Design as an HTPC. Running windows 8.1 and ubuntu with an asrock h67m-itx, intel i5 2400s (integrated graphics) corsair CXM 430 (modular PSU) 4 tb HGST green drive, 1 tb 3.5 " drive, 320 gb 2.5" (home), 60 gb SSD (OSs). Media is stored and processed via PLEX media server, and backed up on a Synology DS213. Using the excellent hardware from pulse-eight for CEC control of htpc in conjunction with xbmc.
  • Pros: QUIET sturdy well thought out/efficient use of space
  • Cons: none yet
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Overall 8

Great case, Just some minor issues

Alexander M., Newegg
28 July 2014
  • Summary: Overall, I recommend this to anyone wanting to build a mini ITX case. Just keep in mind: -Don't buy a huge Heatsink/Watercooler -Make sure the PSU will fit. -Make sure Graphics Card will fit. (Check measurements of your components overall).
  • Pros: Out of the box and on my desk this case is great...it is so much smaller than my ATX case was. Inside the design is great with many options for keeping things organized. The one thing to note is to make sure to get the appropriate size PSU to go inside of this as most will be to big if you want to include your graphics card. I looked at the measurements and everything was just fine with the PSU I purchased.
  • Cons: With the thought of the PSU size in the Pros, you also have some issues with Cable Management if you do not get a modular PSU as there is not a lot of space to bundle extra cable together. The screw holes in the case also could have used another drill through as some were hard as heck to screw into. It does allow for a full sized graphics card (some limits, see measurements), but the space next to the case is very close.
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