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Apevia X-QPACK-NW-BK/420

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Reviews and Problems with Apevia X-QPACK-NW-BK/420

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Overall 6

Beautiful Case But...

Olga F., Newegg
10 December 2014
  • Summary: Shipping label slapped right on unsealed item box and shipped with box not placed in shipping carton. Box shows signs of tampering as if somebody got curious and opened my Xmas present for me. No manual or other documentation in box.
  • Pros: Beautiful case. Easy off screws (if you have a screwdriver..) Just the right size. PS looks OK, I'll check it later.
  • Cons: Easy off screws need larger heads to really be easy to take off. Case top pain to put back on. NO DOCUMENTATION PROVIDED. I'm sure I'll figure out how to slide the mobo tray out eventually. A manual, even in Chinese would be nice.. I'll test the power supply as soon as my new PS tester gets here
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Overall 6

Nice Format, Cheap Supply

Clare S., Newegg
1 December 2014
  • Summary: I think the case itself will be with me for a long time. I love the format and it's unlikely to fail just sitting there. The build quality of the case is OK, but the fiddly bits are trash. Lose the supply right away. Your internals will thank you. Add a good ball-bearing aux fan - with filter. Flip it around to push air in. Blow the bunnies out regularly (avoid the drives with that air gun, eh?).
  • Pros: It's a case... Nice footprint. Internal arrangement is OK for a cube format. It's been sitting on my desk since early 2011 and it still looks like a cube. It sits under my monitor, bringing it to eye level, and has changed my work habits (for the better) Airflow is decent with the optional fan and a filter. That's why I bought it. Zipties keep all the cables out of the airways. The vents on the sides need to have dust bunnies removed regularly, but that's one of the t...
  • Cons: My MOBO has 4 SATA sockets. That means some 2.5" drives and a bit of creative mounting. Oh well, who needs 2 DVD bays nowadays anyway? The cute front panel display died fairly quickly. The power supply tested as unhappy early on, so it got replaced with a quality unit. Really, this thing should be sold without it. The front panel USB ports are getting flaky. The floppy will leave soon and be replaced with USB/SD-card unit. The 1394 port has never been used. The drive ...
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Overall 8

Decent case but Front Audio Port Issues

Michael N., Newegg
3 August 2014
  • Summary: Apevia needs to add a 2.5" mount for the SSDs. I needed to buy a special bracket for mine. I've added a 3.5" reader, CD Burner, 2 expansion cards (wifi/firewire) and everything fits just fine.
  • Pros: Smallish Micro ATX case but not so small as to reduce its flexibility. You can include everything you would throw into a mid tower...it's just a bit more cramped. Nice to have audio/mic/usb/firewire ports on the front. Dual Front temp readings and sensors that can be placed anywhere inside the case. The slide out tray is a definite pro. Makes putting in the motherboard easy. Cables for the front are plenty long enough to reach the back of the case if needed. Thumb scr...
  • Cons: The front audio ports share the same ground as the front USB/Firewire ports. BAD BAD BAD! This is a really big deal on motherboards with discrete audio HD circuitry. You will get a very loud his/noise through the headphone jack since the front panel is forcing the USB/Firewire circuits to have the same ground as the audio circuits. It took me a while to isolate the cause but as soon as I plugged in the USB cable from the front to the MB, that hissing/static started. M...
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Overall 6

Good case but not for $70.

Anonymous, Newegg
19 April 2014
  • Pros: Is a very good sized case that was able to fit 2 hdd, a dvd player, and a radeon hd 5770 to play games.
  • Cons: front audio ports never worked, little to no cable management, and have to pretty much pull out Mobo tray to do anything witch means unpluging a lot.
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Overall 6

the case is good

Michael C., Newegg
18 March 2014
  • Summary: power supply died, not a big deal though as i had extra 400 watt power supplies in the garage, kind of expected it anyways, $30 for case and psu, didn't expect the psu to be all that good. disappointed that one of the front usb ports doesn't work, but its not to big of a deal i guess.
  • Pros: its a case, plenty of room for a matx board, good cooling for an APU.
  • Cons: Power supply died within 3 days. one of the front usb ports doesn't work.
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Overall 8

Love this case

Richard P., Newegg
17 December 2013
  • Summary: Will probably be buying more of these, especially if the price drops a bit.
  • Pros: Great design. One of the few cube style cases that will fit a Micro ATX MOBO and uses standard ATX PSU. The slide out mounting for the MOBO is an excellent feature which makes assembly much easier.
  • Cons: A bit on the spendy side but not nearly as expensive as some other cube style cases.
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Overall 6

Slightly dissappointed.

Edward O., Newegg
13 December 2013
  • Summary: I had not read the reviews on this case. I saw the large number of buyers and thought that was enough of an indicator. I wish I had read the reviews. The unit arrived with three internal rivets having missed the holes, leaving the CD tray guide twisted and moving. It only took 10 minutes to drill out the old rivets, align properly and re-rivet, ..but it took me nearly an hour to determine why one of the 2 front USB ports did not work.
  • Pros: Very attractive case Nice materials and good external "fit and finish" Nice form factor (but a little larger than it needs to be) Sufficiently sturdy (others called it flimsy...It is sturdy when assembled)
  • Cons: Poor assembly quality Wire crimping had broken front USB port wires. Somewhat loud relative to my other tower cares. No included instructions for thermocouple mounting etc.
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Overall 4

don't bother

Michael D., Newegg
9 December 2013
  • Summary: I have had this a few years. I emailed Apevia and asked what the MTBF (failure rate) was on the power supply. Apevia refused to give me the specification. It could be 1000 hours for all we know. Perhaps that is why my motherboard died.
  • Pros: Nice size, looks good
  • Cons: Sharp edges internally, watch out for cuts! Apevia refuses to give reliability specifications to end users, unless it is on their website (it is not, as of this writing.) Non-standard power supply size.
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Overall 8

Surprisingly Easy

William L., Newegg
10 September 2013
  • Summary: This was a very easy case to build an HTPC in using a Micro ATX MB and no video card. My only expansion cards were for the TV tuner card which was a half height card so it fit without any problem and the breakout with the tuner just went into a slot in the rear of the case. The fan in the case can be quiet but it can also be loud if the wiring that powers it moves could be better fan but just as easy to replace it.
  • Pros: Slide out tray Power supply that is perfect for the size Well laid out design for components Carrying handle
  • Cons: 1394 port Only one fan Temperature wires for front LCD are just taped onto CPU cooler and HDD Front Audio connector not long enough to slide tray out
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Overall 8

Owned since 2009

Benjamin L., Newegg
4 September 2013
  • Summary: Although the metal is very flimsy, this case has lasted me since 2009 and through several house moves. I've recently upgraded the motherboard and most other components, and expect the case to last me at least another four years. The included power supply is almost a joke, but has one redeeming quality: It is about half an inch shorter than your average ATX PSU, which gives it plenty of room to fit behind the disc drives.
  • Pros: -Excellent size for a shelf unit with space for two 5.25" disc drives -Well thought out design -Motherboard attaches to tray which slides out the back for easy access -The interal 3.5" bays are on a tray which also slides off the case for easy access -The handle makes carrying easy
  • Cons: -The case is made out of cheap metal which feels flimsy to the touch. One screw hole in my case even arrived stripped, out of the box. -The included power supply is horribly inefficient and gives off huge amounts of heat. I would estimate it to be less than 70% efficient.
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