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7.4 out of 10

Apevia X-Master-BK/500

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Reviews and Problems with Apevia X-Master-BK/500

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Overall 8

User Review

Ezra K., Newegg
4 January 2015
  • Pros: Fairly easy to fit into my television setup. It can be setup either vertically or horizontally. It comes with a 500W power supply.
  • Cons: There is hidden power supply switch behind the front panel. The front panel must be removed to access the switch and make the power available.
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Overall 4

Decent case, bad dimensions

Elliott P., Newegg
5 September 2014
  • Summary: I used this case for about 2 years before scrapping my build into a server machine.
  • Pros: Roomy case, excellent front panel selection
  • Cons: This is NOT an HTPC case. It is way too big (deep, specifically). It just juts out about 3 inches on my TV stand. Maybe it works for some, but not me.
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Overall 4

Mixed bag

Scott H., Newegg
28 June 2014
  • Summary: I installed a couple 120mm fans which gave it reasonable airflow. Blue power light on the front is pretty blinding if watching a movie in the dark, so I unplugged it. Ultimately, this was the cheapest case I could find that fit my needs, and I got what I paid for. Apevia customer support seems a bit lacking, or I might give an extra egg.
  • Pros: Decent size full ATX case for an HTPC, although it is important to plan out the installation ahead of time (like installing and connecting up the bottom HDD before installing the motherboard). I fit in 2 HDDs, a BDROM, and an SSD (had to get creative on that last one). Even has a little room for cable management. The included fans are pretty quiet for 80mm.
  • Cons: Comes with a really cheap and noisy power supply, which I swapped out. Mine did not come with any of the accessories like motherboard standoffs, screws, feet or drive rails. I had enough extras of most things to get by, but the drive rails are smaller than anything I had on hand and installing the BDROM was a bit challenging. Did not get any response from customer support through the Apevia website when I asked about getting replacements.
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Overall 2

Terrible in every way.

John N., Newegg
27 June 2014
  • Pros: None.
  • Cons: Weird air flow arrangement. You'll need to get creative to keep component from overheating in this thing. No cable management. Your cables will probably block your bays. Power supply is terrible. Your machine will freeze/reset. Has a bizarre front exhaust and an extension power cable that runs to the back of the unit?! This thing is huge. It's like a tower case on its side. Loud. Rear fans are all you can hear. Bottom line if you're looking for a nice HTPC case that i...
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Overall 8

Good Value Good Case

Steve G., Newegg
26 June 2014
  • Summary: Great value. Fits a full size ATX mobo very well. I suggest for any serious PC, add in a $50 power supply. The peace of mind is worth it.
  • Pros: Well cut and painted. Seems durable, won't chip. Only cut myself once, which is good for a value-case. Don't know where, most edges I could see are well rolled, but it happens that a single snaggle edge somewhere got me. Very minor, but should be considered as a big plus for this case.
  • Cons: Make sure you have a few case nic-naks handy, like mother board standoffs or various other screws you will need for building a computer. It was missing a couple standoffs but I had extra. They lose an egg for power supply. With a case this price, don't expect a super quality power supply. I would give them 5 eggs if they raised the price by 15 and put in a step or two better power supply.
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Overall 4

Good Case Bad Powersupply

Grant K., Newegg
16 June 2014
  • Summary: why cant they sell just the case if they obviously cant pull off a power supply
  • Pros: Great Media case for under the entertainment center
  • Cons: Power Supply was dead on arrival
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Overall 6

Not The Greatest

Melanie L., Newegg
19 May 2014
  • Summary: Only game in town. If inwin brought back their desktop, this wouldn't stand a chance. It's cheaply made, but it did the trick for me. I bought 2 and built two machines and they are working fine.
  • Pros: Fairly easy to work with. Inexpensive desktop in an arena where desktops are a vanishing breed. Two hard drive bays worked well.
  • Cons: Top DVD door did not line up with standard DVD burner, so had to remove cover and DVD was sunk in front 1". ATX board I used barely fit. Cheaply made, lots of sharp edges.
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Overall 8

great for the money

Curtis D., Newegg
7 April 2014
  • Pros: Nice finish on the paint, very good design and layout. Supports full ATX boards
  • Cons: The PSU that comes with this is garbage, also the fans on the back have the cheap molex connectors on them that are hard to plug in, and one of the fans starting making a grinding noise about 1 day after my build, so I had to unplug it. The front panel for the DVD rom wouldn't work with my LG blu ray rom, but that's ok since the LG faceplate looks nice anyway.
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Overall 8

Good, pretty much as expected

Penny O., Newegg
7 April 2014
  • Summary: The power LED is a bit bright, I might unplug it from the motherboard.
  • Pros: Assembly was FAIRLY straightforward, and I didn't end up bleeding. They managed to fit a lot of fan mounts/drive drive mounts in there and you can fit a full sized power supply in (if it is a long one, put the mobo in first). Smallest ATX case I could find for the price, blends in nicely.
  • Cons: Face plate uses plastic snaps. If you remove it often, they WILL break. Rubber feet are adhesive type, probably will fall off eventually. Paint scuffs/scratches easily. Included fans have 4-pin molex connectors, useless to me. I didn't want to add another cable to my modular PSU, so I put different fans in. Speaking of PSUs, the included PSU is indeed garbage. On my unit, the +12-1 voltage was 12.5v, just 0.06v away from testing bad with rounding. The optical drive in...
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Overall 8

Nice case

Mr. K., Newegg
28 March 2014
  • Summary: If you use your own power supply make sure it’s modular as there’s not a lot of space to tuck those extra cables.
  • Pros: A low cost well-built case. Despite the cons I listed below I like this case and would buy again.
  • Cons: This is marketed as a HTPC case. Apevia needs to lose the silver buttons which detract from a fairly decent looking case. The front facing firewire port is useless as my new ASUS motherboard doesn’t have this port. The front USB 2.0 ports should be USB 3.0. The blue led is a bit too bright for me. I ended up using electricians tape to partially cover it. I was shorted a couple of standoffs but was no big deal as I had spares.
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