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Antec Sonata III

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Reviews and Problems with Antec Sonata III

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Overall 6

incompatble USB 3.0 connector

James M., Newegg
6 days ago
  • Summary: I wopuld have liked to read a comment by sither of the mnufacturers, Antec and MSI, or New Egg, concerning this issue.
  • Pros: Its and Antec !
  • Cons: The USB 3.0 connector size can be a problem with some mother boards . The connector block hangs over the socket sides. I found an MSI board that would not allow the connector to seat properly. on the first try to seat the connector , when I sat the case upright the connector fell out. the second try with a little more force produced disaster.
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Overall 10

Solid Case, Easy to work with

David B., Newegg
6 January 2015
  • Summary: This case came with a computer in 2008, I recently upgraded the entire system keeping the case, optical drive, and hard drive. In the four years that I've had the case the front USB ports broke, I called antec and they sent me a replacement panel which upgraded the front USB ports from 2.0 to 3.0. The case is very easy to work with, so many features make it an easy case to work with that its hard to enumerate.
  • Pros: - Sturdy construction - Case locks (side panel, and front I/O) - Optical drives and hard drives slide out on trays making quick switches/installation a breeze - Plenty of room behind the hard drive trays to run cables, making cable management very easy - Hard drive bays are isolated by rubber grommets to reduce noise
  • Cons: - Sharp edges on internal pieces - CD drive isn't mechanically isolated - one case fan in the back draws air in from the front. This makes the front of the case a huge dust trap (though a washable filterh elps) - Loud (again due to the one case fan in the back) - Back panel is riveted on (makes figuring out how to access things a bit of a puzzle)
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Overall 6

Solid Overall but Fan Failure, Weak Front Panel

Mark H., Newegg
17 December 2014
  • Pros: Great case overall. I bought this years ago in New York and shipped it to Singapore, back to NY, and now have it with me in the Chicago area. Power supply has been solid throughout. Case is in great shape thanks to quality chassis construction.
  • Cons: Three qualms. 1) The case fan died within the first year. This is a simple piece of construction so I'm not sure what happened at Antec manufacturing to have it dud so early on. (I should have contacted them about the warranty at that time but I forgot and now I'm past the warranty period.) 2) USB ports in the front are weak. Granted, I'm a little flippant throwing USB drives into them, but at this point they are busted beyond use. I wish there were a way to replace t...
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Overall 10

Heavy and Quiet

Michael S., Newegg
16 November 2014
  • Summary: In spite of the cons, these are the only cases I use. You can build a gaming rig inside, but you have to be smart about your cooling choices and pick efficient components. SUPER FAST BUILD. Running Folding@home for 7 straight days, averaging 64K PPD and running cool, pulling 294 watts from the wall (including Samsung 27 in. monitor).
  • Pros: Cold rolled steel. Quiet. Sturdy. Can fit any gaming card I have ever tried (sometimes a little tight, yet they fit).
  • Cons: I own four of these currently. My only complaint is that to access the power button you have to swing the door open. I realize this is so you can lock the door and no one can turn on your PC, but at least you could offer to sell me a door with a power button pass through mechanism. I have to remove the front door to have easy access to my power switch. These cases are not meant for extreme cooling. They are made to be quiet. Not a con for me, but you can either choose...
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Overall 10

Fantastic case!

LARRY M., Newegg
14 November 2014
  • Pros: FANTASTIC durability -- purchased from Newegg in 2009 and my pc is still going strong (pc is on 24/7-365) with all of the original parts. Sturdy hinges.
  • Cons: None that I have found.
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Overall 10

Quiet and Cool-Running

Joseph L., Newegg
24 October 2014
  • Summary: Great case at a good price. When you figure that the power supply is included the price looks even better.
  • Pros: This case has a lot going for it. It's sturdy and very quiet. But best of all, there's plenty of room for everything. It's very easy to get your hands inside it to work on it. All that space plus the built-in fan means that there's great cooling going on. I just bought my fifth Antec Sonata III case a couple of weeks ago. I bought the first one in 2007. The 2007 computer has been used in our office every day and it's still going strong.
  • Cons: Can't think of any.
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Overall 10

Got it for 4 years, no problems so far

Simon C., Newegg
25 August 2014
  • Summary: I used it for 4 years now. It didn't run 24/7, but it was working every day, most of the time (turned it off when I went to sleep). 500w is alright to run mid-end hardware.
  • Pros: Power supply : good performance and energy efficient (80 plus bronze). Case : simple and robust design.
  • Cons: Case : not very sound-proofed
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Overall 2

Included PSU blew up after three days.

Jerry J., Newegg
13 April 2014
  • Summary: I would not, obviously, purchase again. Too bad it is too much of a hassle to return it. Purchased a new PSU (from another vender) and it is on its way.
  • Pros: I like the case. I bought it because I was building a quiet rig. It only has one case fan and is very quiet. The size is perfect.
  • Cons: The PSU literally blew up after three days. It sounded like a firecracker. The version of the case I received is a dated version of this very dated case. It lacks some features that can be had in a newer Sonata III.
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Overall 8

Good case. QC needs to be better.

Jeffrey Y., Newegg
9 April 2014
  • Summary: I've yet to start my build and I hope to start sometime soon. I'll follow up once the build is complete.
  • Pros: This is my second Antec Sonata as the first build was back in 2006 and it's still going well. This looks similar to the first case with some minor changes and possible upgrades. Plenty of room for SSD, HD and other goodies needed to complete a system.
  • Cons: Received the case through standard shipping courier. The shipping box was is very good shape and not damaged. However, upon inspection the top and one side of the case has a small "rub" mark on the paint and a small hairline scratch. These blemishes won't come out with any buffing. I don't think this was from shipping since it was wrapped very well and packaged very well to boot, but from the factory as QC missed it. It's tolerable, however, QC needs to spot and remov...
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Overall 6

III Eggs for Antec Sonata III

Anonymous, Newegg
18 March 2014
  • Summary: This is an old out-of-date design that Antec merely slapped a new PSU into and upgraded it to USB 3.0. Overall, it's a good case and was a great choice years ago, but times have changed and this model's design just doesn't really cut it anymore. Only buy this case if you're on a budget and it's on sale and you aren't planning to put together a super powerful gaming rig or HTPC. Otherwise, you are much better off with say...
  • Pros: Nice sleek design. Pretty sturdy construction. Plenty of extra hardware. PSU included and pre-installed. Roomy interior. Rubber grommets for HDDs. Locking front and side panel doors. Two 120mm fan mounts. Front panel fan filter.
  • Cons: PSU is mounted at the top of the case, rather than the bottom and can't be removed or replaced without taking the entire motherboard out first... Lack of extra air vents, fans and fan mounts. There's only room for two 120mm fans and the second (internal) one would get in the way of a beefy video card, defeating the purpose. No vents on the side or top of the case and only one lame 120mm fan that comes with it (lame because it's a manual 3 speed switch fan, rather than...
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