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Antec Skeleton

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Overall 9

Antec Skeleton Case Review

21 December 2009
  • Summary: Let’s Light it Up! As I said earlier in the review the fan is the main centerpiece of the case and when you turn the case on you can see why. The fan lights up with many bright colors, but also can be turned off for people who do not want the lights. You can switch the color of the fan from blue, to red, to green and to many mixed colors. You can also have it switch between all the colors automatically. Here is a video showing off what the fan can do!
  • Pros: – VERY unique design, – Openair design, – Qualitymade, – Easy installation, – Cool fan effects, – Fits normal ATX motherboards
  • Cons: – Unable to remove tray as stated in online manual, – Might have some clearance issues with a large CPU coolers
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Antec Skeleton

11 December 2009
  • Excerpt: Skeleton. What better name could anyone give this open air PC case? The Antec Skeleton is absolute innovation at its best. It not only looks stunning but also has a rock solid build quality. Come to think of it, the Skeleton is definitely not aimed at lesser mortals but is instead aimed towards enthusiasts who simply cannot keep their hands off the rig. Another aspect that will grab the viewer’s attention is its massive 250mm fan that’s elegantly placed above the case.
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Expert Review

Tweak News
30 October 2009
  • Excerpt: Antec's Skeleton case is a real work of art that also brings top-notch cooling and innovative design elements to the table. The open design and sliding component tray makes installation relatively easy, and hardware changes can be achieved quickly and with minimal bother.
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Overall 8

Antec Skeleton Case Video Review

29 July 2009
  • Summary: The Antec Skeleton Case has open air design & is really intended for reviewers, testers or anyone who's swapping hardware a lot. Being able to easily & quickly install or remove computer components is a fantastic. It consists of just two parts, the frame & the component tray. The component tray is where the main computer hardware components like the motherboard, drives & PSU gets installed.
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Overall 6
Performance 6
Overall quality 8
Looks 10
Originality 10


Club Overclocker
2 June 2009
  • Conclusion: Overall I really like the Antec Skeleton. The quality of build, with some small exceptions like the expansion card bar, is top notch. In photos the Skeleton appears to be mostly plastic. Yes there is a great deal of plastic, but there is also a good amount of metal structure to give the case a solid feel. The innovative features are quite impressive and user friendly, but I'm still not sure why Antec went with a sideways mounting power supply.
  • Pros: Unique and innovative design, Excellent cooling, Slide out chassis, Slide out power supply tray, Solid build
  • Cons: Short front media port cables, Sideways power supply mounting, Plastic expansion card bar, Fairly expensive
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Overall 9

Expert Review

Tweak Town
26 May 2009
  • Excerpt: Usually when I do tower cases the name Antec is soon to follow. Most of the time it is in the context of comparing airflow to what was once an industry standard bar raiser for case airflow. This time I happen to actually be reviewing one of the many products in their lineup. Antec is well known for the 900 as well as many various PSUs or even something as small as a 120mm Tri-Cool LED fan.
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Antec Skeleton Review

9 May 2009

Review – Antec Skeleton Open Air Case

10 March 2009
  • Excerpt: This week we have been lucky enough to get our hands on a very cool PC case, that we featured on geeky gadgets previously, the Antec Skeleton Open Air Case. The Antec Skeleton is not like any other PC case we have seen before, it is basically a completely open case where are the components are exposed, hence why it was given the name ‘Open Air’.
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Overall 7

Antec Skeleton

maximum pc
3 February 2009
  • Excerpt: We have to give Antec points for bucking the mainstream: The Skeleton is a seriously cool-looking case. The motherboard rests horizontally, so the case’s footprint is much wider than that of a standard tower chassis, but it’s also shorter. The open design and sliding component tray make it easy to swap parts in and out, and installation is quick and relatively painless.
  • Pros: Innovative design, easy and intuitive installation. Big, beautiful fan. Good test bench.
  • Cons: Strangely cramped for such an open design. Not good for the clumsy.
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Antec Skeleton System Case Review

X-bit labs
30 January 2009
  • Summary: This article will talk about a truly unique case with original design that boasts easy access to all system components, excellent cooling at very low noise level and extravagant looks. It has only one, but very serious drawback. Find out more from our review!
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