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Antec P193
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Antec P193

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Overall 10

Heavy case for heavy cooling

THOMAS D., Newegg
5 February 2015
  • Pros: Lots of room. Lots of fans.
  • Cons: Heavy.... at least 40 pounds of awkwardness.
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Overall 10

Fantastic large case

Ronald M., Newegg
29 April 2014
  • Summary: Fans wobble at low RPM, but this is NOT a con in my opinion because the manual is pretty clear about this and how to prevent it. I prefer avoiding plexiglass side panels; why would I want to showcase how much dust my PC can accumulate?
  • Pros: It's big, easy to work inside, spaces to route cables under the motherboard, and fairly customizable. The dust filters/screens on the front are easy to clean, and there is plenty of clearance for filters that could be attached by velcro or simply wedged behind the screen doors. The case is fairly...
  • Cons: The front USB ports are all blue are in fact USB 3.0 ports despite the specs stating that there are two 2.0 ports and one 3.0 port on the front. On the inside, there is a single plug with two cables attached to it that go to 2/3 of the front ports. This single jack and the two cables that are fus...
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Overall 8

User Review

Andrew K., Newegg
29 September 2013
  • Summary: Be prepared for your top exhaust fans to wobble. I believe this is due to the orientation of the fans, not the fans being 'bad fans'.
  • Pros: Very large case that is perfect for very long graphics cards. Quite quiet, though not as quiet as Antec's older P180 due to more case fans (even with the fans on low, there are more places for noise to escape from the inside of the case). The PSU is completely separated from the rest of the case,...
  • Cons: Here comes the annoying part... Antec's TriCool 140mm top exhaust fans rattle and wobble at low speeds. The rearmost fan wobbled on first start-up and the forward fan started wobbling a week after the build. Antec's customer service has NOT been very helpful in fixing this. While they contacted m...
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Overall 10


R A., Newegg
11 September 2013
  • Summary: A great case for the gamers that want to over clock. Otherwise a great case for the rest of us that want quality.
  • Pros: Just what I expected from Antec a well built case that swallowed up my EVGA X79 Dark motherboard and had plenty clearance for the EVGA Video card. The two SSD's fit nicely in the middle disk cage and the 3 HD's in the cage below with plenty of air flow. The back panel hid the majority of cables, ...
  • Cons: The side fans power cable was to short, so closing the side panel and attaching the fan was impossible. A call to ANTEC support and the sent out a power cable extension.
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Overall 6

Overall, a good sturdy case...

Christopher H., Newegg
11 August 2013
  • Summary: I used this case to replace my aging tower server case from which has been long discontinued. That has been relegated to the bedroom for a sever build. The side door on this makes it so I have to unplug everything from the back and place this PC on the workbench every time I need to go into it.
  • Pros: Large with all the modern features like USB 3.0 and slide in drive bays.
  • Cons: Side door difficult to close when fully loaded. Not to eager to open the case for maintenance.
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Overall 10

Excellent, simple, roomy case

Erik L., Newegg
14 February 2012
  • Summary: I got this case for $78 open box (at a retail store) with a few scratches. I would have GLADLY paid retail for it. It's an excellent case that cools very well and very quietly. I have all fans on LOW, PLUS an additional fan for the lower hard drives, and idle at 23c (Kuhler 620 and provided fan...
  • Pros: Large, weighty, solid construction. Drive bays remove and lock in place easily, lots of room for any power supply. Drives are rubber-mounted. Used correctly, you get nearly ZERO noise from your drives. Very nice. Holds my three drives down below (with room for another) for my RAID5, holds my HDD ...
  • Cons: Using my Kuhler 620, had to Dremel out some plastic on the side panel and a chunk from the 200mm fan housing - works well now though. Mostly nitpicking...: Wish there were a switch to adjust the speed of the side fan ON the panel - but not really a big issue. Front door magnet grabs well on the b...
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Overall 10

Nearly Perfect for Home Server

Dennis B., Newegg
18 January 2012
  • Summary: This is an excellent case. I purchased this to replace my existing case as it was not toddler-proof as this one is. With the front door covering the power and reset switches, this is an excellent case for my data server. Lots of room and very intelligently designed.
  • Pros: Well laid out, built well, nice baby-proof design
  • Cons: missing pc speaker
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Overall 10

Great Design

Mark W., Newegg
11 January 2012
  • Pros: Antec has some great case designs. This one is my favorite. The slide-out drive bays at the bottom make installing/replacing drives quick and easy. There is ample room for cable paths. The cable access panels/holes are a nice touch too, especially the removable panel between the MOBO and power su...
  • Cons: Not really a con, but this case is HEAVY, especially when drives, power supplies, etc. are added. I consider this a plus though as it keeps vibration and noise down. I mention this as a "con" only to warn others that might not want something so hefty.
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Overall 10

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

Robert p., Newegg
3 January 2012
  • Summary: Antec- It can't be that expensive to have the USB 3.0 plug hook into to a compatible MOBO, That freaky looking cord loop is the antithesis of what this case is supposed to be! Throw in an adapter!
  • Pros: Superbly Quiet, a cable management dream! Looks very professional, sexy even! Sleek and solid. One of my favorite cases; EVER!
  • Cons: Not really a con, but it is heavy! Of course it's steel. The biggest con is lacking a USB 3.0 Mobo plug; instead has a backplate adapter to hold the standard USB plug. Looks a little "rigged" for such an expensive case (but it works).
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Overall 10

Excellent Case

Mike S., Newegg
19 November 2011
  • Pros: This case is the best computer case I've ever owned. It's very quiet, all the stock fans have separate control switches for speed which you can change to match your needs for airflow/quietness. The case itself is very heavy which is a pro because weight dampens vibration (noise) along with the do...
  • Cons: The 120mm Tri-Cool fans are (or were) a bi*** to find when I bought this thing 2 years ago. I had to send it out to Antec to get a replacement. They were very helpful and they replaced it for free with no hassle since it was still under warranty. This may not be a problem any longer since these c...
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