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Philips HD8752

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Overall 10

Rich Coffee Flavor w/o The Bitterness

Acadian, Costco
6 days ago
  • Summary: I bought the Saeco Intelia in July 2014 after completing research at Seattle Coffee Gear and other sites. My machine has been very reliable and produces consistent shots. I use about 3 lbs of beans per month. First tried some special blends popular in Italy, but soon settled on Peet's MD. This is a relatively oily bean compared to most, but the machine handles it w/o a problems. Measured coffee temperature is 160 F or greater below the dispenser.
  • Pros: consistent performance reliable small footprint easy access to water tank and waste puck hopper stainless steel boiler (inox) costco sells it
  • Cons: finger guard can restrict bean flow at low level.
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Overall 10

Best Purchase Ever

BarristaNYC, Costco
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Really great. Sounds like some folks got lemons. But hey just send it back and change it out instead of wasting your time complaining. That's we buy on Costco. Anyways, great espresso all around. Milk froth is awful so don't buy for that feature. I use a capresso for frothing. One month going strong and if it stops working guess what, there is something called the Costco unlimited return policy and I'll just get another one.
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Overall 2

Worst coffee I ever tastedM

eldodi, Costco
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: Bought a brand new machine and tried to maKe cappucino. It tasted like rubber... Tried again and again, wasted coffee and milk but nothing helped. Also, coffee wasn't hot!!!
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Overall 10

Crowd Pleaser. Loving it!

Knowhaturdoing, Costco
27 January 2015
  • Summary: Great buy! Great cup of Hot Joe or awesome espresso all crema and tight puck when fine ground is set. everyone gets it their concentration by stopping the flow early when using the 2 presets (I set at 2 and 6 oz H2O). Foam (dry), steamed hot milk, tea too. Had it a month and 6 people use it multiple times a day with no issues, cleaning or hassle, just easy barista style drinks any way you like them.
  • Pros: rich crema espresso versitile everyone wants it their own"just right" ease of use no cleaning but for 5 minutes once a week bypass works great for decafe or ur special ground milk foamer allows everyone to use different milks 6oz coffee is very good rich taste and hot 180 deg costco's warranty if it breaks early no risk! pays for it's self fast if used instead of starbuc
  • Cons: water resevoir needs filled every 6 drinks or so have to remove the water tray to fit large cups
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Overall 2

Pure Junk

Siwelevad, Costco
20 January 2015
  • Summary: After little over a year the digital display does not work period. My first Saeco made machine lasted 12 years! The digital counter counted just over 13,000 coffees! . Saeco customer service was no help. Do not buy. I'm going to take a look at Breville and Jura!
  • Pros: good for about 6 months max
  • Cons: poorly made
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Overall 2

Keep Looking

MikMarie, Costco
24 December 2014
  • Summary: I wanted to love this machine. For the money, it is not even a little bit worth it. The machine constantly malfunctions. The beans really struggle to get down into the grinder, and I frequently get hot cups of water. When I say frequently I mean at least 2-5 times each day. Probably my biggest frustration is that the machine leaks coffee grounds underneath. This has damaged my granite.
  • Pros: good coffee when it works.
  • Cons: malfunctions frequently calc clean comes on often leaks from the bottom potentially damaging granite small water reservoir not very hot.
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Overall 6

great concept but fails to deliver

redmondcoffee, Costco
15 December 2014
  • Summary: this is our 4th espresso machine and the first with the auto frothing tip. The automatic frothing works quite well but the machine has two major issues that I can't live with. 1. It keeps saying the bean is empty when it is not. When this happens it throws away whatever it grinds already which is quite wasteful. This seems to be caused by the safety filter that is supposed to vibrate to trick the beans in.
  • Pros: automatic frother
  • Cons: beans dont flow or getting stuck in the safety net
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Overall 2

Not Reliable - lasted 9 months

NeedMyCoffee, Costco
6 December 2014
  • Summary: This is the third Saeco I bought. First one lasted ~ 2 years, but for $400 that was OK. But this Intellia Class at $700 only lasted 9 months. This is with just 2 of us in the house and we only do coffee in the morning. I'm driving it back to Costco today.
  • Pros: good flavor
  • Cons: too complicated to run and maintain - unreliable
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Overall 10

Great value, easy to use, no mess on countertop

EddieWA, Costco
19 November 2014
  • Summary: While I am not a coffee snob, I do drink my fair share of latte's. This was on sale for $100 off so I looked it over. It sounded good from the description and the reviews at the time were pretty solid. I think this is a good value and makes good coffee. We bought my daughter bought a cheaper machine which works for her but makes a mess (technically my daughter makes a mess).
  • Pros: clean relatively quick good froth self cleaning (upon starting and shutting down)
  • Cons: hopper beans sometimes don't drop - overstuffed?
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Overall 2

High Maintenance Machine

BeBo0, Costco
13 November 2014
  • Summary: We have purchased two of these machines in 2014, and they both had problems with the grounding and brewing cycles. We had 33% of our coffee beans wasted due to machine malfunction. Calls to the customer service at Saeco Phillips did not resolve the problem so we returned both machines. Would recommend buying a manual machine which take a bit more time to make espresso, but there is no maintenance of complex mechanism.
  • Pros: makes great espresso and milk froth when it works.
  • Cons: frequently malfunctions
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