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Jura Impressa S9 One Touch Coffee Center

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Reviews and Problems with Jura Impressa S9 One Touch Coffee Center

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Overall 2

Very poor quality!

MZen, Costco
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Our small office purchased one of these almost 2 years ago. We make about 10 espressos or less per day, use med-roast beans and follow all manufacture's directions. It lasted about 1 year! We returned it to COSTCO and bought another thinking we just got a bad one. Nope! This one lasted about the same- LESS THAN A YEAR. Jura customer service is worthless. Why would I send it in to get fixed when I can just return it to COSTCO? That's 2 machines in 2 years.
  • Pros: easy to use good espresso
  • Cons: doesn't last very poor quality.
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Overall 2

Machine Died Within 3 Weeks

NeedMyCoffee, Costco
2 January 2015
  • Summary: This $1600 espresso machine from Jura failed to work in the 3rd week we had it. To be fair, I liked this machine better than the 3 we have had from Saeco. Everything fit together better, cleaning was easier and faster. We were only making 2 shots of espresso a day and it failed in less than a month. It did fail after we had a wind storm and the electric power went on and off several times that night. But none of the other appliances in the kitchen failed.
  • Pros: good fit and finish good espresso less cleaning hassle than saeco machines
  • Cons: not reliable - failed in less than 30 days
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Overall 6

not bad machine but ....

coffeeadict, Costco
9 October 2014
  • Summary: I've had this one for a few years and it looks like it's now time to return. Its starts acting up and gives strange messages, like for instance it's asking to empty which I do and right after as soon as I put it back it keeps asking to do the same. Worst it won't let you make a cup of coffee and the only way to make it work is to unplug and plug back in, sort of a hard reset of computer built into it. Anyway, this worries me and I will take it back.
  • Pros: good coffee
  • Cons: doesn't last
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Overall 10

Great cup of coffee

Rauhdy, Costco
5 October 2014
  • Summary: I went to a friends house who had an older JURA S9. His coffee cup counter had almost 49k cups of coffee on it! I purchased this Jura five or so months ago. We’ve been through four other POD machines. Got tired of either the limited availability of coffee or the cost of the PODs. The JURA S9 is a fantastic machine. Easy step through setup instructions.
  • Pros: awesome cups of coffee w/ just one button! customize everything - taste temp h2o volume 2nd pre-ground coffee shoot for easy decaf easy to setup use and maintain
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Overall 2

Not worth the $1,700

BTexas, Costco
2 June 2014
  • Summary: I've owned these types of machines in the past and first time that I've spent this much money on one so I had high expectations. The lattes are okay but not hot and lots of clean up before and after which Jura calls "rinse".
  • Pros: looks nice
  • Cons: doesn't make high-end coffee
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Overall 10

Very good product

mrcoffee1234, Costco
15 May 2014
  • Summary: had s7 model for 4 years the total saving when compared with buying coffee from store (1 purchase per day), starbucks etc was around $5K. When I started using this machine the regular coffee at work or from vending machines are unbearable. Now I have s9 and it has this function of one touch, which allows you to make milk (froth)and coffee without moving cup. It has all I need.
  • Pros: one touch function
  • Cons: mainteneance
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Overall 10


dagrants, Costco
20 April 2014
  • Summary: I gave this machine to my husband last Christmas. It has been a great performer. Expect to follow the owners manual as it needs maintenance. Buy the finest roasted beans and enjoy. We have owned four expensive expresso machines. Jura is our favorite.
  • Pros: multi- coffee functions
  • Cons: you add beans and water?
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Overall 4

Costco's S9 not quite Jura's

2perday, Costco
6 March 2014
  • Summary: Costco's description of this on-line only offering is necessarily brief. It refers to the manufacture's site for more information. However, manufacturer's description of the well-known S9 includes a "Dual-Frother-Express" and also a "FrothXpress." The consumer has the OPTION of using a separate milk container or not.
  • Pros: fabulous flexibility powerful machine large capacity and truly automatic
  • Cons: no wand-type frother must use milk container
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Overall 10

Excellent Coffee Machine

Tomldtx, Costco
13 February 2014
  • Summary: I have had this machine since Dec 2012 and after reading all the required cleaning guidelines decide to only use distilled water in the machine. Never had a problem with the machine and it makes great coffee, espresso and the milk is well steamed when I make a cappuccino or macchiatto. Use a dryer bean as recommended, I use the Costco Columbian Supremo and have been very happy.
  • Pros: great coffee espresso and cappuccino nice to just push a button for morning coffee easy clean up
  • Cons: machine seems to request lot of cleaning
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Overall 8

Great Machine

bother, Costco
21 January 2014
  • Summary: Had it for about 3 months now. Great machine for a great price compared to elsewhere. The prompts to rinse, clean, fill the coffee are great. Holds lots of water and drip tray goes for a week or more if you 'catch' the water from the rinse cycles in a container. The only problem is the temperature of the automatic cappuccino and latte cycles (which we found on other auto machines as well). We fixed it by buying a coffee thermometer and calling Jura with the data.
  • Pros: prompts size of water and bean holder
  • Cons: need a steam wand for hot enough caps and lattes
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