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Pure Twilight

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Overall 2

Do not waste your money on this rubbish!!

Mr. Christopher Simpson "naiman68", Amazon
23 December 2014
  • Summary: Bought this for my wife for her birthday present 3 years ago. Over the past year of so (once out of warranty) the light would turn itself on without any reason. Regularly we would go upstairs and find it would be glaring out the light at its highest setting. It would also switch itself on during the night for no reason. Now the clock display has disappeared. Considering the cost I find this a complete waste of money.
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Overall 10

The best one yet

David French "thermidorthelobster", Amazon
7 October 2014
  • Summary: I've had pretty much every dawn light on the market, including models from Lumie and Phillips. They've been hopelessly unreliable with extremely basic functionality. This is by far the best I've had. For a start it's got a decent control system, meaning you can programme 4 different alarms with different days / times / sounds / light options, and do useful things like skip a day or set a one-off alarm.
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Overall 8

Good solid build and core features, some stuff I won't use and a fussy touch sensitive lamp!

PlugglyUK, Amazon
24 September 2014
  • Summary: I owned a Pure Siesta for over 3 years and loved it; that died & I wanted a combined lamp / alarm / DAB. Pure were my first choice. OK, as has been noted by a number of people the 'touch sensitive' light is, well, a bit hit & miss to be frank. No real problem turning on and off (it just needs a firm touch for maybe half a second - a light tap certainly doesn't work!) but it is far less frustrating to dim the light using the buttons.
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Overall 6

not worth £140. but the only dab led sunrise clock there is.

krypton, Amazon
20 September 2014
  • Summary: I bought one of these 2nd hand. Yes the reception is poorer outside London. Fixed that by installing an external antenna. The touch lamp is poor but can be operated by front buttons. I had no issues with random alarms at night but mine has the latest software. The unit moves when you press buttons on the front but I solved this with a non slip mat underneath. The wake up light duration can be adjusted. Light is blueish but it is daylight spectrum, that's the whole point!
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Overall 4

A great idea but very poorly executed

Nigel Witham, Amazon
25 July 2014
  • Summary: I have been trying to get used to this radio for a week now. It looks great and the lighting effects are lovely but I have found it to be deeply flawed and almost unusable as a result. Here is a list of the issues: The text display is almost unreadable without glasses if you are at all long-sighted All the buttons are flush with one another so it is hard to tell them apart by feel at night in the dark The buttons are too stiff for the weight of the radio so you can't...
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Overall 10

Excellent product!

Darren Hall, Amazon
12 February 2014
  • Summary: I don't really like being woken up in the morning but was looking for something better than just a beep beep alarm for when it has to be done. Found this and it was everything I was after. I now wake up to a light gently coming on and the sound of dawn chorus. Then Planet Rock as I get ready for work. The sounds are really good quality and are also very soothing to go to bed with as well as be woken up to. Can't fault the radio or the service.
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Overall 8


ATM, Amazon
11 February 2014
  • Summary: I was somewhat sceptical as to whether sunrise alarms actually worked. it took me a few weeks to get used to it, but now it really does work - it's a very pleasant way to wake up in the morning as you slowly become aware of the gradually brightening light. DAB reception is occasionally a little sketchy, however I'm prepared to give that a by as it may well just be the reception in my area.
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Overall 8

Fantastic daylight, DAB, sounds, colour - shame about the controls!

fs, Amazon
10 February 2014
  • Summary: When you finally get the hang of the controls, this is an amazing alarm clock. The wake up experience is tranquil and stress free - no more sudden jolts out of a deep sleep. The gradual fade up of the light and then the sound coming in is a gentle way to wake up and the fade out light is a really lovely way to go to sleep.
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Overall 10

I love my new clock

Sophie Humphrey, Amazon
7 February 2014
  • Summary: I absolutely love my Pure Twilight clock. The mood lights are great, sound quality and DAB radio is very good and there is a nice selection of sounds to go with the mood lights - which are perfect with the timer while I drift off to sleep. The dawn simulator/sunrise lamp is also great and I have woken up far more refreshed in the morning with my eyes already adjusted to light so no painful squinting/ zombie-walking when I first get up.
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Overall 10

Wake-up call

Amazon Customer, Amazon
28 January 2014
  • Summary: Bought this for my hubby to replace and old radio alarm and we are absolutely delighted with it. I've left the setting up to hubby so not sure how easy it is but it is terrific on these dark mornings to wake up to the gentle light gradually getting brighter and the sound of the early dawn chorus (and the occasional cat miaowing in the background). I wake up convinced it must be daylight outside then realise it is still dark and dreary out there.
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