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4.8 out of 10

T-Mobile Tap

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Overall 7
Sound quality 10
Battery performance 9
Display 9
Build quality 9
Camera 7

Its descent

TAP_USER, Phone Arena
17 June 2011
  • Excerpt: this phone is not bad and for a non smart phone, it has alot, ALOT of features but the things that suck is the slowness of the reaction of the phone when you press on things. If your are looking for a non smart phone that is like a smart phone, then this is for you, if your are looking for a smart phone, then get out of here. Also the reception is alright!
  • Pros: touchscreen, call quality, camera, multimedia
  • Cons: slow, reception, security
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Overall 8

"Good touch screen non-smartphone"

realablur, CNET
30 November 2010
  • Pros: Nice screen, good alternative if you don't want a smartphone. Camera is decent, better than basic phones.
  • Cons: Screen takes some getting used to, is not as easy to use as more advanced devices.
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Overall 8

"Ok Phone, applications"

spaghettijarrs, CNET
1 August 2010
  • Pros: touch screen, rotating keyboard, FM radio, good coverage (in my area)
  • Cons: keys are too small, weak connection to charger, software won't install to PC, keyboard rotation is a little slow
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Overall 8

Tap Phone

ally hally, Phone Arena
27 May 2010
  • Excerpt: Okay I got that phonee too but like I love It and All but now ah dayss it keeps loosing signal so ihave to shut it off so it can get all of the signal backk ! why is this ? !
  • Pros: lets you hear music, you can take images, you can record, recieve picture messages, game applications, browsing internet, checking the weather, usb connection allowed, holds many messages, you can recieve images, texting is sorta easy, you can edit pictures
  • Cons: performance may be low, might loose signal fast, texting can be hard at times, you cannot lock messages only phone when turning on
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Overall 7

"Michaelj50 review"

michaelj50, CNET
9 May 2010
  • Pros: This phone is so awesome in a little way. my wife put it through the washer today @10 am on 5/9/2010 and it made it through that and also thirty minutes through the dryer as well which when i thought it was a goner I turned it on and still works now.
  • Cons: It has a small slide bar on the side of the touch screen with big fingers its hard to use.
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Overall 8

T-mobile Tap

Supercell, Phone Arena
17 April 2010
  • Excerpt: Listen people this phone is made to be a low cost touch screen phone. Lets face it, its not an android or windows phone. The touch screen works pretty well and i love mine. and for you people who are whining about the screen well there is some thing called a brightness adjuster. I use this phone for texting playing games and listening to music.
  • Pros: Good texting, Mp3 player, games, soft touch material
  • Cons: transitions sometimes slow, OS only adaquate
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Overall 7


Susan, Phone Arena
5 April 2010
  • Excerpt: To the user who likes the phone and realizes it is NOT meant to be a top end 3G phone - I have a question, but first my review.I have had the phone for 3 days.  The ringer volume could be louder, but it'll do.  The tap feature is OK, but I'll take it for the price.The one complaint I have is that the manual does not tell you how to set up user groups for contacts.  I tried doing this and only one contact came up as an option as allowing me to add to the group.  WHY?
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Overall 8

To the people who say this phone sucks

Nicholas Tedford, Phone Arena
25 March 2010
  • Excerpt: Listen up all you negitive people!!! The T-mobile TAP is a basic phone, it just has a touch screen instead of a key pad. Seriously i think this phone works very well for the price and for what it offers. This is not a high tech smartphone so realize it and just enjoy what you have! I love that i can get to my music in 2 touches and view my pictures also in two touches of the screen.
  • Pros: The best basic phone on the market when it comes to touch screens. I said basic phones not "smart" phones. Great sound and reception
  • Cons: I wish it had a better camera, but its a phone so if i want a camera i'll get a camera! its a good phone people!!!!
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Overall 7

IT's not a Iphone nor Blackberry

amir, Phone Arena
28 January 2010
  • Excerpt: I got this phone for christmas and i was so pumped up, but i have to say i it didnt meet my expectations like i wanted it to. It takes a long time to load myspace and etc. Also it doesnt have pinch zoom so you have to use the zoom icons. I cant seem to upload my music.Furthermore it doent have wifi and it would of helped for that slow web.
  • Pros: good looking, good weight, 3g
  • Cons: slow web browsing, no wifi, no pinch zoom, only a 2.8 inch screen, hard time uploading music, old flash player
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Overall 8

"Cheap and works pretty well"

whatson_15, CNET
23 January 2010
  • Pros: Cheap touchscreen for t-mobile, pretty nice set of features, comparable to other phones at t-mobile (samsung highlight), easy to use, loud spaeker, good signal (where i am located).
  • Cons: Some mp3's sound fuzzy, sometimes when you receive a pic its to small and all blurry, and just like other touchscreens it sometimes can be a lil slow.
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