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T-Mobile G2X

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Overall 7

Been good to a rough user

amandarspears, CNET
31 March 2014
  • Summary: So i have had this phone for 3 years, on T mobile and the Straight talk after i unlocked it. I always liked it. I would drop this phone constantly almost on a daily basis but never crack the screen still perfect to this day and i have tile and concrete floors. Using any app for more than 5 mins and you phone will over heat and  shut off. put in your pocked screen off ect and will burn you gets so hot...
  • Pros: can't break screen!, aperance, friendly interface, easy to unlock
  • Cons: gets burning hot with apps, randomly heats up when not in use. random shut off
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Overall 9
Sound quality 8
Battery performance 9
Display 9
Build quality 9
Camera 9

Great at first, slows after years of ownership

xxch3yxx, Phone Arena
13 May 2013
  • Excerpt: The phone overall is very nice. The camera is quick, things move nice and quickly with little lag. Though after owning this phone for over a year, I noticed quite a few issues. I found lots of freezing, restarting, force closing, keyboard failing to type, etc. I don't like the look of the back cover but a phone case easily solves that issue. Overall, this was a great phone to have.
  • Pros: Beautiful Images with 8 mpx camera, Screen never cracks, lovely display, gets the job done, fits well in hand, option to add storage, wifi calling, great signal, battery alot better than iPhone
  • Cons: takes a bit too long to focus on camera, moving objects appear blurry in photos, had many issues after owning for a few years, randomly restarts, keyboard sometimes stops working, lots of freezing, not the best call quality
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Overall 1

Do not get this phone.

young_meezy, CNET
17 March 2013
  • Summary: Because of this phone, I hate LG. I now also hate T-Mobile for being complicit in the deceit of continuing to sell this defective product and not offering me an alternative phone of lesser or equal value.
  • Pros: I no longer own it.
  • Cons: Random shut offs. Lags. Freezes. Random soaring temperatures in your pocket.
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Overall 3

Alluring and Deceitful

SamIsRice, CNET
2 February 2013
  • Summary: When I first purchased this phone (About two years ago when it was released), it was the best thing that ever happened in my mobile life. I never owned an android phone, and having such a high-end device at that time was truly amazing. The specs were impressive, the performance and speed was lightning fast, and the build quality was superb. I believed I finally found a phone that would last for a long time. I was wrong.
  • Pros: Looks Nice, Good Build, Fast User Interface
  • Cons: Constant Lag Spikes, Sub-Par Battery, Performance slows down
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Overall 1

Dont Buy! its not fast at all. Very sluggish phone!

AshiDas, CNET
26 August 2012
  • Summary: Slay away from this phone. Its driving me crazy!!
  • Pros: Super/ Stunning Display.
  • Cons: Freezes all the time., poor reception, poor call quality, super slow internet
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Overall 1

This is the glitchiest phone I have ever used

sakimasan, CNET
24 July 2012
  • Summary: I hate it
  • Pros: nice/clear screen
  • Cons: needs frequent reboots (take out battery to restart, happens at least 4 times a week), tmobile network may ruin any "good" qualities the phone may have
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Overall 1

Will not recommend to anyone.

Energy12100, CNET
30 March 2012
  • Summary: Stay away from this cell. The cons outweigh the pros... there are too many cells out there that can be a better buy.
  • Pros: Great processor, HD functions (when they work) and camera.
  • Cons: I ordered 2 phones in a family plan & have several of the same issues of freezing and shutting off on its own w/both cells. We received replacement phones and the new ones continued to do the same thing. I read on line and it seems several people are
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Overall 8

Best phone I've had so far!

Microgates, CNET
30 March 2012
  • Summary: Best cell phone I've had from T-Mobile (I've owned the BB Pearl, LG Optimus T, and now the G2X) I've had friends who have seen my phone and were wowed by it (Iphone users, Sprint 3-D phone users, etc) I just go around saying this is T-Mobiles answer to the Iphone. I access my music from Amazon.com on it, I manage my sellers account on it, overall it's like my mini pc (Sad part is my phone is wayyyyy more powerfull than my home pc!
  • Pros: Bright hi-def screen (Some of theTegra games look better than some of my 360/PS3 games!) I use wi-fi when at home and when I'm out and about I usually get a good 4G signal. GPS and Wi-Fi hotspot features have been a godsend. Camera takes good pics.
  • Cons: Some pics are hard to see cause the flash is so bright. Sometimes the phone will lag badly (Just remember to close windows your not using, it helps!) The fact that it will probably be obsolete two months after I bought it :(
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Overall 1

Horrible - 5 replacements in 9 months

Financialguru, CNET
15 March 2012
  • Summary: T-mobile, now that they have shipped me 5 phones will only offer the Sidekick 4 G as a replacement option, LG has told them to stop shipping the G2x. The Sidekick is hardly a comparable phone.
  • Pros: When it works the phone has a great camera, HD video and surfs the net quickly. ..but only when it works.
  • Cons: G2X has a known issue with it's software that LG is only today acknowledging. My 5th replacement is 3 hrs old & currently has no apps or extra stuff on it. I have 2 gmail accounts syncing and it still force closes and randomly shuts it self off.
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Overall 6

A review on the T-Mobile G2x</p><p>By: Latashia Respass

latashia9, CNET
4 March 2012
  • Summary: I was 10 years old when I got my first phone. My parents always tried to get me the best quality phones. At first I had my sisters hand me down phone; it was a Virgin mobile pre-paid flip phone. It was the newest one out at the time, because flip phones were "in". After that phone I had a Samsung flip phone, then a Sidekick III. After my Sidekick III, my parents brought me a Sidekick Slide, then a Nokia phone. After my Nokia phone I had gotten the blackberry bold.
  • Pros: speed and camera
  • Cons: dies extremely fast
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