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Sony Ericsson T68i
3.3 out of 10

Sony Ericsson T68i

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Reviews and Problems with Sony Ericsson T68i

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Sony Ericsson T68i

Alessandro, ReviewStream
2 November 2014
  • Excerpt: This was the first color phone i had ever seen and when i saw it i was like “wow, i really want that, a color phone, how cool” (keep in mind i was very young..) anyway it had just ~262 color and it was very slow. The internet was …
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Overall 9

Still a Great Phone

SteveMaricopa, Phone Scoop
2 November 2007
  • Excerpt: I bought a pair of these phones in early 2006, reconditioned, as unblocked GSM phones for my wife & I to keep in touch while overseas...paid $65 each. By buying SIM cards, we've used them twice in Paris and once all over New Zealand...worked just fine. In the U.S.
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Overall 5


digitol, Phone Scoop
26 October 2007
  • Excerpt: OK, the thing that makes this phone is the color screen...during its time that was pretty big deal! And the biggest thing to me was BLUETOOTH! It was wonderful to be able and sync my data to and from my mac! Awesome for back in the days! Awwww...memories!
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Overall 8

great phone

flyy.gyrl, Phone Scoop
19 September 2006
  • Excerpt: i had this phone for a while before i upgraded to a camera phone and i must say that it is very fashionable and cute. Its small enough to fit in a little purse or pocket and i loved the blanking lights that showed up when someone called or something.
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Overall 7

good phone

cocoh28, Phone Scoop
13 September 2006
  • Excerpt: i've had pones and switched brands for the last 6 years. this phone although it is outdated has its many benefits that i think are still useful if you need to transfer data (pics, contacts, polytone and monotone) and will work fine with great reception, then this is the phone for you...
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Overall 6

Small phone packed with features

Spartan 104, Phone Scoop
22 August 2006
  • Excerpt: This little phone was something when it was released. I obviously don't have it now but I thought I'd take time to review some older phones I've used in the past (been bored lately).
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Overall 10

Great phone for its time and still great now!

Robert S., Phone Scoop
31 May 2006
  • Excerpt: Everybody who compares this phone to a V3 or P910 or anything is wasting air because the fact is you cant compare it there 3 years apart at least, be that as it may i believe it still holds its own is worth everyt penny First of all it is very light and very small, great for anyone lacking space in...
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Overall 8

Wow. nice little package

kingmidas, Phone Scoop
3 March 2006
  • Excerpt: I picked up this for for a RIDICULOUS price from a friend gettng a new phone - $15 australian (about $10 for you Yankees) and what can i say. For that price it is hard to be disappointed.
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Overall 2

Great specs spotty quality

longpath, Phone Scoop
29 April 2005
  • Excerpt: Disclaimer: All of the following is my personal experience and should not be construed as applying to all T68i handsets. I acknowledge that some people have had great luck with these; but my experience is that in the same exact locations, signal gathering is greatly inferior to earlier Ericsson...
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Overall 5

A Disappointing Little Phone

physics, Phone Scoop
17 February 2005
  • Excerpt: Overall I have to rate this phone as mediocre, primarily because of its poor RF performance. Every other aspect of this phone is good: audio, features, styling and battery life. The huge attenuation of signal strength when this phone is inside any type of structure is a very serious hindrance that...
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