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Sony Ericsson T62u

This 5-mode GAIT phone supports analog, TDMA, and GSM - TDMA and Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Sony Ericsson T62u

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Buyer beware

BENNY_D, Phone Scoop
29 June 2004
  • Excerpt: This gait phone has one pro, its gait! I am tech. for a large company and I see this phone with problems more than any other (besides Ericsson 1228/R278). We will not carry those phones in our market any longer because of the problems that it has. I can't even really get into any specific problems it has them all from won't turn on to will not place call. do yourself a favor and seek other alternates and with only one other choice it should be pretty clear.
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dimpelss, Phone Scoop
11 June 2004
  • Excerpt: I think this is a great phone this is one of my first cell phones.I agree with the guy that is working for Cingular its a good phone I like the fact that it has voice dialing and I just found out it is bluetooth enabled.It covers all areas for me that my cellphone I currently have now doesnt cover.It does interact with my tv and computer.My tv makes a noise and com when the phone is near by but so does my current phone.I LIKE IT
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Best Phone!

disturbed_sickness16, Phone Scoop
24 May 2004
  • Excerpt: I am a teenager and having a cellphone is very important to me. I have had other model phones but they have never acheived the quality and dependance as this one. I love that it is very easy to access my options on this phone just by using numbers. Also everyone tells me my phone is very cute.Since I babysit I had to chose a phone that I could depend on to by thrown around. I have had my phone dropped, thrown, and frozen!
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good phone... little options

djdrab, Phone Scoop
15 May 2004
  • Excerpt: i love my phone. i had it for like 2 mouths now. and have cingular nationwide calling plan. no ROMING!!!! but i have hard time getting any ring tone to work.. i use the MOTO 120 as my cell phone thought cingular. yes you can download the ring tone, but the ring tone is not in time or key for the ring tone. to get the full GPRS/GRS you need to have T-Mobile in the calling area for it to work. the phone is a tough phone.
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good radio - bad usability

taiowa, Phone Scoop
14 May 2004
  • Excerpt: we have three of these T62U phones from at&t, and we may send them back - they work well, but they're almost impossible to use. i've been with at&t for about 13 years, and this (1/04) is the worst time in their history. most of their network is TDMA, but they're switching to GSM. during the switch, they're moving TDMA capacity to GSM. this means that owners of TDMA phones may not get the service they experienced in the past.
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Sony-Ericcsin T62U

diamo100, Phone Scoop
14 May 2004
  • Excerpt: This phone is awesome! It works on TDMA, GSM and Analog. I always have great phone quality, the only negative I have found is the battery life leaves a lot to be desired.
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Great phone

ralph0722, Phone Scoop
13 May 2004
  • Excerpt: I bought mine about 3 months ago. At first i didn't like it much. Bus as soon i discovered the wonders of this phone i don't leave house without it! The reception is awesome. It's very reliable too. I like it's unique shape. The battery is excellent. The faceplate's are a bit flimsy but ok overall. The magic is in it's network endless possibilities! Since i got the T62u i never get any 'NO SERVICE'. The menu interface is slow. The keys too. No cool ring tones.
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TomZ, Phone Scoop
12 May 2004
  • Excerpt: Nice Phone--When it works. The T62u is a decent phone with a number of nice features, but a lot of them have had keypad problems as well as quite a few power failure issues.
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Finally a good signal in NYC

slappy76, Phone Scoop
10 May 2004
  • Excerpt: I've had trouble with my provider (AT&T)forever.. coverage has always been very spotty because of my ground floor apartment in Queens. My previous phone was a Nokia 6590 (GSM ONLY) which was a good phone overall. It had a very user friendly interface and decent signal. I also tried the 7210 (World GSM ONLY) which was not quite as good in signal strength (I returned that). After losing my 6590 I had a tough decision to choose another.
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i need help

bdog2k2, Phone Scoop
9 May 2004
  • Excerpt: I know that i'm gettin this phone for x-mas and i'm trying to figure out what games ar already on the phone........and how to download monophonice tones from the net..........
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