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Sharp FX

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Sharp FX Wireless Cellphone exclusive for AT&T

Chase Aaron Burton, ReviewStream
10 September 2014
  • Excerpt: The FX cellphone, manufactured by the electronics company Sharp, who are known for creating T-Mobile’s Sidekick phones, was created specifically for AT&T. The phone is black with a touch screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and three buttons on the front of the phone, the “Send” button, “End” …
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Overall 1

samsung should be ashamed!

newphone101, CNET
3 February 2013
  • Summary: everything down to the dropped calls to the muted calls to the stupid settings and no camera zoom and just every thing about it sucks! good job samsung! whoever decided to put this phone out should be fired! i went thru 4 of these phones and i know others who have the phone who think it sucks too! have to wait until april to get a new one and it dang sure aint gonna be from samsung! horrible experience!
  • Pros: jack diddly squat!
  • Cons: everything about the phone is dumb!
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Overall 1

This is absolutely the worst phone I have ever owned.

nerdiephonez, CNET
27 December 2012
  • Summary: When I am on a call, frequently it drops the call, or it does something even worse.. it mutes me apparently and I can obviously still hear the other person, but my call screen has disappeared as if I am not even on a call and I can't do anything until the other person hangs up. Often it does things on it's own, like renames a contact or adds numbers to a contact. The battery life is atrocious.
  • Pros: There is not a single good thing about this phone.
  • Cons: Everything is wrong with this phone.
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Overall 10

Better Phone Than Would Expect

Rowester, Viewpoints
9 September 2012
  • Excerpt: My brother and I really enjoy this phone thus far. We have had the phone since January and having nothing but positive things to say. The browser is very fast for only being a quick messaging phone. The keyboard is nicely spaced out. In addition, the touch screen is very accurate. I continue to be wowed by the phone camera because the pictures I am taking does not require much more.
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Overall 6

The Sharp FX is commendable for it's type.

weaselrae, Viewpoints
9 September 2012
  • Excerpt: I switched to this particular phone from using a Blackberry for quite a long time. This is a mid-grade cell phone. The touch screen is pretty responsive. The buttons are a tad close together and the keyboard itself took a little time adjusting to. Thee weight is decent, and it withstands a fairly decent amount of accidental dropping. The signal isn't always the greatest.
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Overall 8

The Sharp-FX Cell Phone is lightweight and easy to use.

kevcar, Viewpoints
9 September 2012
  • Excerpt: The wonderful Sharp FX Cell Phone The new Sharp Phone is so lightweight and durable.  It is very fuctional and easy to use. I love the price and it is very affordable. The battery lasts long and is thin. It has a very thin and sleek design. The phone is easy to use.
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Overall 1

Slow smart phone knock-off.

tubabone123456, CNET
20 August 2012
  • Summary: If you're in the market for a new basic phone, please for the love of God just get a flip phone or something. Don't try to masquerade a smart phone with this piece of garbage. The touchscreen is so slow you could make yourself a cup of coffee in the time it takes to swipe from one screen to another. I feel like Sharp made this device simply to make the phone appear to be a Smart Phone such as an iPhone or something just to fool people in to buying it.
  • Pros: You can make calls and receive txt messages.
  • Cons: Touchscreen lag, Slow processor, Dropped calls, AT&T's lack of admitting that this phone is garbage.
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Overall 6

If there was a .1 star, I would have selected it.

bamboyl, epinions.com
8 August 2012
  • Summary: it only good for internet and and E MAIL,BECAUSE THE CONFIGURATION IS OK
  • Pros: The products slide out Keyboard is user friendly and smooth to use
  • Cons: Drops calls, Wont allow good quality photos to be sent via IMS. No PassWord lock
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Overall 6

Sharp FX Cell Phone: Great Use of Sarcasm

overpennwaiver, epinions.com
11 July 2012
  • Summary: The Sharp FX is a phone forr a traveler. It has good networking apps, poor call quality. It's for a person who doesn't care about style but texting and socializing.
  • Pros: full QWERTY keyboard, great social networking apps, 3G data speed, good battery life
  • Cons: brick design, poor call quality, crammed app design, lagging touch screen
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Overall 1

This phone is worthless.

snelgin, CNET
24 June 2012
  • Summary: I bought this phone for my son who insisted this was the one he wanted. It is a piece of junk and continuously drops calls. Like one other reviewer mentioned this phone should be recalled.
  • Pros: None that I know.
  • Cons: Drops calls consistently
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