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Samsung Sway

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Overall 5
Sound quality 5
Battery performance 5
Display 5
Build quality 5
Camera 5

How can i send more then 1 picture message?

brittanyandjesse, Phone Arena
27 April 2012
  • Excerpt: i have a Sway Phone for Verizon and i dont know how to send more then one picture massages and its getting me really mad so can some one please help me and tell me how i can send more then one picture at a time message me on my yahoo if you know how funnygirlbritt@yahoo.com
  • Pros: bad
  • Cons: bad
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Overall 2
Sound quality 2
Battery performance 1
Display 4
Build quality 1
Camera 2

my sway is calling at random

poor piglet, Phone Arena
4 February 2011
  • Excerpt: ok ok ok really! My samsung sway sucks, it has called a lady 143 times idk how and called starbucks 11 times all in 1 month i had the slide closed, and i wasn't calling. they are both in my contacts i wonder if that has something to do with it,i called verizon they said it was'nt possibly that it has a lock on it. the woman took a warant out for my arrest please post something if you know what i need to do .
  • Pros: sucks badly no good
  • Cons: never get it ive had for 1 yr and h8 it
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Overall 8
Sound quality 9
Battery performance 8
Display 10
Build quality 10
Camera 6

Love this phone!

Casey, Phone Arena
6 December 2010
  • Excerpt: I've had this phone for 2 years now, AND I LOVE IT! All these problems other users have written I haven't experienced at all...... but you have to remember more people are going to take the time to go on here and write a bad review, than those who love the phone. I am dreading to get a new phone, this phone is simple and does everything I need.
  • Pros: everything
  • Cons: nothing at all!
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Overall 4

this sucks

lacy, Phone Arena
4 July 2010
  • Excerpt: i loved my phone for a few months and i have had it for close to a year and it is fine for a while and then it starts acting up and goin white..well now it has gone comletely black..so now i cant text or call anyone unless i remember numbers or do it the other way with the names...the battery life does suck alot i can never keep it charged for longer than a day...its all so irritating and i have only had it for a year..
  • Pros: good design and good pics
  • Cons: everything else
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Overall 2

Pretty :) Sh!tty :(

Marissa, Phone Arena
24 June 2010
  • Excerpt: I was in a hurry when I bought this phone, so I didn't take the time to read reviews like I wish I would have. I get very bad service. My previous phone would work all over my house, especially in "my chair". Now I have to go outside to use the phone, and still get broken up reception out there. Most of the time, I can hear who I'm talking to, but they cannot hear me. I have heard the caller on the other end say, "Your phone sucks!" numerous times.
  • Pros: Decent camera, but you cannot save rotated pictures. "Pretty-ish" Could be acceptable for someone who has never had a phone to know that there are a lot of better ones out there.
  • Cons: I gave it a rating of 4 for design because it "butt-dials" everytime it's in my pocket; and you cannot access the screen if the phone is closed., I gave a 1-worst for features, because there are very few and inconvenient to get to., I have a 1-worst for performance because my service/reception/number of bars are so bad that I was convinced that Verizon had sold the tower in my town.
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Overall 6


Jared Stover, Phone Arena
29 April 2010
  • Excerpt: I really liked the phone at first honestly. But after a month, i had the problem everyones had with it, the screen. The backlight goes off. about a fifty/fifty chance its gonna be messed up. Unfortunately for me, the camera trick, doesnt work....  Other then that, battery life is fine for me, and it doesnt really lag, but this is A MAJOR Complaint.
  • Pros: Looks Good, Decent Life
  • Cons: The SCREEN
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Overall 3

sway sucks

Anonymous, Phone Arena
25 March 2010
  • Excerpt: i've had the sway for about a year now and the screen really sucks it goes blurry and i've gotten to the point that i have to set my phone on a heater and heat up the battery and the screen the push the camera button just so i can read a txt then when the screen goes to black i have to do it again i would get a differant phone but i don't want to lose the ringtones and games i have spent money on  i would not ever tell anyone to get a samsung sway
  • Pros: simple easy to use
  • Cons: easy to use when you can see the screen screen blurs out alot
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Overall 7

Has anyone tried troubleshooting???

Liz, Phone Arena
21 January 2010
  • Excerpt: I took my sway to verizon and the techincians did the software update to it. No issues with my screen or battery life and it stopped my phone from freezing completely on me....... 5 months later i am still cruising along.
  • Pros: size, easily navigated, deatil in screen shots, durability
  • Cons: Not the greatest pictures, media come across grainy
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Overall 4

bad phone but found a way to somewhat fix a big problem

miss lissa lou, Phone Arena
7 January 2010
  • Excerpt: ive had this phone for a while and this is my second one. it gets dirt under the screen really easy and i traded the first one for this one because the screen would go completly white when i turned it on and my phone locks when i turn it on. (thank god i memorized wat my password was) but when your screen goes white like that press your side camera button and you should get your screen back to normal. this is the only way i found how to fix that.
  • Pros: sleek and was fun to look at
  • Cons: poor battery, gets dirt under screen. and whites out all the time.
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Overall 8

User Review

jerrid, Phone Arena
26 December 2009
  • Excerpt: i havent had a major problem with mine , like the screen yet.I had a battery problem, but there is a trick to extending the battery life.If you look up "samsung sway battery fix" on google, you'll figure it out.It worked for more, phone holds good charger for 2 or more days now :)
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