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Reviews and Problems with Samsung A540

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Just another review

ATTWSGoon, Phone Scoop
14 July 2004
  • Excerpt: Picked this up for my old Samsung under Telus. I perferred the old handset, as I could constantly feel it's presence on me. This one is light enough that I forget that it is there. I tried using the calculator and doing various divisions and all worked. So maybe I lucked out there, but.... My Wireless Web is has a "Security error: key not recognized" and so I can't d/l or access anything.
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Caller ID Info goes missing... no service solution

dp33, Phone Scoop
5 July 2004
  • Excerpt: Good screen, nice style, great phonebook...but service???? A month after buying the phone I noticed that when imputing text I could not get the a punctuation mark other than a period without first inserting a period, then imputing whatever punctuation mark I really needed, then going back and deleting the first unwanted period.
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A540 Country Blues

surfnturf, Phone Scoop
28 June 2004
  • Excerpt: This may be a decent urban phone, but I suspect RF problems plague it there too. At home it breaks up and goes analogue in an area which is reasonably well covered by Talus. Any more than 2 miles out of town, it drops calls or just won't work (250 area). And at the cabin (604 area), it will show a weak signal but cannot connect. Might look pretty and fit well in a pocket, but it just doesn't work for me. On contract too.
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Pretty Decent Phone

Dakota01, Phone Scoop
28 June 2004
  • Excerpt: I have had this phone for over one year now and have not had one problem with it to date. The calculator works great, I even use this phone as my alarm clock. When I first got the phone and tried to access the web, it said key disabled or something like that, but I just called my service provider and they fixed that in a matter of 2 minutes.
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Does the job pretty good

Shane_Calla, Phone Scoop
26 June 2004
  • Excerpt: I activiated the a540, on a one year plan and this phone was a good phone that worked in th coldest of conditions, and through all the neglect that it recieved from me, it worked really good... Pros. good enough battery outer display fly ribbin (fun game) big phone book works good on Tri-Mode good display for not being color ten million times better than my Nokia 3390 Cons. Not Colour Screen flimmsy antenna voice dial..
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This is a good phone

charlotte, Phone Scoop
24 May 2004
  • Excerpt: This phone will do everything but pull up your zipper.I would recommend it to everyone.I sed it as a vibrator and it worked wonders you never know until you try .
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where do i ask for help with this samsung a540 cell phone

Grif, Phone Scoop
18 May 2004
  • Excerpt: where do i ask for help with this samsung a540 cell phone, im new to this and i dont know where to ask, i know it sais not to ask questions but i need help, please
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