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Samsung A523 / Mysto

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung A523 / Mysto

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Overall 6

Great paperweight

biker*chickk, Ebay
18 January 2011
  • Summary: This looks like a great phone, love the size of this phone, really would have liked to use it. Unfortunately, no cell phone provider will activate this phone. Helio went out of business and the providers who at one time offered to activate these phones on their service.
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Overall 8

helio cell phone "Good Review"

hondawylie28, Ebay
9 June 2010
  • Summary: lot more than expected pretty cool phone nice all the way around i love this cell phone, thanks to the makers..
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Overall 3

nuh uh! Stay away!

JamesI, Phone Arena
16 March 2010
  • Excerpt: I Had an LG Venus and ran it over with my forklift, I ended up having to buy this phone at Telus. THe guy told me no problems with the phone except the battery life sucked. It does suck, they're not kidding, I have to charge every night, and I NEVER use my phone. Most days it's a simple text to my wife and that's all I use it for, yet I have to charge it overnight or else it will die on me the next morning. I've only had the phone for 3 months. THis phone drives me nuts.
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Overall 10

Great phone!!!!

vicnkck, Ebay
5 March 2010
  • Summary: Phone in great condition and the skin looks awesome on phone. Absolutely nothing negative to say...even the box, car/house chargers, and usb cable as well as earphones are in wonderful condition. I love everything about it. ..muchas gracias.
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Overall 2

crap phone do not buy

fdjhisadi38jfe8ko39dCRAPHONE, Phone Arena
19 November 2009
  • Excerpt: this phone sucks. i swear to god it called people back repeatedly costing me many awkward moments. this is a piece of ***. the battery was ok but not worth the 100 bucks i paid for it. it was really slim but the keypad is kind of scrunched. i was made to buy a micro sd card that was f**ked up within the first week and they could not fix it. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! this is a bad purchase.
  • Pros: slim
  • Cons: calls people back unexpectedly, cramped keypad, micro sd card broken with weeks and more...
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Overall 8

Helio Mysto - Nice phone for bi-lingual users

rocky_mountain_guy, Ebay
10 October 2009
  • Summary: This phone, combined with the Helio phone service (now run by Virgin Mobile) caters to Korean-English clients who want the ability to read menus and send or receive text messages in Korean and English. It's interface is straightforward and uncomplicated, and the phone functions as promised. All in all, a solid performer, especially when communicating in Korean is a plus.
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Overall 2

Very disappointed . . .

Scotty Boy, Phone Arena
21 September 2009
  • Excerpt: Had this phone since May. It's now September and the phone has spent as much time in for repair as in use.The battery is non functional. A full charge won't last more than about 6 hours with the power OFF.Every time I take it in for repairs (4 times now) I'm told it's performing to "spec"Only buy this phone if you don't mind that you have to leave it plugged in to AC power all the time. You DO have AC power in your car, right?
  • Pros: OK design
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Overall 4

Good, not bad...

jgeeeeer, Ebay
10 September 2009
  • Summary: I like the slim package and features. The 3G through Helio/Virgin is fast - faster than my friend's iPhone at least. We race to see who can watch YouTube videos faster, and I always win. Mobile internet works great, and I can update Twitter and Facebook, read the news and resolve pointless arguments on the spot. The biggest con from the beginning has been battery life. If it's not dead by the end of the day, it's very close.
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Overall 6

Mysto only ok

westwinglover88, Ebay
10 August 2009
  • Summary: I had an Ocean before the Mysto that kept breaking down and decided to switch to the Mysto. Worst decision ever. I regret it every day. Even if it did keep breaking down, the Ocean is like 20 times better than the Mysto. The touch pad sucks. You can't use Opera Mini or Mobile or whatever on it. Sorry, Mysto, but Ocean is wayyyyyyy better.
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Overall 2


1blink_fan_182, Ebay
11 July 2009
  • Summary: absolute piece of junk. phone gets no service, can't connect online, takes about 15 tries just to send a text, the charge holds for maybe 4 hours at most, and that's with minimal usage. I'm freaking out because I can't do anything with this, and I spent $200 on it! My dying Drift is 1,000,000,000 times better than this piece of garbage. I wish death upon the creator of the Mysto. GARBAGE!!!!
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