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5.2 out of 10

Samsung M630 / Highnote

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung M630 / Highnote

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Overall 10


victoria1984, Viewpoints
9 September 2012
  • Excerpt: Samsung E630. I have had this phone for 3 years before I changed it for a newer version. But I have never had any problems with this phone.Screen:The screen is small in comparison with more modern phones but at the time I bought it was pretty good. The resolution was very good. It even supported animated wallpapers. Camera:Picture quality was quite bad. The pictures were very small and full of big pixels. It had a flash thought. But it did not help the quality.
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Overall 8

The Samsung Highnote-red is an excellent phone if you like music

mspbaybee, Viewpoints
9 September 2012
  • Excerpt: This phone is especially for a person who loves music-like myself. Also it's a good way to communicate with the email and i.m. So if you're looking for a good quality phone that plays music at the same time as you i.m., text, or email your family or friends, I would suggest to you the Samsung Highnote-red. Also, they have another color which is blue if you don't like red. In addition, it includes a massive storage for pictures.
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Overall 8

The Samsung Highlight is a GREAT phone!!!!!

mrssexycaramel, Viewpoints
9 September 2012
  • Excerpt: The Samsung Highlight is a great introduction to the touch screen. The camera quality is not the best but the phone makes up for it in other areas. The phone automatically locks so you dont have to worry about unknowingly making calls while in your pocket or purse. One of the best features on the phone is the side bar on the home screen, for easier access to applications. The battery life is incredible!. I have NEVER had a dropped a call on this phone.
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Overall 9
Sound quality 10
Battery performance 9
Display 10
Build quality 10
Camera 8

i would sooo recommend!!

drama girl ♥, Phone Arena
29 December 2010
  • Excerpt: i've had this phone for 2years now which means its time for me to up- grade. this phone has litterly ben through hell and back... from dropping it on concrete to dropping it in water this phone is still in pretty good condition... the battery life use to be great but now since it has water damage and the fact it's old it kinda sucks...
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Overall 3

Would NOT recomend

Dani, Phone Arena
22 October 2009
  • Excerpt: I had this phone for 5 months...and I hate it!!  80% of the times people calls me I don't get the calls. Pictures have very poor quality & the speaker is bad.
  • Pros: I like how you can upload pictures & music from the computer
  • Cons: BAD reception
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Overall 7

Great phone

LaurenB, Phone Arena
17 October 2009
  • Excerpt: I've had this phone for almost a year now and it's been great. my friends and i love walking around with the music blasting. i some reviews about having to pay to get music u already had on it? i have 475 songs on my memory card and they all play great and i didnt have to pay to get a sinlge one of them on. you jsut have to know how to transfer music from your computer to the folder on your phone.
  • Pros: loud music, texting, easy to get around, internet, caller ID
  • Cons: freezes up every once in a while
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Overall 9

User Review

Anonymous, Phone Arena
29 September 2009
  • Excerpt: I have had this phone for a couple of months now and it has survived being dropped on concrete, on gravel and getting submerged in water for about 20 seconds. Whoever the person that said you have to pay for the music is, that is untrue. you CAN pay to BUY music on the phone, but this phone comes with a micro card and reader. you plug it right into a USB drive, open the folder and can copy and pasty videos, music, pictures, ect on and off the phone.
  • Pros: -large speaker, very LOUD, -stylish, -perfect size, -good picture quality, -easy to transfer pictures/ videos/ ect on computer from phone
  • Cons: -wish there were more ring tones
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Overall 3


Nunya Bizness, Phone Arena
3 September 2009
  • Excerpt: My first phone. Great phone i thought. But then reality hit me in the face. THREE TIMES. I was at my buddy's place, and all of the sudden, service blacked out. Had to get a new one. I was at my buddy's place, and this kid, he was kinda weak, cracked the screen. That's right a weak kid cracked it with his pinky finger! And again last night, when my mom tossed my pants to me. My Samsung Highnote M630 was in my pants pocket. It hit the floor, and the screen cracked.
  • Pros: Good phone to go through menus with,, because of the scroll wheel.
  • Cons: Small screen,, costs extra to play music,, small talk, back, and end buttons, very few ringtones,, A lot about this phone is a con., Do NOT Buy this phone.
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Overall 6

Sprint's user interface sucks for the music capabilities.

jhlmsiii, Phone Arena
9 May 2009
  • Excerpt: I've had this device for a few months and i mostly use it for just multimedia purposes......  sprint's media player sucks when you use the full 16gb of memory that it says it can handle... this is bull. It takes forever to load all the music i stored into it. And the sprint 1-click gets severely annoying after a while. The camera was mediocre and the video capabilities suck because sometimes its a bit blocky....
  • Pros: -It can use 16gb of msdhc music, -Speaker is very loud so i can share my music, -love the dedicated texting key, -phone capabilities are excellent
  • Cons: -Takes FOREVER to load HC cards 8gb+, -pics are not so great, -slider slides too much in pocket, -Video i kinda blocky, - i hate sprints multimedia programs
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Overall 8

Would recommend.

Brian, Phone Arena
19 April 2009
  • Excerpt: I've had this phone for a week, it was an upgrade from a Sanyo Katana. I picked this phone because it had alot of features in a simple design, I'm not too keen on the qwerty. This phone is way better than my Katana in every way exept texting. The butons are a little small for me and I liked the Sanyos "add word" option in the T-9. Sanyo has the shortcut to add words in the autosuggest.
  • Pros: stylish, LOUD, lots of great features, easy to use
  • Cons: texting could be better, buttons might be too small for some, USB cover is hard to open
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