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Samsung Galaxy S5 / Galaxy S5 Dual Sim / SM-G900 / G900FD / G900D /
9.6 out of 10

Samsung Galaxy S5 / Galaxy S5 Dual Sim / SM-G900 / G900FD / G900D /

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung Galaxy S5 / Galaxy S5 Dual Sim / SM-G900 / G900FD / G900D /

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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy S5 review: A solid phone that misses a few beats

14 November 2014
  • Excerpt: The Samsung Galaxy S5 may not be the latest and greatest phone on the market from Samsung , but the S5 is still incredibly relevant, in fact it's still one of the best selling Android devices as we head out of 2014. The S5 is barely 7 months old, but in the smartphone world that is a lifetime.
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Overall 8

Expert Review

Android Authority
3 September 2014
  • Summary: Samsung is known for releasing numerous variants of its flagship device. In the case of the Galaxy S5 , you have the premium Galaxy S5 LTE-A , that is available in South Korea only, the mid-range Galaxy S5 Mini , the rugged Galaxy S5 Active , from AT&T in the US, and now, the Samsung Galaxy S5...
  • Pros: Fantastic display, Great camera experience, Smooth performance
  • Cons: Lots of carrier bloatware, Not as rugged as it looks
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Review

19 August 2014
  • Conclusion: With its powerful S5 internals, colorful textured shell, and pleasingly tactile buttons, the S5 Sport is a very good phone. But given its price, and the fact that it generally has fewer features than the similar S5 Active or the standard S5, it’s hard to find this phone truly appealing.
  • Pros: Very powerful, like the Galaxy S5, Nice camera, Colorful tactile exterior, MircoSD slot, Removable battery
  • Cons: No fingerprint or heart rate readers, Less ruggedly designed than the S5 Active, Annoying pre-installed apps
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport (Sprint)

PC Magazine
13 August 2014
  • Conclusion: The fitness-focused Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport is a top performer like its S5 namesake, but it adds nothing more than bloatware in exchange for nominal promotional value.
  • Pros: Spectacular screen. Excellent camera. Water-resistant.
  • Cons: All-plastic design. Bloatware.
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (AT&T) Review

LAPTOP Magazine
11 June 2014
  • Summary: The Galaxy S5 Active is a smartphone that has a much better chance of surviving the length of that two-year contract than your typical handset. Plus, you get all the best goodies the regular S5 has to offer, including its bright and rich full HD screen, long battery life and feature-rich camera.
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy S5

29 May 2014
  • Summary: You know what you’re getting with the Samsung Galaxy S series at this point. Pick up an S5 and you know you’re going to end up with the fastest phone on the planet (at least for a few months), with the most incredible display, and bang up to date software.
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Overall 8

Expert Review

27 May 2014
  • Summary: Nobody hasn't heard of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Arguably the most popular Android-based brand in the world, the Galaxy series of smartphones has long commanded respect and loyalty. It isn't known for its dashing good looks – and indeed, we wish Samsung had opted for a nicer chassis over its sub-par...
  • Pros: Its camera is phenomenal; its processor will blaze through anything you can throw at it; its chassis is functionally waterproof, so long as you don't go diving – and that's just to start.
  • Cons: The phone's vaunted fingerprint scanner is too much of a nuisance to actually use, while its all-plastic construction feels as cheap and flimsy as ever.
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy S5: The TechSpot Review

12 May 2014
  • Summary: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a well refined piece of hardware; it’s not a game-breaking, revolutionary device that blows the its predecessor or the competition out of the water, but Samsung has made a number of welcome improvements in key areas and sometimes that's just what we need in annual updates.
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Overall 9
Performance 8
Sound 9
Battery performance 10
Display 9
Weight 9
Noise 10
Gaming performance 9
Connectivity 10
Keyboard 10
Temperature 9
Camera 9

Review Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

11 May 2014
  • Summary: Space...the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Notebookcheck as she continues her mission to explore the (Samsung) Galaxy S5. The crew is hoping for a result that is out of this world - and although the scores fall slightly short of expectations, the S5 nonetheless earns the...
  • Pros: Outstanding screen, Long-lasting battery, Very good and well explained software, Camera quality very good, Recording and playback quality of UHD videos, Resistant to water and dust, Supports many current transmission standards, USB 3.0 port, High quality GPS, High voice quality, Sturdy case, Batt...
  • Cons: Case is torsionally not completely rigid..., ... and complains with slight creaking when forces are applied, Pop-up warnings to close the covers properly get annoyoing, Compared to the predecessor, only some details have been improved, Not as easy to maintain, Finger print sensor not always easy ...
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Overall 7

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: The Blockbuster Phone

25 April 2014
  • Summary: The Galaxy S5 is a blockbuster: big, loud, powerful, and dumb. It does all the necessary things too well to be considered a failure. It runs fast, takes good photos, lasts a long time, and isn’t a pain to hold. The foundations it’s built upon are exceptional.
  • Pros: Tremendous performance, Lively, colorful display, Can produce great photos
  • Cons: TouchWiz is bloated and sloppy, Fingerprint reader and heart rate monitor are useless, Feels cheaper than other flagships
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