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Samsung Galaxy Note / N7000 / N7005 / i9220 / I717 / T879

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung Galaxy Note / N7000 / N7005 / i9220 / I717 / T879

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Samsung Galaxy Note Review (AT&T): Wonderful

12 April 2012
  • Pros: A gorgeous display, Lightweight, Great 4G LTE data speeds, Smooth Android w/Touchwiz build, The S pen is actually useful, Cameras are great for on-the-go photography
  • Cons: The size is extreme, It’s really, really big
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Overall 9

Samsung Galaxy Note Review: In Depth

5 April 2012
  • Conclusion: It might not be for everyone, but we really like the Samsung Galaxy Note and more to the point, we’re quite partial to its stylus S Pen. It isn’t your run of the mill handset, and that works in its favour, with two strong USPs when so many releases don’t even have one. Firstly, with the S Pen you can annotate to your heart’s content which we actually did despite initially casting it off as a gimmick.
  • Pros: Screen is huge, crisp and vibrant, S Pen is useful and fun, Battery life is good, 1.4GHz Processor is fast
  • Cons: Simple tasks can stutter, TouchWiz may not be for all, Images overexpose, Stylus a bit small / fiddly
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Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Simple Mobile Review
19 March 2012
  • Excerpt: AT&T has sent us the very divisive Samsung Galaxy Note for review which is one of their newest 4G LTE Smarphones running Android. The Samsung Galaxy Note straddles the line between phone and tablet.
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Life with Samsung's Galaxy Note

18 March 2012
  • Summary: I've gotta say, I was a little skeptical about the Galaxy Note when it arrived at my door. I'd seen people using it, and the concept of a jumbo smartphone seemed a little goofy to me. I thought my iPhone 4 fit in my hand just right, and although I wasn't opposed to the idea of something slightly bigger, a 5.3" smartphone just seemed... well, too big. After using the Note for about a week and a half, I think I've warmed to it. Now, it's my iPhone that feels too small.
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Samsung Galaxy Note

16 March 2012
  • Excerpt: Pushing the boundaries of smartphones with its massive 5.3-inch display, the Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T) promotes itself as a cross between a smartphone and a tablet -- a "phablet." While it comes with a speedy processor, fast 4G data speeds, an impressive camera and a superb display, experts say the Note's enormous size may turn users away.
  • Pros: Colorful, large screen, Fast processor for gaming and browsing, Touch-sensitive stylus for writing and drawing, Excellent camera
  • Cons: Difficult to use one-handed
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Samsung Galaxy Note vs Galaxy Nexus – similar hardware, different experience

13 March 2012
  • Conclusion: Both the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus cost about the same, but provide a different experience in everyday use – the Note’s bigger display is better for work and play, but the Nexus is a lot more portable, and the 4.65 inch display is still good enough for anything you’d want to use it for – the choice is pretty difficult, indeed.
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Overall 6

Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T)

PC Magazine
2 March 2012
  • Conclusion: The Samsung Galaxy Note is an unfortunate tweener, satisfying neither phone nor tablet buyers.
  • Pros: Gorgeous screen. Slim. Pressure sensitive stylus for drawing.
  • Cons: Phone software doesn't take advantage of large screen. Impossible to use one-handed.
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Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T)

2 March 2012
  • Conclusion: The Samsung Galaxy Note has a terrific set of features—LTE speed, excellent HD display, superb camera, fast  processor—that make it one of the best phones on the market. And on those features alone, it's easy to highly recommend it. But the real wildcard is its size, and that's a question you need to decide for yourself.
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy Note (T-Mobile)

PC Magazine
2 March 2012
  • Conclusion: Starved for smartphone screen real estate? The 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile gives you the biggest window on the world that you can still fit into a pocket.
  • Pros: Huge Display. Fast Internet speeds. Ships with Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich."
  • Cons: Too big for many people to use one-handed. 4.0 isn't the most recent version on Android any more.
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Samsung Galaxy Note

22 February 2012
  • Excerpt: You know what they say about guys with huge phones… They’re compensating for tiny data plans . Samsung’s Galaxy Note is a giant smartphone. Or a teeny tablet. After using AT&T’s version of this device for several days now, I’m still not quite sure which is the case. It handles voice calls like a cell phone and it runs Google’s Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread smartphone operating system, but it feels very much like a tablet and it includes a stylus, which hasn’t been seen...
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