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Samsung Galaxy Nexus / i9250 / I515 / L700 / Google Nexus 3

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung Galaxy Nexus / i9250 / I515 / L700 / Google Nexus 3

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3 April 2012
  • Conclusion: Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a fantastic smartphone, and it's definitely one of the best devices currently on sale. It offers more power than you'll ever need, a screen that puts rivals to shame, and loads of features. Only the size will put some users off. If you're not one of them, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is well worth saving up for.
  • Pros: Out of all of its features, the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is undoubtedly the star of the show. It features a staggering 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, bettering any smartphone we've seen to date, and it's easily sharp enough to view any websites without having to scroll from side to side. Super AMOLED technology is also used to provide glorious colours, and it's a great screen for watching movies on. At 4.65 inches, it will be some big for some users, however, ...
  • Cons: It's very difficult to find flaws with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The design will be too big for some people, and the large screen also has an impact on battery life. That aside, there are very few chinks in its armour.
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus review

The Boy Genius Report
2 April 2012
  • Conclusion: This is almost comical at this point, but the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is my favorite Android device in the world. Easily replacing the HTC Rezound, the Motorola DROID RAZR, and Samsung Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Nexus champions in a brand new version of Android that pushes itself further than almost any other mobile OS in the industry.
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Review

30 March 2012
  • Excerpt: When it launched the Galaxy Nexus was given top billing by Samsung. Their latest handset got the full webcast treatment with press from across the world invited to the event where key executive speakers from Samsung and Google were present. It was clear that both companies felt this was an impressive handset from the high resolution screen to the curved design or even the fact it was going to be running the latest verson of Android, 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
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Overall 9

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review: In Depth

28 March 2012
  • Conclusion: Purpose built for Ice Cream Sandwich, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus works harmoniously with its operating system. The button-less OS is showcased by its curved, smooth fascia. With its large HD Super AMOLED screen the form complements the engaging new Ice Cream Sandwich widgets and with the slightly lower resolution camera, takes pictures astoundingly quickly. Despite a volume dropping issue facing specific handsets, we can comfortably say we’re impressed.
  • Pros: Pure Android is much improved, Beautiful, HD Super AMOLED display, Light for its size
  • Cons: Not as solid as other flagship phones, Camera suffers at night, Volume drop bug affecting some users
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus — bow to our Android overlords

18 March 2012
  • Excerpt: If brilliance is a crime, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus is a mass-murderer. From tip to toe, the Nexus exudes class. It doesn’t have the glass and metal knockout combo of the iPhone 4S, rather a plastic shell with a screen which seems to melt into the sides of the phone. At 135g, the Nexus is a heavyweight which is baffling considering the all-plastic exterior. We can chalk this up to the massive battery which lurks inside.
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

12 March 2012
  • Summary: Thanks to the combination of excellent hardware and the ultimate new software behind Android 4.0, the Galaxy Nexus is a winner. It undoubtedly stands apart from the competition. I'm willing to say,...
  • Pros: Android 4.0, HD Super AMOLED display, Blazing fast, 4G LTE
  • Cons: No Exynos processor, older GPU, Poor 5-megapixel camera, Lengthy accelerometer response times, Rare incompatible application force closes
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Overall 9

Expert Review

22 February 2012
  • Conclusion: Ratings breakdown. I’ve docked a point in the display based on .5 deduction for PenTile Matrix and .5 deduction for color accuracy. The processor is a perfect 10. The RAM and Storage is a 9/10 since there’s no expandable memory. I deducted 2 points from the camera since the quality of still shots is average. With a year between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus I expected a lot more from Samsung. The battery was the weak spot and earning an 8/10.
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Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus review

13 February 2012
  • Excerpt: Every time Google releases a Nexus device, it is a pretty big deal. And rightly so, because the Nexus is presented as the defining standard for Android software and hardware for at least the next year. As such, Samsung's new Galaxy Nexus is a significant device for Google, Android, and the mobile market in general.
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon Wireless)

PC Magazine
11 February 2012
  • Conclusion: With Ice Cream Sandwich, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon has the best software of any Android phone, but that doesn't make it the best phone there is.
  • Pros: First phone shipping with Android 4.0, which includes many key software improvements. Excellent 4G LTE speeds.
  • Cons: Reception and call quality problems. Buggy HDMI output.
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Sprint)

PC Magazine
10 February 2012
  • Conclusion: Sprint's version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus pairs a "pure Google" experience with unlimited data, but for now, that's very slow data.
  • Pros: Fast. Developer-friendly, stock Android 4.0. Excellent voice quality.
  • Cons: No LTE coverage yet. Limited audio and video codec support. No card slot. Buggy HDMI output.
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