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Palm Treo 500

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18 August 2008
  • Conclusion: This is a business phone poorly disguised as a business PDA. If you have to pick a Windows Mobile phone for work, though, you could do a lot worse.
  • Pros: It’s half the size of a typical PDA, it doesn’t have a touchscreen and it’s running Windows. So in what way exactly is this a Palm device? Well, the Treo 500 does comes laden with a bunch of business software, so you can tinker with PowerPoint and Excel files while you’re on the bus, and it syncs easily with XP and Vista desktops back in the office. The weight loss programme is welcome, as is nifty web browsing via IE and a 3G link. Stereo Bluetooth and microSD expans...
  • Cons: Tapping messages out on the annoyingly rigid QWERTY keyboard is marginally more pleasant than having your fingernails extracted by American Special Forces operatives, but probably not a lot quicker or more efficient. The media player and basic games all feel a bit forced, too.
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Palm Treo 500v: recensione

25 June 2008

VIDEOVIEW: Unboxing the Palm Treo 500 Windows Mobile 6 Standard Smartphone

19 March 2008
  • Excerpt: Late January, Palm released its vanilla Palm Treo 500 Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone which was before exclusively available from Vodafone only. Featuring Windows Mobile 6 Standard, triband GSM/GPRS (but not EDGE) at 900/1800/1900 MHz and singleband UMTS at 2100 MHz (but not HSDPA), Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (but not WiFi) and a 2 megapixel camera, the Treo 500 is an entry-level thumb-keyboard smartphone for messaging addicts.
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VIDEOVIEW: Palm Treo 500 Windows Mobile 6 Standard Smartphone

19 March 2008
  • Excerpt: In this videoview I will have a more detailed look to the features of Palm's Treo 500 Windows Mobile Standard smartphone. Like Vodafone's Palm Treo 500v , the Palm Treo 500 is featuring a thumb-keyboard on the front as well as a 2 megapixel camera and loudspeaker on the back. Furthermore it features the Windows Mobile typical QVGA screen and on the left side two volume keys as well as a shortcut which launches the Internet Explorer Mobile.
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PHOTOVIEW: Palm Treo 500 Windows Mobile Smartphone

24 February 2008
  • Excerpt: Not that the Palm Treo 500 is anything dramatically new, far from it - it's Palm's unbranded version of the Palm Treo 500v ( see our previous review here ) which Palm exclusively launched with Vodafone Autumn last year. Nevertheless, Palm's Treo 500 is now also available without the Vodafone branding and exclusivity and Palm Germany was kind enough to send one over to have a follow-up review, also to compare the vanilla Treo 500 with Vodafone's Treo 500v version.
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VIDEOVIEW: Vodafone TPP Menu on the Palm Treo 500v

17 December 2007
  • Excerpt: Not yet announced by Vodafone, the latest Vodafone branded devices shows a new menu structure called Vodafone TPP (whatever TPP stands for). We have seen the new TPP design earlier when Vodafone unveiled its new, not yet shown Vodafone 920 Windows Mobile smartphone but the recently announced Palm Treo 500v features the TPP menu structure as well. So what's TPP about?
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Overall 7

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Good Gear Guide.au
17 August 2008
  • Summary: The Palm Treo 500 remains a solid handset, but the tailored interface of its Vodafone exclusive brother would have been a nice inclusion
  • Pros: Design; comfortable keyboard; A2DP Bluetooth; solid, if not outstanding features list
  • Cons: No Wi-Fi, no standard 3.5mm headphone jack, regular WM6 interface
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Palm Treo 500 и Centro, первые впечатления

7 October 2011

Palm Treo 500 – простота и изящество смартфона на базовой версии Windows Mobile

14 December 2009
  • Conclusion: Если сравнивать героя сегодняшнего обзора с его основными конкурентами – смартфонами Asus m530w  и HTC S620 – мы получим явно лучшие показатели по эргономике аппарата, более компактные размеры корпуса, но зато он проиграет им в гибкости операционной системы, которая никак не доработана, а поставлена в «голом» виде. Что касается качества связи и удобства в общении, то с ними у смартфона Palm Treo 500 проблем нет никаких.
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Overall 8

Palm Treo 500

16 June 2008
  • Summary: В общем совершенно обыкновенный смартфон. Такое впечатление, что специалисты Palm скрупулезно выполняли все требования «эталонного дизайна», рекомендуемого Microsoft для смартфонов. Но его следует признать очень неплохим вариантом для оснащения корпоративных пользователей в компаниях, где требуется большой парк аппаратов, желательно простых в пользовании и предельно стандартных с точки зрения конфигурации.
  • Pros: Экран довольно крупный (по меркам таких устройств) и резкий, текст читается отлично. Аппарат работает весьма шустро, у нас не возникло особых нареканий в отношении быстродействия.
  • Cons: Никаких «фишек», которых уже невольно ждешь от нового аппарата (GPS, FM-тюнер и др.). Цена неоправданно высока.
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