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4.8 out of 10

Nokia E70

The E70 is a PDA phone from Nokia and is an addition to the “bus Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Nokia E70

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Excellent PDA

metamatt, Phone Scoop
2 October 2007
  • Excerpt: American E70 from NokiaUSA. It has GSM 850, 1800,1900. Beware, do not buy the European or Asian versions with 900 unless you are in a big city with 1800 and 1900 coverage. This the best business phone I have had. It has all the needed features and is well designed. PROS Great managing email, calendar, contacts, documents, etc. Design -- light and yet all the needed functions Easy to sync with Mac as well as PC via Bluetooth WLAN Office software installed etc. etc.
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This phone SUCKS

alexpx, Phone Scoop
2 October 2007
  • Excerpt: This phone is so frustrating. Could be such a great phone, and it has lot's going for it... too bad it fall shorts on many counts. Lousy reception (in NY w Cingular). I have two other phones, this phone usually displays one or two bars below the other two and I end up missing many calls. eMail is buggy. If you use gMail or yahoo bizMail, old eMail messages are deleted every time you're eMail is checked.
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1st flop by Nokia Ive owned

hammer123, Phone Scoop
2 October 2007
  • Excerpt: Where do I begin ? I live in DC and the phone has crappy reception, unlike my Nokia N93. I would imagine that this phone would have better than average features but I am so sorry I ever bought it, BIG WASTE OF MONEY. The phone seems to choke in between functions, the phone is delay ridden with the changing of menus, I have returned it 3 times hoping to get a better one but nothing has changed. I would like to know why this phone was even released ?
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Just got the US Version of the E70

mrhondo, Phone Scoop
2 October 2007
  • Excerpt: This phone is one of the coolest handsets that I have ever had. It does it all and fast. Pro: * WIFI * New Nokia browser is so nice and on this screen is fantastic. * Email is fast, I have some accounts use the WIFI and the others use Cingular. * Key Lock is there unlike some have reported, just push the left selection key and the * just like all the other Nokia phones. * Camera is decent for a phone. * OS is fast, faster then my HTC 8125 Windows Mobile 5.0.
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OK but not great

AllanRosen, Phone Scoop
2 October 2007
  • Excerpt: I really wanted to like this phone. Cons: There is folder called "Biz SW"--- and it comes with absolutely no included business software-- it's completely empty. The phone is advertised as supporting BBConnect, Good, etc--- but no such aoftware is included. Ridiculous. Therefore, there is little one can do to get push email on this phone which is advertised as a business phone with push email. Why did I spend $500?
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Great Business Phone

Lemon, Phone Scoop
2 October 2007
  • Excerpt: I have had this phone now for about a week, and i can say that it has to be the best business mobile device i have come across in a while. I gave up my highly overrated o2 mini for this one and i have no regrets. this by far beats the xda hands down. It great to have a real keyboard, a great browser and exceptional voice clarity as compared to the highly below par xda. Pros: Lovely screen clarity (352 x 416).
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near perfect phone

w1n78, Phone Scoop
2 October 2007
  • Excerpt: Pros: - bluetooth (HFL support, works with 3rd Gen Acura TL - no signal or battery meter display) - wifi (supports SIP for VOIP service) - can store wifi connections in groups - multitasking (can perform everything i list below simultaneously) -- be on the phone using bluetooth headset -- send/receive files via bluetooth -- send/receive emails via wifi -- browse internet via wifi -- send/receive mms/sms -- iSync via bluetooth - 2MP camera quality - video capture quality...
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Tromco50, Phone Scoop
2 September 2007
  • Excerpt: This phone does everythign i want it to and fast...i have the 9500 communicator and this thing does everythign it does faster, and it fits in my pocket better. this thing is real slick, it loads web pages quick and downlaods quick. the ONLY thing it does that i dont like is that it wont let you increase the cache size for the memory for the web cause if you load a big page like engadget.com, it might say memory full and you ll have to clear the cache before you reload...
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Overall 9

Almost perfect Smartphone

Andy, Phone Arena
27 June 2007
  • Excerpt: This is my first smartphone and I really love this phone! I looked into other PDAs/Smartphones, i.e. Palm, and this by far has the best features and the performance is second to none. The full QWERTY keypad is amazing and full organizer functionality in the phone really comes in handy. Camera is nice for a 2.0 megapix and video on the phone is a great luxery.
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Overall 8
Features 10
Sound quality 8
Display 10
Reception 8
Ergonomics 9

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15 December 2006
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