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Motorola W490

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Reviews and Problems with Motorola W490

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Overall 3
Sound quality 2
Battery performance 8
Display 6
Build quality 2
Camera 2

Keyboard paint flaking off...doesn't learn words...

puppycats, Phone Arena
2 November 2010
  • Excerpt: I hate this phone. It doesn't get reception IN MY HOUSE. The sound quality is awful and I have to ask people to repeat themselves all the time. The worst thing? I have the "grape" color and for some reason the purple paint on the keyboard started to flake off almost immediately. It's almost completely gone. When I make a call, usually there's a paint flake on my face when I'm done. Really??? Also it is horrible to text with..
  • Pros: long battery life
  • Cons: paint coming off, poor call quality
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Overall 4

have to agree w/ the masses though difn problems

sun, Phone Arena
8 February 2010
  • Excerpt: agree, that i liked the phone, liked the text, etc; agree that camera not good, and the back plate doesn't want to stay on; having it in ur pocket, the ring style will change having hit something in the pocket. the problem i had, was when i went to wash an exterior door; and water squirt reflected off de do' and getting on me; next day, it when it started having problems ... phone will work .l.
  • Pros: looked and acted great! for a year
  • Cons: doesn't last worth a hoot
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Overall 4

An over-rated pice of Junk

Larry Greenstein, Phone Arena
13 September 2009
  • Excerpt: I "upgraded " my phone with a new 2 year commitment back in February 2008, thinking I was getting the best of phones, a Motorola, even though it wasn't quite what was top-of -the-line which was the Motorola Razr. I instead as advised to get the W490, which had somewhat higher battery capacity of 48 hours as opposed to the Razr's 35 or so hours. Expecting to have the so-called "Cadillac" of cell phones, it turned out I had the Yugo of cell phones.
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Overall 4

motorola w490

winky, Phone Arena
30 August 2009
  • Excerpt: This phone is terrible.. the screen turns white everytime i open it..and i have to restart my phone to use it.. it turns white everytime.....terible phone....dont take this phone ever again......and dont waste money behind this....
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Overall 4

Possession of my green motorola

Deidra, Phone Arena
11 August 2009
  • Excerpt: Well when my phone started doing whatever it wanted mainly dial the number 8 until i wanted to punt it across the room, I decided to google the problem and low and behold, it's not just me. The phone was always pretty slow on the uptake, it would have a lag time between one application to another. I have had problems with it freezing so I had to take out the battery and put it back in and it would usually be okay...unfortunatley, not this time.
  • Pros: Looks nice, camera works pretty good
  • Cons: Short life expectancy, possession by the" spirit of 8" seems inevitable, delays when changing applications
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Overall 3


Christina Silk, Phone Arena
30 July 2009
  • Excerpt: NEVER get this phone!!!! It looks good at first, but its not worth it! I have had SO many problems with this phone. It won't charge with ANY charger into an outlet in a wall. I have to use a USB cord plugged into the computer to charge my phone, then it doesn't even hold a charge!!! Also it randomly changes my ringtones...(to prove it, it JUST happened when i got a text) My phone will NOT vibrate anymore it just goes to silent or some random setting.
  • Pros: Size and thats IT
  • Cons: Wont hold a charge, Never gets good service, Bad memory/storage space, EVERYTHING ELSE
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Overall 4

Disposible Cr@p

Marco, Phone Arena
12 July 2009
  • Excerpt: This phone is not well made at all. After just over a year the, the keyboard on it stopped working. Only button that operates is the power button now. Looked on T-Mobile's site, and a bunch of other people posted the same issue with the W490  - keyboard fails after six months to a year of use. When I called T-Mobile tech support, even pointing out it seems to be a common issue, ie a manufacturer's defect, their answer was "to-bad" "your screwed".
  • Pros: Looks nice
  • Cons: Phone fails in a short time
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Overall 3

bad phone

cc, Phone Arena
21 June 2009
  • Excerpt: Everytyme I use  the phone a white screen pops up&it often presses the number 4,&7.idk whats wrong with this pone but it is garbage.the look of the phone is great,but the phone itself is not worth buying.so please dont buy the Motorolla W490.!!!!!!!!!!!
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Overall 3


dave sheckler, Phone Arena
20 June 2009
  • Excerpt: My phone is failing like all others, the white screen of death as it is called has possesed this phone. Suggestions? Im thinking of just trashing this phone then buying a unlocked phone and using the sim card.
  • Pros: small, sleek
  • Cons: white screen of death, battery life
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Overall 3

Really bad..don't buy it.

CatherineMigneco, Phone Arena
13 June 2009
  • Excerpt: So, in the beginning, this phone was working fine. I got it for free so it was whatever but, then about 6 months later, it started acting up. i.e. Dialing random numbers, turning the volume up and down, the buttons were worn (which shouldn't happen), and also, when I got this phone, it was the last green one there and they had to dig for it; etc. It was like it have a mind of it's own but, I figured it was just because I dropped it twice.
  • Pros: Long battery life, has a lot of storage space.
  • Cons: Not durable at all and all the other complaints I've said.
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