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7.4 out of 10

Motorola Triumph

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Reviews and Problems with Motorola Triumph

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Overall 2

No just no...

$anchez520, Ebay
13 August 2013
  • Summary: Needed a new phone and thought this would be a great buy... Turned out I was wrong the phone turned out to not be so great. things i disliked was the fact it felt real cheap and for a phone that was 169$ at the time I bought it was not worth it. Screen would flicker and the battery sucks and when i have to charge my phone in the middle of the day is not good. if it can't make it through a whole day then it not worth my money.
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Overall 2
Sound quality 7
Battery performance 3
Display 8
Build quality 5
Camera 3

Buy something else

hkc94501, Phone Arena
24 November 2012
  • Excerpt: My last phone was a Motorola Droid so I thought Triumph would be similar, wrong. The hardware may be OK but the software integration on Triumph sucks. #1 complaint is Bluetooth won't stay connected so the thing is useless for driving hands free. VM customer service has been totally unresponsive on this problem Second the android keyboard is poorly configured. It uses your contacts list for a dictionary.
  • Pros: nice screen, acceptable speed
  • Cons: Bluetooth is useless for driving, software configuration is full of dumb mistakes
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Overall 1

Very frustrated after 10 months.

chefwayner, CNET
8 November 2012
  • Summary: Missed too many important texts due to limitations on memory. Missed many calls due to poor battery life...get a spare or two. I missed capturing many important moments due to low battery...like my car accident, special moments with my girlfriend, calling work to say I can't make it, sister was rushed to hospital, niece and nephew needed me to babysit. The USB malfunctioned, so now I can't transfer my contact info.
  • Pros: Nice screen resolution, fast compared to iphone 3g, nice audio from headphone jack, good GPS, 36G storage, nice style, dual camera, runs flash for video, no contract, 1200 anytime mins, 20MB data plan, unlimited text(as much as memory allows).
  • Cons: Screen vanishes while attempting to press disconnect call. Poor speaker quality & microphone, malfunctioned USB(have to remove battery to charge on external charger), limited app storage memory capacity...can't receive text when low on memory.
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Overall 1

Good phone, but ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE customer service!

adwaitmane, CNET
21 February 2012
  • Summary: I can't exaggerate the trouble Virgin Mobile customer service has given me. Had trouble receiving calls, and they kept making me reset my phone over and over. Then they finally said I needed a replacement, messed up my address, and were another two weeks late in shipping it. As a college student, I don't have a landline, so this proved very costly in terms of communication with potential employers.
  • Pros: Good display and responsive touchscreen, but the piece I received was quite defective.
  • Cons: Trouble receiving some incoming calls, 3G connection would mess up very often. International calling was terrible., Also, the apps are a bit clunky. Facebook and Listen wouldn't work properly.
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Overall 1

Never buy this phone, save your money. Its a waste.

amt77, CNET
17 January 2012
  • Summary: do not buy i don't really do reviews but i just had to do this one because I've wasted so much money on this phone and its trash
  • Pros: its large, able to take pics in the front not good ones though
  • Cons: everything, the speaker phone is terrible, the screen will white out, it will turn off for no reason, the charger port stops working, the screen gets dead pixels, etc...
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