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LG VX-3400 / 3450 / UX-210

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Reviews and Problems with LG VX-3400 / 3450 / UX-210

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Overall 8

Compact and easy to use

iowafred, Viewpoints
9 September 2012
  • Excerpt: I am a lover of LG phones. I have had other brands but the LG is my favorite. The phone book is my favorite part of this phone. I have everyone name and number at my fingertips. I have no memory for this kind of thing so it really comes in handy. Setting different ring tones for different people is nice too. I have dropped this phone several times and it keeps on working.
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Compact, dependable phone

1951Boomer, Phone Scoop
2 April 2008
  • Excerpt: Owned phone for 6 months. Love it! Wanted a phone without all of the whistles and bells and one that was small/compact. This replaced my old faithful StarTac. I use it only as a phone, no texting. Has great reception, very clear sound, and nice GUI. Wife has LG 3300 (great phone) and is looking to move up to either an LG 8300 or 8600. Daughter has a RAZR that has had nothing but problems. LG has earned our family's loyalty.
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Virtually useless

cwagne, Phone Scoop
17 March 2008
  • Excerpt: I'm glad to see US Cell and Verizon are discontinuing this phone. This phone has such a weak signal out in the country that it is virtually useless. I live 4 miles from a tower for my carrier and if I get 1 bar I am lucky. If I turn my head, the phone craps out. Pros: small clear if you can get a call Cons: Dropped calls galore Nothing inside buildings (even in the city)unless you practically hang out a window.
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pear phone 3450

narn3049, Phone Scoop
3 March 2008
  • Excerpt: i call it pear phone because it looked like a pear. the antennae broke off, and the sound also went off, so i left this phone.
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LG 3400 is a good basic phone!

CoolCSI, Phone Scoop
23 February 2008
  • Excerpt: I just needed a basic phone and this phone is very good. Pros: Signal & sound quality on the LG 3400 is great! However, in Minneapolis there towers are good, so it might be diff somewhere else. The layout of the phone is simple and easy to use. It's a bought time there was a external screen on the 3xxxx series. Cons: *No web *No swaping covers * I don't like the cover. It's easy to get your finger prints all over it.
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Great phone for kids!

funwithfred, Phone Scoop
11 February 2008
  • Excerpt: I just got this phone for my son (7 years old) and it's perfect for him. It's a great basic phone for those that just want a phone and not an over converged device. Pros: - Light weight - Very easy to use - Great reception (think Motorola E815 or LG8300) - Nice sound quality (loud is loud) - Internal and external displays - It has exceptional restrictions built in, such as: o restrict incoming calls to contacts o restrict outgoing calls to contacts o restrict inbound...
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Shuts off by itself

malphone, Phone Scoop
30 January 2008
  • Excerpt: The UX-210 is perfect for basic use, however, it will randomly power-off. I have sent my phone to the retailer (US cell) and to the manufacturer for service and they have yet to fix the problem. I may have received a 'lemon,' but don't take the risk on this phone. You get what you pay for, it this case-you get nothing. It can't stay on so that you get your calls!
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Great Basic Phone!

mrtasle, Phone Scoop
2 January 2008
  • Excerpt: The VX3450 phone is in line with the base LG VX base phones(VX3200, VX3300) the structure is pretty much the same. Pros: Great Reception Ease of Use Caller ID Cons: None at this time If you need a base phone and don't want all of the bells and whistles, this is the phone for you. The reason I didn't list the fact that Verizon doesn't list the phone in VTEXT so you can get ring tones is that if you go into VTEXT and tell it that you have a VX3300 the ring tones will work...
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Clear as a bell

ltrager, Phone Scoop
19 December 2007
  • Excerpt: This phone is a dream to use: it's simply a phone; clear voice quality; excellent reception. I made a cross-country call on two bars and it sounded like a land-line! Pros: Superb sound quality and simple to use. Digital and analog service so you have a chance of getting calls if you're in the boondocks. Monochrome front screen which stays visible ALL THE TIME. Virtually all the newer phones have color screens which turn off.
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I love it!

stuckinmichigan, Phone Scoop
25 September 2007
  • Excerpt: I was planning to get the lg vx3300 because I needed a phone without a camera. I saw that the vx3400 just came out and had a outter caller ID which sold me on getting the 3400 over the 3300. I couldn't be happier with the 3400!
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