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LG Spectrum

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Review: LG Spectrum with Verizon 4G LTE

Mobile Magazine
12 August 2013
  • Conclusion: While not all users will fall in love with the simple aesthetics of the LG Spectrum, I certainly found myself mesmerized by the overall experience I had. I enjoyed the HD capabilities and large screen, messing around with apps like the Siri-clone “Evi”, and playing with the camera. It certainly was a major step up from my older entry-level LG Optimus, that’s for sure (of course any phone would have been better than my older entry smartphone).
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Overall 8

LG Spectrum (Verizon Wireless)

27 March 2012
  • Summary: The LG Spectrum's clean design brings preppy style to some of the fastest 4G LTE data speeds around. The smartphone's attention to HD is admirable, but a few interface and performance flaws could scare away some.
  • Cons: Call quality and camera quality are inconsistent, and the Spectrum's interface can be cumbersome at times.
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LG Spectrum

22 February 2012
  • Summary: The Spectrum may be better than the phones of early 2011, but it doesn't even come close to its real competition. For Verizon customers, I'd recommend the Galaxy Nexus, Droid RAZR MAXX, or iPhone 4S...
  • Pros: Vivid, HD display, 4G LTE
  • Cons: Laggy interface, Overwhelming, irremovable bloatware, Ugly LG skin, Outdated Android version, Uninspired design, Short battery life
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Review of the LG Spectrum (Verizon)

18 February 2012
  • Conclusion: The LG Spectrum has a beautiful display and download speeds beyond anything I've seen outside of my home FiOS line. Actually, it's occasionally even FASTER than my FiOS connection. But all of that comes at a big sacrifice to battery life. If you're going to plan for a 4.5-inch display and 1.5 GHz dual core processor, you need to plan for a big battery, as well. LG didn't, and the results were all too obvious.
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Review: LG Spectrum

14 February 2012
  • Conclusion: At $299, the Spectrum tips the scales at your typical price point for a high-end Android device. Overall, the Spectrum is an awesome device that is only marred by its skin (if such things bother you). Skin preferences aside, we really don’t see a reason not to recommend the device. It is powerful, fast, and can easily get you through a busy work day. The built-in gesture/movement based navigational actions are a nice addition, too.
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Verizon LG Spectrum Video Review Part 2

11 February 2012
Overall 7

LG Spectrum (Verizon Wireless)

PC Magazine
11 February 2012
  • Conclusion: The LG Spectrum is a powerful, high-end Android phone that offers Verizon subscribers good value despite some troubling benchmark results.
  • Pros: Massive, ultra-sharp 720p screen. Great battery life. Sharp camera and camcorder. Thin and light for an LTE phone.
  • Cons: Sluggish gaming benchmarks. Some voice quality issues.
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Verizon LG Spectrum Video Review Part 1

10 February 2012

LG Spectrum from Verizon Review

6 February 2012
  • Excerpt: Code named the Revolution 2, the LG Spectrum is the most recent Verizon LTE device on the market. After spending a couple of minutes with it at CES , a lot of expectations were set on the table with Verizon’s new list of LTE devices, and the Spectrum topped the list because of the amount of quality specs involved.
  • Pros: + Bright and easy to read IPS display
  • Cons: - Poor battery life
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Overall 7

LG Spectrum

30 January 2012
  • Conclusion: There's a lot to like about the LG Spectrum. It has LTE with strong 4G reception, a really lovely 4.5" IPS 720p display and a fast Qualcomm S3 dual core CPU. It's promised an upgrade to Android 4.0 and handles video playback like a champ. Not bad for $199 with contract. But we're put off by the occasional stutters and lags, and the phone isn't as stable as we'd like.
  • Pros: Good LTE reception, sharp 720p IPS display.
  • Cons: Sometimes laggy and occasional crashes.
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