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LG GT505

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LG GT505 touch-screen cellular phone

Rachel Evans, ReviewStream
10 September 2014
  • Excerpt: I’m not terribly huge on gadgets; in fact, it tends to take me a good while to get accustomed to a new kind of toy, and when my friends started to switch to touch screen mobiles, I was mostly apprehensive.
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Overall 6
Sound quality 7
Battery performance 9
Display 6
Build quality 8
Camera 6

my LG GT505....

aritiCG, Phone Arena
15 November 2010
  • Excerpt: I'm an owner of this phone for about a year and I have to say that I'm very disappointed..Sometimes it's getting too slow..!! especially when I text or listen to music.. before this i had the LG Viewty and it had a very good camera..something that the GT505 hasn't ..oh!!..and the GPS is not working at all.. But the truth is that LG GT505 is a great phone for its price..!! :D:D oh and by the way..if anyone else has the same problem with the sms lag..please tell me..
  • Pros: It's slim :) .., The WiFi works pretty well..:)
  • Cons: It crashes very often :(, The pic quality during night sucks :/, It lag all the time..especially when you text..
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Overall 1

User Review

Anonymous, Phone Arena
8 September 2010
  • Excerpt: This hasgot to be without a doubt the worst phone i have ever owned. The signal is at best terrible everywhere. It frequently drops internet connection and phone calls. Will show full signal whilst refusing to connect a call due to lack of reception. Drops call's with no warning even when at apparent full signal. Can't be locked properly if it's in your pocket. Is slow to access any applications.Do not touch with a barge pole!!
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: The Phone!!!!
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Overall 9

Best value for money...

Konstandinos Greece, Phone Arena
31 January 2010
  • Excerpt: I bought the LG GT505 4 months ago and I'm very satisfied with it. LG has done a very good job making a budget phone that has it all! If you want a nice touch screen phone but don't wanna waste alot of money, then I suggest this phone! The build quality is very good, after a few falls and bangs, it hasn't got a scratch! The user interface is quite nice and easy. I wish it had a better speaker for music and better earphones-handsfree.
  • Pros: - It's stylish and cool., - The build quality is TOP!!! It's fallen on the floor about 10 times and not even a scratch!!!, - The menu is very easy and user friendly., - Wifi works very well, browser renders the sites quite nicely!, - Very good camera in day light, - The touch screen is very responsive and typing text messages is very easy (much better than the Nokia 5530).
  • Cons: - GPS doesn't work as expected., - Could do with a better loud speaker for better music quality.
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Overall 8

SAR Value

Rocky, Phone Arena
5 January 2010
  • Excerpt: I bought LG GT505 based on the 0.56 SAR value given by phonearena. Later I discovered that, according to the technical specifications of the phone (in the box), the real SAR was 0.94 (or even 1.17 if worn on the body). This raises a BIG question mark on the honesty of PHONEARENA. Also, I would very seriously question the total absence of SAR information on the LG site. Beware of "gray" producers and "gray" sites. I do regret my old Nokia and SE.
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Overall 7

Value-for-money indeed!

Haikal, Phone Arena
5 December 2009
  • Excerpt: mum bought the phone yesterday..i recommended her this phone..good value for money.. so, i've tried it..and i still stand to my point.. for the price, it offers a great spec list.. the WiFi thought aint that good..laggy sometimes..but u cant expect a cheap phone to have a good WiFi right..and the landscape qwerty is kidda small..but lucky there is a stylus attached to the handset..other than that, it works great..
  • Pros: - lanscape qwerty is pretty small, - WiFi connectivity may lag sometimes, - noise visible gor photos taken indoor
  • Cons: - WiFi does it's job, - AutoFoucs + LED flash, - GPS: Wisepilot (trial version) and Google Maps, - Favourite contacts can be stored at one of the homepage (homepage consist of two pages)
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Overall 8

LG GT 505

H. Afonso, Phone Arena
26 September 2009
  • Excerpt: LG GT 505 build 31/07/2009 One week of use with 8 GB MicroSD Emtec, class 4 card,Software Version User Interface Plataform ?Formats of files I triedExcel - Ok Word - Ok PFD - OkPPS - X PPT - OK WAV - OkMP3 - Ok MP4 - OK MID - OKWMA - OK AMR - I don't know dind't tried JPG - OKRAW - X BMP - OK but not all BMP PXC - XGIF - OK TIFF - X SWF - OKSVG - Ok GP3 - Ok WMV - ??X?? Dind't understand if it works or I need some kind of license, well Whatever.MPEG - X RM - XAVI - ?
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Overall 8

LG Gt 505 in Portugal

Humberto Afonso Pereira, Phone Arena
22 September 2009
  • Excerpt: Just buy one last day, from TMN operator in Portugal, 8 Gb micro SDcard class 4, so far so good, despite a wi-fi connection problem at home, had to configure my wireless router, to operate in channel 1, tried other channels but the phone  wouldn't work properly, On phone  is SSID, Type of security, Security key, and Dynamic IP/DNS.GPS WisePilot works good, but still only tried it for 20 km's in car.
  • Pros: Slim, Easy of use, Good pic quality during day
  • Cons: Why all the phones brands don't decide what kind of unique connection to use for baterry chargers? Just have one more now., Bad pic quality during night., Could have bundle some more applications to play with.
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Overall 10

high tech

dimitris xirokostas, Phone Arena
29 August 2009
  • Excerpt: high technology in a very attractive price!size and dimensions are perfect,the connections and the gps receiver works great,easy connection with pc (windows xp sp3),the two cameras (photo and 3g) are usefull and with good resolution(5mp with digital zoom).the duration of the battery is a matter under investigation but the rule is the more you use it the less you have it for every phone almost..
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Overall 9

Great Phone.

Mark Lomax, Phone Arena
7 August 2009
  • Excerpt: The author of the review before is clearly in need of help. There is in fact a lock button. it plays 3gp which is a known format. Bought this the other day and its a great all rounder which has on par qualities with the iPhone. The wifi is great. Web browsing is made a breeze. The speed of the 3G/EDGE is immence and believe me. You will  love it.
  • Pros: Wi-fi,Sat Nav,3G,EDGE,Auto rotate, Decent speaker,nice design, Camera is great quality, The front camera is only 640x320 but still decent small sized images.
  • Cons: Wi-Fi can be tricky to connect, Crashed once when using Orange Maps, Too new for support
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