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3.9 out of 10

Kyocera Energi K490 / K493 / K494

This stylish entry-level model features BREW 2.1, voice dialing, Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Kyocera Energi K490 / K493 / K494

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Overall 7

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Krystal, Phone Arena
16 March 2006
  • Excerpt: I really like the style of the phone and it has some really good features but I HATE the fact that the phone wont hold a charge while your talking on it.
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Awsome Phone

EJM8397, Phone Scoop
21 December 2005
  • Excerpt: Not only is this phone cool looking, but whatever "knuckle dragger" designed this phone definitely knew what he was doing. Yeah there are a few minor problems with it, but what phone doesn't have minor problems. If anyone out there knows of the perfect phone, that does everything and never freezes up, or dosen't do odd things while you make calls on the charger, let me know, because I am still looking for that phone, currently I have a Motorola V551, I actually traded...
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Good phone

niceifyourlucky, Phone Scoop
16 November 2005
  • Excerpt: I liked this phone alot somethings bug me with the txt and the fact that on the menu it didnt wrap around but other then that it was a good phone
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Great entry level CDMA phone.

stickus, Phone Scoop
14 November 2005
  • Excerpt: What can I say, I like this phone. It's small, get's a great signal (I have service with Telus Mobility in Victoria, BC, Canada) has wireless web via 1xRTT, SMS, a color screen, and the flashlight comes in handier than you'd think. Keep in mind folks, it is and inexpensive phone and will NOT have all the bells and whistles of an expensive new Sony/Ericson or Nokia.
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normanrs, Phone Scoop
7 November 2005
  • Excerpt: Despite the cool features and good price for this phone, there is one BIG and absolutely ridiculous problem with it. Here's the scenario: You are at home after being a way for a day or so. Your phone battery is dead. You plug it into the wall so that you can make a few calls. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This phone will not power up *even when you have it plugged into the wall* if the battery is dead or low.
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Terrible phone!

whrichters3, Phone Scoop
5 November 2005
  • Excerpt: Barney Rubble owned a better cell phone. The reception and sound quality on this phone is enough to make you want to replace it with walky talkies from PLAYSKOOL! Every conversation people are saying...HUH..What...you're cutting out. I don't have the heart to donate my old Kyocera energi to Goodwill! Why do that to anybody?
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Great phone

Staci, Phone Scoop
3 November 2005
  • Excerpt: I've had this phone for a year now and I love it. I really don't have many problems with it, except the reception isn't that greatest. I've read some of the other reviews that talked about talking while charging. I discovered that if you take the battery out before you make a call while having it plugged in works, it won't charge obviously but you can talk. But you cant take the battery out during the phone call.
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battery problem

biocpu, Phone Scoop
13 October 2005
  • Excerpt: I had the same problem as reviewed above. Battery lifetime was 1.5day standby+20min talk. Also the phone refused to let me talk while charging. Went to a local dealer; he replaced the battery under 1yr waranty; he advised simultaneous charging/talking is vey bad for the battery. So let the battery charged full all the time as a solution. I will see how this goes.
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Great little phone

hibrad2003, Phone Scoop
8 October 2005
  • Excerpt: This phone has been great. There are a lot of features, and I sorta knew what to expect since my previous phone was also a kyocera. The simultaneous charge/use thing is something that I couldn't do on my old one either, so I wasn't too dissapointed, but one problem I have with the phone is how small the buttons are, they often lead to mis-dialing.
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Overall 7


Russell, Phone Arena
14 July 2005
  • Excerpt: This cell phone is a pretty good cell phone, but the ringtones SUCK.. you should let us download some cooler ones.. wallpapers and screensavers too.. it would be sooo much better..
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