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HP iPAQ 910c

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Reviews and Problems with HP iPAQ 910c

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Overall 10

"A pda NOT worth it"

narn3049, CNET
29 July 2011
Overall 3

"Ipaq 910 great phone but no way to repair it"

swbtab03, CNET
14 October 2010
  • Pros: I have had this phone for over 2 years and loved this phone never had issues and has everything to my needs.
  • Cons: The charger port is broke, and I spoke to HP direct and they cannot and will not repair it, I was even going to pay for it to be fixed and they say they do not have the parts and do not fix it anymore. I paid 500.00 and out a cell phone.
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Overall 5

"HP Could have done better!"

livegroup, CNET
28 August 2010
  • Pros: It's a HP!
  • Cons: Volume sucks (Headset ringer vol can blow your ear drum, call vol no good, spkr phone volume not great and neither is the handset vol) Screen small that the touch function is pretty much useless (unlike Ipaq 6945) Not as fast as one would expect.
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This phone sucks sooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

catman3211996, Phone Scoop
7 September 2009
  • Excerpt: This phone is so annoying! I don't like how the touchscreen uses a stylus because i don't like to keep holding the stylus in my hand and ill put it back in when I'm done using it and then when i need to use it again i don't like how it takes kind of a long time. I also don't like the battery life because its too short. Another thing that i don't like about this phone is that when i get a multimedia message it takes forever for the message to download into the phone.
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Long Term Review

BigRig, Phone Scoop
28 August 2009
  • Excerpt: Pros Features and lots of them! I'll just keep it simple here but very fast Internet 3G on T-Mobile I have not experienced any down load problems or slow e-mail speeds. The Stereo Blue tooth is sweet especially when streaming audio to my JVC Stereo in my truck (I just use the stereo remote to control the windows media player) or laptop I also suggest investing in a good Stereo Bluetooth head set Plantronics 590 works well for me.
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Great Phone

mrstaticx, Phone Scoop
28 August 2009
  • Excerpt: I like the phone, I go through alot of phones and so far the iPaqs have held up the best. I used to own a 6515 and I trashed it, that thing could withstand a 5 ft drop onto concrete. So when I purchased the 910 I also purchsed and aluminum case in which to protect it. PROS - I used microsoft outlook and having a windows based phone makes it incredibly easy to sync. - Tom Tom, again since its microsoft based all you need to do is install tom tom and your good to go!
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Not what I expected from HP

ipaqsucks, Phone Scoop
28 August 2009
  • Excerpt: I waited many months for this phone and couldn't wait to get it. I paid premium money for it. I've now had it for almost three months and its currently my main cell phone. It turned out not to be what I had expected from a reputable and professional company like HP. Pros: -Great reception, Not a single dropped call -Lots of features -Completely unlocked -World Phone -Full keyboard, although I do find the keys to be small even though I wouldn't classify myself as having...
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Just bought it 2 weeks ago

JTTXEuless, Phone Scoop
28 August 2009
  • Excerpt: Originally, I bought the Nokia N95 8GB US a little over 2 months ago, mostly because of the camera and video capabilities, and also have never fully gotten over the "not an iPhone" regret. After much experimentation, I finally realized that I needed a real business phone, with a real typeable keyboard for email, and strong datacom features like HSDPA and WiFi. I also wanted to ensure it had a large library of available business add-on apps.
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Overall 8

"A lot of problems...but still worth the money"

thomas lai, CNET
17 July 2009
  • Pros: -GPS -lots of ram - landscape, makes sense for work and surfing but...(see below)
  • Cons: -crashes often (note, I install a bunch of software) - stupid native landscape prevents a LOT of games, most games are240*320, this device is 320*240 -Screen is "small" compared to my old device, but I is big enough for my use - NO headphone jack
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Overall 2

"Powerful PDA is utterly worthless as a phone."

budc25, CNET
22 June 2009
  • Pros: I hated this phone, but will concede that it connected flawlessly to my home Wi-Fi. And was even more impressive in effortlessly providing broadband to my tethered notebook pc.
  • Cons: Even though every review I had read mentioned the low volumes for the phone and speakers, I was still shocked at how low they really were, even at full volume.
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