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Curitel Identity

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Reviews and Problems with Curitel Identity

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Sort of ugly isn t it?

SiDeKiCk 2, Phone Scoop
24 March 2005
  • Excerpt: I really think that this phone is really slow and the fact itis really UlGY!
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Now Available at...

sgwireless, Phone Scoop
15 March 2005
  • Excerpt: I hear this phone is being "tested" in the Portland, Oregon market in 5 of the Sam Goody Music store mall locations at an unbelievable low price---much cheaper than I bought it :( KILLER phone with all the bells and whistles. One of a kind phone with "interactive skins" that clip on and clip off in seconds. All of the ring-tones, sounds & wallpapers are loaded on the skin and can be ripped (downloaded) to the phone---MAJOR COOL!!!
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My New Identity

RockStar1217, Phone Scoop
14 March 2005
  • Excerpt: Just got this phone and it ROCKS!! It is easy to use and it is far and away the hottest phone around. The camera is excellent, the games are fun and I haven't even started my collection of 'Skins' yet! The only thing that it lacks is BlueTooth capability, but I am in the process of finding an adapter to solve that. The FM Radio picks up stations that my $350 car stereo can't! I am totally satisfied.
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Thee Phone to have.

cpress, Phone Scoop
13 March 2005
  • Excerpt: This is a great phone if you want style. I love this phone, have everything that i want. PRO: FM Tuner, Camera, long battery life, sleek new style. CON: There is a USB port on this phone and you cannot use it. I would like to be able to get my photo's off this camera.. Final Thought: I would recommend this product to anyone. I bought mine used for $100 and thats all I would pay for it.
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cool in theory, reality- not so much

klarebear12, Phone Scoop
12 March 2005
  • Excerpt: when I first read about this phone I was extremely excited. The features (airtext, smartskins, etc..) seemed really cool. however, when I purchased the phone right away I began having problems. -the phone refused to send textmessages - it would turn off at random times - sometimes it would say "please wait" for hours on end -the phonebook layout is completely screwed up and hard to use - the usb port is completely non-functional - most times my calls wouldn't even go...
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This phone rules

coolphoneguy, Phone Scoop
11 March 2005
  • Excerpt: They have thought of everything on this phone. Pros -Airtext...seriously check it out, seeing is believing -Design...see to believe -Skins that have preloaded rings and wallpapers is pure genius -Camera...Great quality -Message Id...check to see who you missed without calling voicemail -Smartskins...just pop on a new one to fit your unique style -Radio..
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