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Audiovox CDM-9100

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Reviews and Problems with Audiovox CDM-9100

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When you JUST want a phone...

ksharra, Phone Scoop
13 August 2005
  • Excerpt: Sturdy as a brick, with about as many features. I have dropped my phone on concrete repeatedly, used it in the rain, had my pet ferret chew on it, and it still works great. Plus, I live in an area with very low signal, and I can use this phone even in my basement. The sound is great, it's good and loud for people with hard hearing. However, there's no downloadable ringtones, no 2-way speakerphone, no voice-activated dialing, and no silent mode.
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Review for the Audiovox CDM-9100

Xela19115, Phone Scoop
22 July 2005
  • Excerpt: It's a solid Toshiba product. Very light, very compact. Excellent battery life. Has an ability to store 2 phone and an e-mail for each name entry in the phone. 2-way SMS is the best feature. Ability to toggle vibrating mode "on/off" by using only one key (* key, press and hold). Plain vanilla, basic phone without any extras. No games, no downloadable ring-tones and no calculator. Don't really care for games but should have put a calculator.
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Audiovox 9100

jkjohnso, Phone Scoop
29 June 2005
  • Excerpt: Sure this phone, doesn't have all of the bells & whistles or the sexiness of other handsets. But dependability-wise it is probably one of the best in Verizon's arsenal, at the moment. The 9100 works in areas where the Motorola V-120 only dreams of getting a signal. I am a store technician for Verizon, so I see them all...the good, the bad and the ugly. The only time, I see this phone come in for service is for human error; ie liquid damage, physical damage, etc.
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Takes a lick'in, but keeps on makin calls!

chisledice, Phone Scoop
4 June 2005
  • Excerpt: This is to testify the durability of this phone. I had my 9100 for two years before it was stolen. While I had it, I dropped it countless times, ran over it with my car, and even had it submerged in mud water for about 20-30 minutes before realizing it. I put the phone on the dash vent in our truck to let it dry, then I turn it on and made a call. That was all in the first year I had the phone.
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AWESOME phone.

Sweetpea6497, Phone Scoop
12 May 2005
  • Excerpt: This was my first cell phone, through Verizon. Purchased it a little over 4 years ago. Used it until my contract was up two years ago, and then purchased an LG. I kept the Audiovix 9100 on under my family share plan and my parents have been using it. This phone has been in operation for FOUR years, and it is STILL workin like a charm! The battery life is awesome...can still talk for at least 2 hours and its the original battery! VERY durable..
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Greatest Phone I ever had

lorahc, Phone Scoop
22 April 2005
  • Excerpt: I couldn't tell you how much I love this phone. I wish I could buy a new one in replacement of mine. I got it 4 years ago for christmas and it is the best phone I could ever have. It gets great signal, its great for text messaging and the reception is always great. Buttons are easy to use, the phone itsself is easy to use. Easy to hold. Just the right size. I love my baby.
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Great, no-frills phone...

jetdrvr, Phone Scoop
6 April 2005
  • Excerpt: If you want a phone that works, all the time, will stand more than casual abuse, and seems to last forever, this is the one. I've had mine for four years, bought it from Verizon when it was a hot number, and have kept it ever since. I just bought my third battery, not that it needs one, but as a back up. The only negative is that it only has a one-way speaker phone. Always wondered why a two-way speaker capability wasn't engineered into this unit.
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Best phone ever

Grobi, Phone Scoop
12 July 2004
  • Excerpt: I've had this phone for almost five years... dropped it literally hundreds of times, even down a marble staircase and on cement... my cat chewed on the antenna, but it's still working perfectly. i usually have two phones at once and this one has outlasted 2 Samsung A540s and doesn't seem to be anywhere near death. it has very basic functions but ALWAYS gets a signal.. even in places where my other phones won't. its honestly the greatest phone!
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great phoneI

nokiaman1976, Phone Scoop
9 July 2004
  • Excerpt: I started out with the 4000 and then went to the 9100 i loved tha phone it was awesome never had no trouble with it til it finally died the keys got stuck and wouldnt work and if i sent it off to get fix it would not be worth thats how long i had the phone.
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Was a great phone

nokiaman76, Phone Scoop
13 March 2004
  • Excerpt: This phone i got when it first came out i got it free becuase my contract ran up and i was resigning i had this phone up til about 1 year ago when my nephew did something to the keys and they stopped working of course i had this phone a while and it was a great phone i mean i really got my moneys worth out of it.
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