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Reviews and Problems with Audiovox CDM-8200

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cheap'n small

superdude, Phone Scoop
29 May 2004
  • Excerpt: i decided to check out reviews of this phone cause i had it on my bell mobility account. the reason i got it almost 3 years ago, was it was free.its nothing special but it still works fine ,its not hooked up presently, just keeping it as back up in case i break my phone on that network.its never let me down, but it really does'nt do much.if you're not a heavy user, and you just need something small that fits easily in any pocket. its fine. fine being the operative word.
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tough as nails, but really boring

boyiam, Phone Scoop
4 May 2004
  • Excerpt: I got this phone a few years ago cause I loved the fact that it was so small. plus it was really cheap. Bell Mobility was offering it for free on a 2 year agreement. after awhile I got bored with it because everyone was gettin newer, cooler phones. I had a 2 year warranty on it and I figured it would eventually crap out and I could replace it with a newer phone, but low and behold, the stupid thing held up, I still have it now and it's over 3 years old and works just as...
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Love this fon

bambi, Phone Scoop
27 April 2004
  • Excerpt: this fon may not have any games but i love it. i use the aliant network in NS and i get great signal almost everywhere incl in bldgs. I've had nokia 6185 before and it was good but this is definitely better for signal.i've never gotten a dropped call.
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not good

cellhound, Phone Scoop
17 April 2004
  • Excerpt: voice quality is o.k but i use it on ALIANT in N.S. and their service rocks .speakerphone iffy depending on area (of course).also i use a NOKIA and can never get used to using this menu. NOKIA has the best menu in the biz..if you get it for free then great but ALIANT has to come out w/ better entry level equip.they are to high priced maybe go w/ something from TELUS(they roam of of ALIANT.
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Great Phone

leighmc99, Phone Scoop
16 April 2004
  • Excerpt: This is a great little phone. If all you need is to talk on it maybe a few text messages, it is great. I've abused this phone everyday for the past 3 years and the only problem other than scratches is the battery is a little loose and occasionally falls off in my pocket. I use Aliant in NS and rarely cannot get service. Best phone I've had.
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8200 rev

11 February 2004
  • Excerpt: I find this phone to have average voice quality too tiny on incomming and outgoing calls sound a little distant. If you turn up earpiece at a certain point it becomes very distorted, but if kept at the medium level it sounds ok. Reception is good. Very little Rf problem and good reception. It is small and light.(nice) Good talk time for a small unit about 130 min ttime. Not a bad first user phone. The menu system is ok. Not as intuative as Nokia or Kyocera.
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