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Apple iPhone 5s

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Reviews and Problems with Apple iPhone 5s

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Overall 8

iPhone 5s review: lots to love

5 March 2014
  • Conclusion: The iPhone 5S is an essential purchase if you can afford it, and don’t already own the 5. Although there is a lot to differentiate the 5S from the 5, I’d hold back until the iPhone 6. For newcomers, the 5S will absolutely blow you away. There’s nothing to hate on, just lots to love.
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Overall 9
Performance 8
Sound 9
Battery performance 9
Display 9
Weight 10
Noise 10
Gaming performance 8
Connectivity 7
Keyboard 8
Temperature 9
Camera 8

Review Apple iPhone 5S Smartphone

24 October 2013
  • Summary: Fall is Apple season. One year after the iPhone 5, Apple releases its direct successor, the iPhone 5s. In terms of looks, this is not much more than a mere cosmetic update - the 4-inch IPS display and the chassis remain unchanged. There is only one notable exception, as the new home button now ships with a fingerprint sensor.
  • Pros: Great performance, 64-bit architecture, Bright, colorful, naturally looking Retina display, Long battery life, Superb build quality, premium materials, Good EarPods (included), Surprisingly precise GPS module, Low emission and power consumption levels, The superb build quality and the premium materials used. The snappy A7 SoC. The intuitive new OS.
  • Cons: Poor black levels, poor contrast ratio, Resolution could be better, screen size could be larger, Non-extendable internal storage, Expensive, As always, a micro SD slot and an HDMI port (the latter can only be had via an expensive adapter). An improved display resolution.
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Overall 8

Expert Review

8 October 2013
  • Conclusion: The Apple iPhone 5s is the phone we expected, if nothing else. It’s more powerful than ever, with a better battery life, all inside the same slick design. If you’re toting an iPhone 4 at the end of its contract and a truly fantastic camera matters to you above all else, it’s a no-brainer, but if you’re tired of glass and gun metal grey and want a new experience however, the colourful 5c might be the better option.
  • Pros: The iPhone 5s is a beautiful device - but you already knew this. It always has been, and this year’s flagship model is no different. In fact, it’s almost identical to the iPhone 5: it’s compact, light and polished, and the four-inch Retina Display is vivid and dangerously sharp. Apple knows not to fix what ain’t broke. There is one major change on the outside: the home button now sports a ring around it, marking the area for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Input your...
  • Cons: If you’ve got an iPhone 5, the 5s will throw few surprises your way. Very few. Too few: it’s identically sized, for one thing, so the screen remains as cramped as ever. While plenty of people prefer displays you can reach across with one finger or thumb, it would be nice for Apple to get with the program and offer a larger variant to take on the new breed of Android phablets. If you were hoping for refreshed hardware that feels new, forget about it: the iOS 7 update f...
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Overall 8

Apple iPhone 5s Review

1 October 2013
  • Summary: Per usual with these "S" revisions, the iPhone 5s is an overall improvement over an already great smartphone. But with fierce competition from the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Nokia 1020, the iPhone is a tough sell to those looking for a bigger screen, flexible operating system, and a new design. In fact, users that value these features should look elsewhere entirely.
  • Pros: Touch ID is very well executed, Impressive camera, Excellent performance, Still the easiest smartphone to use
  • Cons: No real design upgrade, Still waiting for a bigger screen, iOS7 is still playing catch-up, No real improvement to battery life
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Overall 8

The Right Touch

27 September 2013
  • Excerpt: I pull my iPhone out of my pocket, tap the home button, and let my thumb linger an extra second longer than I normally would have. The lock screen fades away and the iOS 7 home screen zooms into view, each icon landing neatly on the display. It’s an instinctive gesture iPhone owners have been doing for the better part of six years, and yet it still feels like magic: I just unlocked my phone with my thumb.
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Overall 8

Review of the iPhone 5S

26 September 2013
  • Conclusion: Since the early adopters have snapped up the entire initial inventory, you don't need to make a decision quite yet. If you don't have an iPhone 5 or another 4G LTE-capable smartphone, getting a faster data connection ought to be your prime reason for getting either the 5S or the less expensive non-fingerprint-reading 5C.
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Overall 8

iPhone 5s Review: The Smartphone Goes 64-bit

24 September 2013
  • Conclusion: We said this last year with the iPhone 5, but we'll say it again this year; the latest iPhone (the 5s, in this case) is indeed the best iPhone yet. While it looks the same on the outside, Apple's internal upgrades have delivered a phone that's blisteringly fast and a pleasure to use. Performance wise, the iPhone 5s is in a class of its own.
  • Pros: Truly elegant / light design, High-speed LTE radios, Double the performance vs. iPhone 5, Strong graphics performance, Refined UI with iOS 7, Beautiful display
  • Cons: Lingering issues with Apple Maps, No NFC, No larger screen option
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Overall 8

Apple iPhone 5s (AT&T) Review

LAPTOP Magazine
23 September 2013
  • Summary: From its fast A7 processor and fingerprint scanner to its intriguing motion-sensing M7 coprocessor, the iPhone 5s is a smartphone that both users and developers can grow into. It's practically future proof. We say practically because you can't stretch the corners of this phone to enlarge the display. Some shoppers will simply pick devices like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One because they have a bigger canvas.
  • Pros: Excellent camera and flash, Lightning fast A7 processor, Fingerprint sensor works well, Solid and elegant design in new colors, Bright display
  • Cons: Relatively small screen, Below-average battery life, Limited camera features
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Overall 8

iPhone 5S review: Same look, small screen, big potential

17 September 2013
  • Summary: The iPhone 5S is not a required upgrade, but it's easily the fastest and most advanced Apple smartphone to date.
  • Pros: The iPhone 5S delivers an improved camera, a nifty fingerprint sensor, and a next-gen CPU and motion-tracking chip. Apple throws in the iWork app suite for free. iOS 7 adds some nice step-ups, too, including AirDrop file transfers and the Android-like Control Center.
  • Cons: External design is identical to that of the iPhone 5, including a 4-inch screen that looks downright tiny next to Android competitors. For now, the fingerprint sensor only works with Apple apps. The 64-bit A7 processor and M7 motion-tracking chip don't have killer apps yet. iOS 7 differences are potentially jarring for longtime iPhone users.
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Overall 8

Apple iPhone 5s

16 September 2013
  • Summary: We love so many things about the iPhone 5s. It's the fastest phone in the world and the most beautiful too. It has a fantastic OS and one of the very best cameras in any phone. Biometric security is cool, although perhaps more cool than secure. There are so many reasons to love the iPhone 5s. But there are rational reasons why we aren't going to give it 5 stars. It's not only expensive - it's extraordinarily expensive. Vastly expensive. Too expensive.
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