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Apple iPhone 5c

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Reviews and Problems with Apple iPhone 5c

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Overall 9
Design 9
Performance 8
Display 8
Build quality 9
Software 9

iPhone 5c Review

9 May 2014
  • Summary: The iPhone 5c is not a wholly new product, but a successful reworking of a still-excellent smartphone. Apple will find success with the product by marketing the 5c to colour-conscious youth and those who don’t need the top of the line features or specs. With the best mobile ecosystem out there, including apps, movies, books and music, and one of the most consistently high-quality cameras on a smartphone, the iPhone 5c is worth considering.
  • Pros: This is very much an iPhone 5 in a new suit. Being available in five colours — white, pink, blue, green and yellow — is the first clue that the iPhone 5c is the new iPod touch. That it is “unapologetically plastic” doesn’t tell the whole story, though, because like Motorola and Nokia, Apple has managed to turn the material into something versatile and desirable. While glossy, the iPhone 5c feels compact and comfortable in the hand, and does not slip or attract fingerp...
  • Cons: Let’s talk price for a second. The iPhone 5c is not a cheap iPhone, nor is it an inexpensive smartphone in general. You’re still going to pay over $200 for the 32GB model — in my opinion the only one worth considering — which is currently $30 more than the LG G2, and $100 more than the HTC One. Let’s also talk about whether the iPhone 5c is a better phone than a discounted iPhone 5 at the same price. The plastic build is good, no doubt, but it’s not an improvement ove...
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Overall 8

Apple iPhone 5C Review

25 November 2013
  • Summary: Not exactly low cost, is it? In the U.S., you may get the iPhone 5C at $99 with a two year contract, but in India, this is essentially replacing the iPhone 5. The aluminum iPhone 5, with the "unapologetically plastic" shell. Pretty much the same internals and specs, but happily, you get a lot more colour options now. If only you can come to terms with a "plastic" iPhone.
  • Pros: Consistent performance - iPhone 5 rerun, Good battery life, Built very well, Lots of colour options, iOS 7 has refreshed the "iPhone experience", somewhat
  • Cons: Plastic over metal? Your choice..., Not exactly a "low cost" iPhone
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Overall 8

Apple iPhone 5C Review: In Depth

26 October 2013
  • Excerpt: Apple delivered a one-two punch with this year’s iPhone announcement. The iPhone 5S is now king of the castle, but the iPhone 5C is replacing last year’s iPhone 5 as the new 2nd tier device. So is it a worthy replacement? If you haven’t heard, the 5C is Apple’s return to a plastic iPhone design, but it’s a far departure from the 3G and 3GS of yesteryear.
  • Pros: Beautifully engineered, Elegant UI, Improved 4G support
  • Cons: Toy-like appearance, Prohibitively expensive, Essentially the iPhone 5
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iPhone 5c review: The other high-end iPhone

The Boy Genius Report
25 October 2013
  • Excerpt: Apple took the wind out of a lot of sails when it unveiled the iPhone 5c earlier this month. It’s not that the device itself was disappointing — quite the contrary, in fact. Apple’s new iPhone 5c is exactly what we were expecting it to be after months of rumors and leaked parts. In a nutshell, it’s an iPhone 5 wrapped in a new plastic shell that comes in five bright new colors. But of course there is much more to Apple’s colorful new smartphone than meets the eye.
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Overall 9
Design 8
Performance 9
Battery performance 8
Display 9
Camera 8
Software 8

Apple iPhone 5C review

20 October 2013
  • Summary: Silence isn’t very effective. That, more than anything, is the message of the iPhone 5C. In previous years, the arrival of a new iPhone was accompanied by the low-key repositioning of the previous model at a lower price tier — a strategy that allowed Apple to sell $99 iPhones, but didn’t allow the company to advertise them as new, interesting products.
  • Pros: Look at all the colors!, iPhone 5 internals still solid, Great camera
  • Cons: Not as nice as the iPhone 5, iOS 7 still needs polish
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Overall 8
Performance 6
Battery performance 9
Display 9
Weight 9
Noise 10
Gaming performance 7
Connectivity 7
Keyboard 7
Temperature 9

Review Apple iPhone 5c Smartphone

8 October 2013
  • Summary: Colorful new world. The iPhone 5c has arrived - it is 100 Euros (~$135) cheaper than the new iPhone 5s, comes with a plastic case and is available in a variety of different colors. The innards are basically those of an iPhone 5. So it's neither a true bargain, nor a truly innovative device - but can Apple's new "inexpensive" smartphone still make a compelling case for itself? And what about the new operating system, iOS 7?
  • Pros: Great build quality, Wide selection of well attuned accessories, Intuitive, beautiful operating system, Decent camera, Impressively precise GPS module, Low emissions and low power consumption, Still fast enough for all current apps, Great Retina display..., Apple's build quality is just as great as always, despite of the iPhone 5c's lower price tag.
  • Cons: ... but with a low non-HD resolution, Barely any cheaper than the iPhone 5s, Small phone with a tiny screen size (compared to the competitors), No 64-bit support, Performance levels not quite high-end, A slightly higher-resolution display (at least 720p) would be nice by now. In the future, some users might not be too fond about the missing 64-bit support.
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Overall 8

Apple iPhone 5c (Verizon Wireless)

PC Magazine
6 October 2013
  • Conclusion: The colorful, plastic iPhone 5c is a welcome upgrade for existing iPhone 4 and 4S owners, and a great introduction to Apple's awesome app platform at a nice price. It's the best $99 phone you'll find on Verizon Wireless, but otherwise, there's not much new to see here.
  • Pros: Bright and cheerful new colors. Solid value. iPhone 5 internals are still solid. Stronger RF reception than iPhone 5. iOS 7 is a dramatic upgrade.
  • Cons: That 4-inch screen is starting to feel small. No significant new hardware features.
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iPhone 5C Review: Unapologetically Plastic and Colorful iPhone 5

5 October 2013
  • Excerpt: The iPhone 5C has yet to officially be released in the Philippines but online stores like Kimstore are already offering it below Php28,000. We managed to snag a unit up a few weeks ago and we already did several articles including the unboxing and even feature it on the podcast.
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Apple iPhone 5C Review

4 October 2013
  • Summary: We’re somewhat torn with the iPhone 5C. One one hand, it’s just an identical hardware to the iPhone 5 but clad in a polycarbonate shell. On the other, it’s still a very capable handset with impressive performance. What will ultimately dictate the success of this model will be the retail price when it lands in the Philippines.
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Overall 8

iPhone 5C review: last year’s Apple flagship gets a fancy new suit

1 October 2013
  • Conclusion: Taking the iPhone 5c in context, that last entry in the “Cons” section above is a sticking point. During the Apple announcement heralding the new iPhones’ arrival, we called the 5c an “ iPhone 5 in a new casing ,” and besides the minor exceptions noted above, that’s proven fairly accurate. The 5c is indeed last night’s dinner reheated and served on a new plate, a move we lambasted competitor Samsung for when it unveiled its Galaxy S 4 earlier this year.
  • Pros: Plastic casing won’t age well, Screen size limits utility, Small embedded battery, nonexpandable storage, Insufficient innovation to justify new model name
  • Cons: Plastic casing won’t age well, Screen size limits utility, Small embedded battery, nonexpandable storage, Insufficient innovation to justify new model name
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