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: CX V.2 cones are a multiple layer composite with black woven glass fiber and a Rohacell core. Very light in weight and very ridged with good mechanical damping for maximum clarity and definition.
: Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) surround provides long life and consistent compliance over a wide range of temperatures with good UV stability. The parabolic surround roll profile provides long excursion with increased cone surface area.
: Fiberglass composite material is strong, light weight,and non resonant.The baskets open design prevents rear reflections from causing harmonic distortion.
Silk dome tweeter
: The unique 28mm damped silk dome is free from resonances and break up modes that color the sound and exploiting the newest neodymium motor designs along with dome dampeners for better response. Available flush or point source mounting options allow you to optimize the sound quality by directing the XS28 for best performance.
: Innovative crossover design uses selectable crossover alignments to optimize tweeter response whether you are coaxial mounting of the XS28 into stock door location or in separate mode for high door placement along with dash/A-pillars locations for best overall sound. All components are audiophile grade, Utilizing air core, low DC resistance inductors and high stability metal film capacitors.
Release Date
First seen
22 September 2008