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Olympus FL-36

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Olympus FL-36 review by reallymadrob

reallymadrob, slrgear.com
14 January 2007
  • Summary: Olympus have a strange range the cheapo FL-20 is very basic and the FL-50 costs an arm and a leg. The 36 costs only slightly more than the 20 and does most of what the 50 can. In use the unit is quick and intuitive, I use it mostly for plant and insect macro. Olys TTL is excellent and with spot metering selected this will correctly exposed the subject at any distance... used with a 5060 or 7070 it will sync upto 1/1600th!
  • Pros: Full featured, compact for bounce, zoom and swivel. Good value
  • Cons: Slow cycling (only 2x AAs for power), won't angle for macro
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Olympus FL-36 review by rapier84

rapier84, slrgear.com
5 January 2007
  • Summary: A smaller, lighter companion to the bigger FL50, the Olympus FL-36 is the middle level flash product between the flagship FL-50 and the little FL-20. The FL-36 brings to the party full TTL automation (like its siblings) with Olympus and certain Panasonic cameras, with a full automatic function available for non-didicated models.
  • Pros: Full automated TTL function accurate in exposure, Good Prices
  • Cons: Range limited, especially on bounce settings compared to FL50, charging time slow
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Olympus FL-36 review by minglam

minglam, slrgear.com
30 December 2006
  • Summary: I use this flash on an Olympus C-8080 in conjunction with a Joe Demb FlipIt flash reflector on it. This setup is reasonably good for small to medium-sized rooms, but lacks a little power for rooms with slightly higher ceilings. As mentioned above, the recycle times could be faster, but I think it's acceptable given that the unit is powered by only 2-AA batteries (I use 2300 mAH Powerex NiMh).
  • Pros: small, reasonably good power, price
  • Cons: relatively slow recycle times
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Overall 2

Olympus FL-36 Flash for E-1

rharpe, epinions.com
24 February 2006
  • Excerpt: This flash was not everything I was expecting it to be. Read the Pros and Cons.
  • Pros: Nice look to it, flexible angling, rotation possibilities, pretty nice programmable features and shooting distance.
  • Cons: Refresh sucks, (uses two batteries!) Waffer-thin hotshoe clip cracked, Olympus won't fix while under warranty.
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Overall 8

A Compact TTL System Flash - Great Value!

zoltanus, epinions.com
18 February 2006
  • Summary: This is a very decent TTL flash unit, and a great value for the price!
  • Pros: tilt-swivel zoom head, easy-to-use external controls, even illumination, no red-eye
  • Cons: slow recovery, no standard Pontor-Compur connectivity
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Overall 8

Olympus FL-36 flash for dash

fightgear, Ciao
11 July 2007
  • Excerpt: "...which synchronises perfectly with the Olympus Evol series of digital cameras. I have used it with my E-500 and the results are pretty good. Like the camera, the more you understand what it does the better you can make use of it. There are several modes available to the user including forced flash, fill-in and normal. The flash automatically recognises what focal length the zoom lens is and adjusts its flash level accordingly. In use this has been ...
  • Pros: completely automatic when coupled to the E series Olympus, two batteries, very adaptable
  • Cons: Can be slow to recharge when using nimh batteries
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Overall 10

Отличная системная вспышка (не для репортажа)

MishkaZ, Onliner
3 May 2012
  • Summary: Вспышка отличная. Достоинства: 1. Легкая. Малогабаритная. 2. Эргономичная. Легко читаемое меню с подсветкой. Многофункциональное колесо в зависимости от режима: компенсация / мощность. В общем и целом интуитивно понятная. Даже режим настроек нашелся интуитивно. 3. Отличная голова: крутится влево: 180, вправо: 90, вверх 90, вниз -7 для макро. Имеется встроенный диффузор - очень качественный.
  • Pros: Компактная, легкая, очень функциональная, интуитивно понятная, идеально работает с системной тушкой.
  • Cons: Медленный перезаряд на Alkaline-овых батарейках.
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Overall 10

Ziemlich helle. Der FL 36 von Olympus

Teilsmit, Ciao
6 October 2010
  • Summary: Olympus FL 36R Vorteile: Verarbeitung, Funktion, Aussehen, Nachteile: Keine Nachdem wir nun zwei solche Geräte im Haus haben, da sich mein Sohn in die gleiche brotlose Kunst stürtzte wie schon ich ( dabei hab ich ihm immer geraten, er soll lieber was Anständiges machen ... ) ist es denke ich an der Zeit, auch einen Bericht darüber zu schreiben Wie in der Vergangenheit über die dazu gehörige Kamera, die mich der junge Mann letztes Jahr bei unseren Nachbarn auf der anderen...
  • Pros: Zuverlässig, perfekte Kommunikation mit der Kamera (E - Modelle)
  • Cons: Nicht grade preisgünstig
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Overall 10

Добротная любительская вспышка

Сергей, Onliner
4 January 2009
  • Summary: Вспышку покупал под компакт Olympus SP570UZ, так что при работе с зеркалками Е-серии возможны свои нюансы и отличия. О вспышке. Сделана добротно - щелей и люфтов в корпусе нет, головка чётко фиксируется во всех положениях, а в основных и транспортном - ещё и на защёлку становится. Рассеивитель выдвигается и задвигается с заметным (на мой вкус - даже чрезмерным) усилием.
  • Pros: См. выше
  • Cons: См. выше
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Overall 8

Damit wird geblitzdingst!

hajowito, Ciao
21 September 2008
  • Summary: Eine Spiegelreflexkamera ohne vernünftigen Blitz mit auf Reisen zu nehmen, wäre nicht nur grob fahrlässig - es wäre dumm! Die kleinen, eingebauten Blitzer sind einfach zu schwach für viele Aufnahmesituationen, und nichts ärgert mehr als ein verpasstes Motiv. Auf engen Partys mag man ja noch mit dem Aufklappaufheller zurecht kommen, aber wenn man schön ausgeleuchtete Portraits möchte oder vernünftig belichtete Detailaufnahmen in dunkleren Gebäuden, kommt man um einen...
  • Pros: Klein, leicht, umfangreiche Einstellmöglichkeiten, kabellose Auslösung
  • Cons: Ladegeschwindigkeit, Leuchtkraft, Akku - Lebensdauer
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