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Universal Soldier - The Return

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Overall 6
Movie overall 6
Extras 6

Van-Damme Returns...........

Guydowood, blu-ray.com
9 June 2012
  • Excerpt: OK Let's get this straight. Van-Damme starred in the original and was killed off and resurrected as a super soldier. Now in the sequel, he's human again? How screwed up is that. Not only that this 2nd movie to Van-Damme's original is essentially the 4th movie removed to the fact that two TV sequels where made that followed the events of the original. Confusing as hell, and the movie's plot is just as borish anyway.
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Overall 7

Pure entertainment

sveknu, IMDb
15 February 2007
  • Summary: I really don't get why most people heavily criticize this movie. Actually, I had a really fun time watching this flick. Maybe the reason why so many people dislike it is because they just take it too seriously. Fans of the first movie who expect a serious sequel won't get what they're hoping for. That's rather good in my opinion. The first movie was just boring and had bad (and too little) action, but that's not the case with "Universal Soldier: The Return".
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Overall 1

So bad it is entertaining

mentalcritic, IMDb
26 August 2005
  • Summary: The mind boggles at exactly what about Universal Soldier merited a sequel. Since the real star, Dolph Lundgren, would not be able to reprise his role from the original, there is already scant reason to indulge oneself in this obvious tax write-off. Bold attempts are made to fill the gap with professional wrestler Bill Goldberg and martial arts expert Michael Jai White. To their credit, they give their action sequences a good sense of excitement.
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Gotta love it

Pallinn, IMDb
21 July 2003
  • Summary: This movie is just so bad it's good! The acting may look a bit "forced" at times (ok, perhaps "painfully horrible" would be a better expression) but really folks... did you honestly expect an award winning performance from Van Damme or Goldberg? I don't know about you all, but I rented this movie to see Van Damme trade punches with the 290 pound Goldberg and Michael Jai White while uttering dozens of slightly pathetic/slightly amusing one liners at every conceivable...
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sheer brilliance

hommerocks, IMDb
26 May 2003
  • Summary: whoa - lots of spoilers here. this has got to be one of the most unappreciated cult movies in history. around every corner are clever and interesting twists that leave me, and other hungry van dammage fans, panting for more. the main source of this shining light is lord of the jews: goldberg. goldberg's character romeo is written with the flair and panache of a 1920's vaudeville showman.
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Overall 5

Late night TV movie

Fox in Socks, IMDb
5 August 2002
  • Summary: There are really only 3 reasons to watch this: Michael Jai White has some quality screen time; Kiana Tom is quite gorgeous except for her dismal second incarnation, and this film has the most hilariously gratuitous T & A sequence since Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder hid out in the poledancing club in Stir Crazy. Actually I quite like Van Damme - he makes martial arts look attainable.
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So bad...its good!

the amorphousmachine, IMDb
22 August 2000
  • Summary: This is a shocking 'B' grade action movie with lots of bad acting and dialogue. Van Damme does his usual best which aint much, Jai White is good as Seth but the scene stealer is the cheesy but lovable Bill Goldberg. This film is so ridiculously bad that it ends up being funny and quite enjoyable. If you like cheesy low budget action flicks that doesn't take itself too seriously then this is worth a laugh or two!
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Overall 7

The Return Could Have Been Better

28 March 2000
  • Summary: Van Damme returns to one of his best action roles, with a very weak storyline, and very irritating, stereo-typed characters. When the action is going, IT'S GOING. Van Damme's aging, but, still has the moves. He's also a widower with a young daughter. First plot problem, his daughter has access to the "Top Secret Project" building for the Universal Soldier program, and uses it like a daycare center.
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Not as bad as they say!!!

Yan- 130, IMDb
29 February 2000
  • Summary: I like Van Dammes movies and Universal soldier was one of my favorites(along with Blood sport and Hard target). I looked forward to a sequel, but when I saw the reviews, "The worst film I've seen" it also earned it self a average of 3.0(29th of Feb 2000) on this sight. But I had to hire it out, and I was honestly surprised. DON'T watch it unless youv'e seen the first or it will make no sense.
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Overall 6

Great Stuff!!

Will Lau, IMDb
11 November 1999
  • Summary: Wow what pure garbage! Well At least I knew it was going be bad before I saw it. I mean first of all it's a Jean Claude Van Damme movie. Secondly, without Dolph Lundgren the first one would have been a bore. I guess you can sum this one up by saying that it was so bad that it was funny. Yes, this movie was hilarious. It made absolutely no sense, had no plot, just a bunch of stuff that happens and a bunch of people get blown up.
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