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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

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Overall 7

Portrait of a Marriage

jotix100, IMDb
5 October 2010
  • Summary: Pippa Lee, the woman at the center of this story, has come a long way to be this person we first encounter in a suburban setting. Having left Manhattan with her much older publisher husband to the safe haven of a Connecticut peaceful living, makes her reflect on her youth and the way her life has turned out to be.
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Overall 8

Totally worthwhile to watch - thank you!

Carma Chan, IMDb
9 August 2010
  • Summary: I'm one of the millions who fell in love with these actors years ago, and it was especially wonderful to see Robin Wright and Winona Ryder. LOVE the climactic scene between those two - when Pippa is speaking with her son and Sandra is there and - well, I won't spoil it! Very funny. Great to see Keanu again in an ordinary role, I got so used to Neo/Matrix Keanu, this was a treat for him to play just an average messed up person.
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Overall 5

Character drama about an uninteresting character

napierslogs, IMDb
20 May 2010
  • Summary: "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" is an independent, character drama, with an all star cast, and written by Rebecca Miller, the daughter of playwright Arthur Miller - so what's not to like? Well, Pippa Lee, for one thing. I found that they gave us no reason to really like or care for Pippa Lee. And the so called private lives seem to be non-existent.
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Overall 8

The two lives of Pippa Lee

stensson, IMDb
14 May 2010
  • Summary: More and more, Hollywood is checking out the state of those born in the 50s. The former hippies, with their libertarian ways of life, and what happened to them after the backlash. Why are they nowadays so strangely conservative? What made them become like that? This is an intelligent version of the theme.
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Overall 8

A white suburban bedroom in a white suburban town

richard_sleboe, IMDb
31 December 2009
  • Summary: Remember Lucy Jordan? The tragic heroine of Shel Silverstein's 1975 ballad immortalized by Marianne Faithful? Think of this fabulous movie as of Lucy Jordan's life set in an alternate universe, a universe in which she doesn't kill herself at 37. Rather, she rides out her life as a radiant wife and a loving mother of two. Pippa Lee (Robin Wright Penn) is about ten years older than Lucy Jordan at her time of dying.
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Overall 8

Vehicle for Alan Arkin and eye candy for film students

larry-411, IMDb
24 September 2009
  • Summary: I attended the North American Premiere of "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. Written and directed by Rebecca Miller from her own book, this is the complex, multi-layered life story of a woman trying to survive her checkered past. Its stellar cast makes this film a joy -- Robin Wright Penn is extraordinary as the titular character, while Keanu Reeves, Blake Lively, and Winona Ryder truly shine in supporting roles.
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Overall 9

All together one of the best films I've seen in a while

sunraes, IMDb
20 September 2009
  • Summary: I was expecting this film to follow yet another "troubled housewife that pretends to be content" storyline, and it kind of does. But it plays it out in such an interesting and original manner. Nothing goes as expected, and all of the actors play their parts brilliantly. Blake Lively performs her part so beautifully that it is easy to see she will soon break out of the "Gossip Girl" personality that is so often pinned on her.
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The best type of adult film

rogerdarlington, IMDb
31 July 2009
  • Summary: This will be regarded as 'a woman's movie' since it is written and directed by a woman (Rebecca Miller) and its central character (Robin Wright Penn) and most of the support roles (Julianne Moore, Winona Ryder, Blake Lively, Mario Bello, Monica Bellucci) are women too. But the male roles (Alan Arkin and Keanu Reeves) contribute to a stellar cast and the themes of self-discovery and self-expression are universal.
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Overall 9

Assured, intelligent domestic drama with some nice surprises

stowbury, IMDb
19 July 2009
  • Summary: Robin Wright Penn is uncannily reminiscent of Julie Christie in Away From Her from a couple of years ago, while the tone, topic and structure of these two assured quiet domestic dramas also have much in common. The character changes and revelations in this film stretch credibility rather more, partly because there are more of them thrown into the melting pot and not enough time to get to know some of the characters as I would have liked to.
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Overall 6

Great characters and performances, but slightly lacking in plot.

aramgutang, IMDb
6 June 2009
  • Summary: The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is a film that concerns itself with the people in it, rather than a narrative. Each character is unique and well developed, but more importantly, feels real and easy to care for. There are no cardboard cutouts or roles simply convenient to the plot. Their actions are delightfully unexpected, yet fully consistent with who they are. Even the minor roles feel like they've had 2 hours worth of backstory thought out for them.
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