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The Last King Of Scotland

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Overall 7
Audio 6

The Last King of Scotland

BluRay Authority
28 January 2012
  • Excerpt: Nicholas (James McAvoy) is a doctor who comes from a privileged background, a man who could live in the comfortable lap of luxury and have few worries in life. But Nicholas isn’t content to be a doctor to the wealthy and spend his nights in high class society, instead he wants to put his skills to better use. He decides to join up with some medical volunteers in Uganda, where he can use his medical abilities for a greater good.
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Last King Of Scotland

Rock! Shock! Pop!
30 April 2011
  • Excerpt: tells the story of a young Scottish doctor named Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) who, after finishing school, heads off to Uganda where he starts work at a missionary lead by run by Dr. David Merritt (Adam Kotz) and his wife Sarah (Gillian Anderson). While out on a trip one afternoon, Nicholas gets roped into giving medical attention to Uganda’s newest leader, General Idi Amin Dada, and the man takes an instant liking to him.
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The Last King of Scotland

Sound & Vision Magazine
9 March 2010
  • Excerpt: This is Amin's incredible story as seen through the eyes of Nicholas Garrigan, a young Scotsman who becomes the volatile leader's personal physician, due in part to Amin's unexpected passion for Scottish culture - Amin even proclaims himself "The Last King Of Scotland". Seduced by Amin's charisma and blinded by decadence, Garrigan's dream life becomes a waking nightmare of betrayal and madness from which there is no escape.
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Overall 6
Movie overall 6
Audio 8

The Last King of Scotland (Blu-ray Review)

12 February 2010
  • Conclusion: I liked this movie when it first came out, and it’s still a decent film.  If you’re a Blu-ray enthusiast, this is a bit of a let down, but still worth a rent for Whitaker’s performance alone.
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Overall 8
Movie overall 8
Extras 6

The Last King of Scotland (2006)

12 February 2010
  • Conclusion: If you can get past the fact that The Last King of Scotland is yet another film set in Africa that's told from a distinctly white perspective, you'll find a gripping political thriller and some terrific performances. Forest Whitaker, in particular, is simply brilliant, switching from deep belly laughs to fire-eyed fury with the turn of a mood.
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REVIEW: The Last King Of Scotland

Movie Train
21 March 2008
  • Conclusion: In The Last King of Scotland we see the rise of the crazy and frightening Idi Amin in his local Uganda from the vantage point of visitor Nicholas Garrigan (McAvoy), a doctor, freshly qualified from his schooling and upbringing in Scotland, a young white man seeking excitement, adventure and experience by volunteering his medical services to the poverty-stricken in Africa.
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Overall 10
Movie overall 10
Audio 10
Extras 8

Last King Of Scotland (The)

DVD Compare
4 September 2007
  • Excerpt: In 1974 filmmaker Barbet Schroeder released his documentary "Général Idi Amin Dada" the film followed the charismatic dictator as he showed off his army and regime, there were hints of madness in the man and a certain sense of uneasiness and paranoia about his demeanor while putting on a show for the cameras.
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Overall 5

The Last King of Scotland Movie Review

21 January 2007
  • Summary: A young Scottish doctor bites off more than he can chew.
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Overall 4

Last King Of Scotland, The

The Digital Fix
14 January 2007
  • Excerpt: Forest Whitaker gives a sensational performance as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in The Last King Of Scotland. So vividly charming and terrifying is he that I wished all the more that the movie had been about him. It's not however, it's the fictional tale of Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) a naive, Scottish medical school graduate who, through an accident of fate, ends up as Amin's personal physician.
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Overall 9

The Last King of Scotland

Cinema Blend
20 October 2006
  • Excerpt: Lately whenever there’s a major disaster in the United States that claims the lives of thousands of people, Hollywood can hardly wait until enough time has passed so that they can make a movie about it without offending anyone. How many 9/11 movies have we had now? However, when hundreds of thousands of people in another country are brutally murdered by their own government, the cinema industry waits until the idea is trendy enough to really tackle the topic.
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