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The Last Airbender

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Reviews and Problems with The Last Airbender

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The Last Airbender Review

18 November 2010
  • Excerpt: In their haste to convert The Last Airbender to 3D, Paramount cut around 30-minutes of the film, desperate to keep the cost of the last second conversion to a minimum. If anything, it shows how all of the art has been sapped from these productions as the 3D fad continues to take over Hollywood. It’s a shame too, because Airbender shows potential, and M. Night Shyamalan needed something to get him back on a respected level with audiences.
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Overall 7

The Last Airbender

Cinema Blend
1 July 2010
  • Excerpt: The Last Airbender is a movie of exquisite beauty and, in its best moments, sublime visual clarity. It also contains some of the worst dialogue ever allowed on screen. It’s based on an animated series in the mold of Japanese-influenced anime, and if you’ve ever watched any anime, you know that when it’s dubbed from Japanese the translated dialogue often sounds strange, stilted, and composed mainly of unnecessary exposition. For some unfathomable reason writer/director M.
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Review: ‘The Last Airbender’

30 June 2010
  • Summary: Feels like the last Airbender movie auds will ever see.
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The Last Airbender

AV Club
30 June 2010
  • Excerpt: Where to start with this one? How about this: If any movie ever warranted a class-action lawsuit against the filmmakers, it’s The Last Airbender . Not because it’s a terrible movie—though it is—but because its release as a 3-D film becomes false advertising a few seconds after a comin’-atcha gush of water appears behind the Paramount logo.
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Overall 4

The Last Airbender

23 March 2011
  • Summary: M. Night Shyamalan is back and this time he doesn’t have a big twist to cap off the movie. This is not the world I grew up in. Instead he’s adapting the children’s animated TV series Avatar (no, not that one). The kids will like it – I saw some recreating the big fight scenes after the screening – but there’s not much to enthuse the adults who take them along. More The story itself is a fairly generic fantasy outing and is played without much subtlety or depth.
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Overall 2

The Last Airbender

22 December 2010
  • Summary: How this year’s top turkeys could’ve been saved…
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Overall 4

Expert Review

16 September 2010
  • Excerpt: "The Last Airbender" is capable in that its 3D medium manages to enhance rather than to 'point' out its special effects are fairly impressive. Unfortunately, the positives stop there, as the relative success of its visuals simply don't correlate to a script which fails dismally in its translation to the big screen.
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The last airbender

21 May 2011
  • Summary: Luft, vatten, jord, eld – fyra nationer sammanbundna av ödet. Eldnationen startar plötsligt ett brutalt krig mot de andra och ett helt århundrade går utan att något hopp finns om att få ett slut på förödelsen.
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Overall 3

Film: The Last Airbender

14 October 2010
  • Excerpt: Få regissörer gör mig så ambivalent som M Night Shyamalan. Han är han full av storslagna visioner och en benhård tillit till sina egna ideer. Det visade han 1999 i genombrottsfilmen Sjätte sinnet, en gastkramande effektiv thriller om en liten pojke som ser spöken. Problemet är att han helt saknar humor, något som har gjort de flesta av hans filmer till tungrodda, pretentiösa storbudgetmonster. Hans senaste skapelse är inget undantag.
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The Last Airbender (2010)

2 September 2010
  • Excerpt: Weet je, ik ben best een groot fan van M. Night Shyamalan. Waar velen z’n eerste film ( The Sixth Sense ) het beste vinden, vind ik z’n films eigenlijk steeds beter worden. In elk geval steeds intrigerender… Ondanks dat The Last Airbender zo’n GRUWELIJKE recensies kreeg in Amerika hoopte ik dat de film juist zo slecht beoordeeld werd omdat z’n films steeds persoonlijker worden, en deze gewoon niet meer ‘begrepen’ wordt door recensenten.
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