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The Green Berets

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Reviews and Problems with The Green Berets

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Overall 8

" A refreshing Change!"

unreasonableboy, IMDb
30 January 2007
  • Summary: When I first saw the Green Berets back in the late 1970's early 80's it was widely criticized by contemporary film buffs as being jingoistic and 'gun ho'. Obviously, with John Wayne being the leading role, it only served to reinforce this view. Sure it is patriotic but no more than many of the WWII and Korean War films that were made in the 1950's and 1960's.
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Overall 8

The Duke in 'Nam.

rcy_filmtex, IMDb
12 November 2006
  • Summary: On this day to honor Veterans, I watched "THE GREEN BERETS" for the 100th? time. In honor of John Wayne, it is my third favorite movie about the Vietnam War. This movie is neither as bad as credit given to it, or as good as it could have been. It is really a JW western set in Vietnam and that is fine. It has plenty of shoot 'em up to go around.
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Overall 9

The Green Berets = Classic Action, no more, no less

giconceptsjw, IMDb
3 April 2006
  • Summary: The liberal reviewers of "The Green Berets" need to free their minds from all of their 40 year-old irrational hate. "The Green Berets" is a motion picture film, nothing more. Anyone who sees it has the right to exercise their opinion and they are entitled to like or dislike this or any other film. However, it is interesting how left-wing reviewers of this film will go to such great lengths to mock and ridicule it.
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About as viable as most Vietnam war movies

ubercommando, IMDb
16 January 2006
  • Summary: No, seriously. "The Green Berets" is about as viable and creditable as "The Boys in Company C" or "Casualties of War". It's hard to find a Vietnam war movie that DOESN'T come full of distortions based on the film makers political agendas; it's just this time "The Green Berets" comes from the pro-involvement side.
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Overall 10

Reminds Me of Wayne's Other Movie - They Were Expendable

electrictroy, IMDb
30 May 2005
  • Summary: Although "They Were Expendable" is a better film overall, "Green Berets" is also quite good, and both movies have a lot in common. - They show the enemy as the enemy - vicious killers. - And they show Americans as being flawed, but good & brave. - They were both made *during* the war. - Which means the outcome was unknown - would we win or lose?
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Pine trees in Viet Nam

jodyh54uk, IMDb
1 November 2004
  • Summary: For the person who comments on there not being any pine trees in Viet Nam. (as shown in the'Green Berets') Have you ever been to Viet Nam? Sorry to inform you, but there ARE pine trees in Viet Nam. Try visiting Lam Dong Province and I am sure you will realize your comments are wrong. I am an American living and working here, and personally can attest to this. You must take time to study the geography and flora of this country and it will surprise you.
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Overall 10

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Doc23, IMDb
29 June 2000
  • Summary: This was a good movie regardless of the problems of special effects or location. I have always liked John Wayne and his bigger than life characters and this was no exception. It was suppose to be entertainment and it was then and still is now. I also think it deserves credit for being one of the only movie during Vietnam depicting Vietnam.
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Overall 8

Pro-Vietnam War

hughbra (hmbtmynx@aol.com), IMDb
15 February 2000
  • Summary: Probably the only major motion picture to actively support the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam conflict, John Wayne leads an elite team of Green Berets on a search-and-destroy mission to capture a leading NVA general. Well acted action film worthy of a look even if its sentiments might be a bit dated by today's standards.
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Hugely Misunderstood Film

Bruce L. Jones (bjones@accex.net), IMDb
2 May 1999
  • Summary: It is probably impossible to assess the content of this film in other than the context in which it was developed and presented. My own first viewing was in 1968 a matter of mere weeks before having to report for duty in the US Armed Forces. At that time I did not know whether or not I would have to go to Viet Nam as many of my friends already had. Some had already been killed or wounded in action. In this context, the film is one I will never forget.
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Overall 7

A movie that's better than the movie critics say

jhawk-2, IMDb
5 February 1999
  • Summary: Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide gave this movie a rating of BOMB.That is just so ridiculous. Clearly, too many movie reviewers let their anti-Vietnam war politics color their review of this movie. It has some pretty good action scenes and holds your interest the whole way through the movie, although the movie is a little long.This is not a great movie by any means, but it doesn't deserve the absolute ridicule that the mostly left-wing movie critics have given it.
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