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The A-Team

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Overall 10

Pity the fool who doesn't enjoy this film

Spiked! spike-online.com, IMDb
22 June 2012
  • Summary: When I heard that they were making a movie of The A-Team, I fully expected a Thanksgiving-size turkey. I was never a massive fan of the TV series, which despite the running theme of good guys versus the government always felt like a smug, popular-culture expression of Ronald Reagan's politics. Just because you can remember the catchphrases doesn't mean it was any good.
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grandpajoe6191, Metacritic
27 September 2011
  • Summary: The movie "The A-Team" is what you would suspect it to be; a movie that packs 3 seasons of the A-team TV series into 119 minutes. As expected, it fails.
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limabeans, Metacritic
29 April 2011
  • Summary: The critics have definitely got this one wrong. It's easy to figure out that this movie does not take itself seriously. At all. And in that respect, it is brilliantly executed. It doesn't try to replicate the TV show, but appropriately pays homage to it. Easily an eight out of ten.
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Zokopops, Metacritic
26 January 2011
  • Summary: Was a huge fan of the original series and this movie did not disappoint me. Just don't take it seriously. Explosions and oneliners its what its all about. The decent story surprised me a bit. Just a fun movie without trying to be anything else.
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shaunmed, Metacritic
10 January 2011
  • Summary: Yet another movie that can't figure out if it's action, comedy, or drama and winds up doing none of them well. This was obviously purely a venture for making money from an 80's icon. Unentertaining and and soulless.
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LondonTruelove, Metacritic
10 November 2010
  • Summary: A great movie with a solid cast. Had a lot of action sprinkled with a bit of comedy from time to time. Saw it in theaters and wasn't disappointed.
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MartyJ, Metacritic
16 October 2010
  • Summary: Now I can remember as a child sitting with my dad and watching the A-Team and loving it and then watching it again in my late teens on bravo and still enjoying it but realising an action series where only 2 people die in the whole thing is not really that hardcore. This being said this remake had the worrying start of a franchise where every episode they blow up cars but everyone gets out ok and making a flame-thrower out of a butane bottle and a cigar.
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Forrestgump1, Metacritic
9 October 2010
  • Summary: "The A-Team , is one action packed thrill ride that never stops , it's Awesome , it never let's up , which make it all the more fun , i loved the acting and the humor was perfect, and the casting spot on!... Love it when a plan comes together" ..
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Overall 7

Fun , entertainment , comedy and noisy action with the nostalgic team

ma-cortes, IMDb
21 August 2010
  • Summary: Amusing return to the classic series created by Stephen J Cannell , also here as producer along with Ridley Scott , with an appropriate cast and overwhelming C.G. special effects . Excellent homage to the entertaining episodes with a complex intrigue but following the canon and overemphasis on usual characterization and special effects .
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andy7456, Metacritic
13 August 2010
  • Summary: Great! Ridiculously misunderstood by the critics! Has its tongue firmly in its cheek and is carried off with wit and sly self deprecation. If academic depth was what they came looking for, then why did they come here?
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