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Reviews and Problems with Rampart

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User Review

eliteco3, Metacritic
22 February 2013
  • Summary: A raunchy film on the life of dirty cop Harrelson. The film centers on the desperation and loneliness of Harrelson. A pretty good film that should leave many viewers pleased.
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Overall 8
Movie overall 8
Extras 8

Mental Meltdown.

Guydowood, blu-ray.com
20 January 2013
  • Excerpt: Don't get to excited at the efforts this movie Rampart will try to sell. Going in I thought this would be a tale of a corrupt brutal cop considering the little facts I know about the real life events that took place in L.A. infamous rampart squad. Sure the film's plot centers in and around those dark L.A. police days, but this one centers on Woody's role as a burnt out cop on the edge of a total mental meltdown.
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User Review

baddeadtaste, Metacritic
11 June 2012
  • Summary: A really great movie. Harrelson gives a great performance as a rampart cop that refuses to change his old school ways. Caught up in addiction both chemical and sexual he winds his way through a nightmarish journey between his life as a cop and family man. It is a great story that is well told through Harrelson's performance as well as a few other famous actors that make cameos throughout the film. I highly recommend this film.
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User Review

wishmaster, Metacritic
29 May 2012
  • Summary: Good movie but without the boom factor! Harrelson plays a character who confuses, or is it damned or are paranoid. the story leaves you blank, perhaps because the trunk is a lack of something to shudder. only light is a line that takes you to almost 2 hours of a man with problems.
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User Review

pinattar, Metacritic
27 May 2012
  • Summary: i was really excited to see this movie, but after i saw it i was really disappointed. the acting is great all around, even ice-cube was good, but the movie suffers from what i saw as an incomplete story. it has an interesting story but nothing seems to be resolved at the end. one might argue that the movie is really a character study of the descend of Rampart, but when i was watching it i thought Rampart was already at rock bottom at the beginning of the movie so there...
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Overall 7
Movie overall 6
Extras 4

My take: Rampart (2011)

HD Goofnut, blu-ray.com
18 May 2012
  • Excerpt: Woody Harrelson as David Douglas Brown Cynthia Nixon as Barbara Anne Heche as Catherine Brie Larson as Helen Sammy Boyarsky as Margaret Steve Buscemi as Bill Blago Sigourney Weaver as Joan Confrey Robin Wright as Linda Fentress Ned Beatty as Hartshorn Ice Cube as Kyle Timkins Directed by Oren Moverman Moverman introduced himself with his first feature film The Messenger in 2009, which had an interesting and believable plot with some fantastic performances from Foster and...
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User Review

asthobaskoro, Metacritic
1 April 2012
  • Summary: Let's say Rampart has good portion for dirty cop movie; sex, violence, breaking law and trouble movie. But it's not my movie, I don't like it in any capacity or maybe Oscar voter too?
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User Review

metamotivcritic, Metacritic
20 February 2012
  • Summary: Don't listen to these other "users," who apparently want some simple little story with a clearly spelled out plot and well specified resolution. Instead, this is a great character study of a complicated, many sided, tightly wound sociopath decompensating (a psychiatric term) under the stress of a hundred different things falling apart in his previously well (albeit precariously)-structured life.
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User Review

keep_yr_bias, Metacritic
16 February 2012
  • Summary: I really wanted to see this movie, and after seeing it, I wanted to like it. However, this movie is flat out terrible. It's a shame, because Woody Harrelson is truly amazing in his role. He's in literally every scene and does everything he can to carry the movie. After his performance though, there isn't one other redeeming aspect of this movie. There is basically NO plot, and the little there is doesn't make any sense.
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User Review

MarcDoyle, Metacritic
12 February 2012
  • Summary: I was expecting something a little darker, closer to The Bad Lieutenant. To the contrary, it's fairly light fare. Woody is excellent in the lead role, bringing wit, humor, and more compassion than I expected, but as a huge The Shield fan, I kept found myself comparing his role to that of Vic Mackie and the strike team. The key difference is that Date Rape's character is a lone wolf, Vietnam Vet who is extremely intelligent and obviously far more tortured.
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